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More Telecom NBN plans and prices

Nathan Lawrence
Jul 04, 2024
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More Telecom is an internet and mobile provider in Australia that offers a near comprehensive range of NBN plans. Most homes in Australia should be eligible for a More NBN plan, plus More also offers SIM-only mobile plans.

Read on for everything you need to know about More Telecom internet plans.

More Telecom fast facts
  • More Telecom is an Australian-owned mobile and internet provider. CommBank is a partial owner of More Telecom.
  • Those who live in NBN fixed-line and Fixed Wireless NBN suburbs can sign up for a More Telecom NBN plan.
  • More Telecom customers who bank with CommBank can access discounted monthly plan fees.
  • More Telecom offers seven-day technical support.

What are the different types of More Telecom internet plans?

More Telecom sells NBN plans to those in fixed-line and Fixed Wireless areas of Australia, which is most homes. For fixed-line areas, every NBN main NBN speed tier outside of entry-level NBN 12 is available from More Telecom.

More Telecom fixed-line NBN plans and prices

Fixed-line homes refer to any abode connected to the NBN via Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP), Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), Fibre-to-the-Curb (FTTC), Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) and Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) technologies. Basically, that’s most homes in populous parts of Australia. These homes are eligible to sign up for More’s NBN 25/10, NBN 50/20, NBN 100/20 and NBN 100/40 plans. Those living in FTTP and HFC homes can also consider More Telecom’s NBN NBN 250/25 and NBN 1000/50 plans. More Telecom internet plans may occasionally have promotional pricing but the main discount draw is for CommBank customers.

For comparison, below are the most popular fixed-line NBN plans from our comparison engine.

More Telecom Fixed Wireless NBN plans and prices

More Telecom also offers a single Fixed Wireless Plus NBN plan with unlimited data. Typical monthly pricing is on the more expensive side, but discounted pricing is available to CommBank customers.

For comparison, here’s a snapshot of popular Fixed Wireless NBN plans from our database.

More Telecom fixed-line NBN business plans and prices

More Telecom also offers a range of fixed-line NBN plans for business users, which are pricier but perkier than their residential counterparts. Business plans include “business-grade bandwidth”, a static IP address and the option for 4G backup for $20 per month. Plans start at NBN 100 and also include NBN 250, NBN 500 and NBN 1000 options.

Compare More’s business NBN plans above with the popular picks from our comparison engine below.

What do you get with More Telecom NBN plans?

All More Telecom NBN plans come with unlimited data. In terms of speeds, More’s Fixed Wireless Plus NBN plan offers speeds up to 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload, but Fixed Wireless speeds are ultimately determined by a variety of factors inside and outside the home. For NBN fixed-line plans, here’s what you can expect on the speed front from More Telecom during the busy evening hours:

  • More Telecom NBN 25/10: 25Mbps download, 8.5Mbps upload
  • More Telecom NBN 50/20: 50Mbps download, 17Mbps upload
  • More Telecom NBN 100/20: 100Mbps download, 17Mbps upload
  • More Telecom NBN 100/40: 100Mbps download, 34Mbps upload
  • More Telecom NBN 250/25: 245Mbps download, 21Mbps upload
  • More Telecom NBN 1000/50: 650Mbps download, 42Mbps upload

More Telecom internet deals

If there’s a More Telecom NBN deal on today for consumer or business plans, you’ll see it below.

More Telecom NBN plan features

All More Telecom NBN plans are sold without contracts or sign-up fees. If you’re also a CommBank customer, you can access initially discounted and ongoing promotional pricing for NBN plans from More. The other main perk is that More offers seven-day tech support. More customers can also optionally add a home voice plan for $10 a month, which includes unlimited standard calls to Australian mobile and home numbers.

More Telecom internet plan modems

More Telecom customers can save money by using an NBN-compatible BYO router or modem-router but there are additional options available for purchase. The first option is the Amazon Eero 6 Plus mesh WiFi system, in either single, double or triple configurations. Each Eero 6 Plus device offers WiFi 6 dual-band connectivity with up to 3,000Mbps wireless speeds and two gigabit Ethernet ports. Consider buying two or more for larger homes.

Alternatively, there are a couple of NetComm devices. The first is the NetComm CF40MESH. It’s a dual-band WiFi 6 router with 1,800Mbps of shared wireless speeds and four gigabit Ethernet ports. There’s also the NetComm NF20 modem-router, which is sold as a standalone device, otherwise with one or two satellites for farther-reaching wireless. The NF20 has dual-band WiFi 6, VoIP capability, four gigabit Ethernet ports and a single USB 3.0 port.

How to switch to More Telecom NBN

Transferring from one NBN provider to More Telecom is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to switch to a More NBN plan:

  1. Find the right More NBN plan for you, then click on the orange ‘Go to Site’ button to go directly to the More Telecom plans page. If that button isn’t there, head to the More website.
  2. On the More website, input your address to confirm availability, then select the ‘Choose’ button beneath the NBN plan you want to confirm selection.
  3. Optionally, add a home voice plan and/or NBN-compatible networking device. You can also optionally add a SIM-only plan.
  4. Click the ‘Order Now’ button, hit ‘Agree and Continue’ if you’re not purchasing a modem, then create an account and follow the prompts to complete sign-up.

More Telecom internet frequently asked questions

Which network does More internet use?

For mobile internet, More Telecom uses the Telstra wholesale network. But for home internet connections, More uses the NBN via fixed-line and Fixed Wireless technologies to connect eligible homes around Australia.

Is Tangerine and More NBN the same?

Tangerine and More operate as separate NBN providers but do have crossovers, like being partially owned by CommBank, and also offering identical plan speeds, plus identical NBN-compatible router and modem-router add-ons.

Is More owned by CommBank?

CommBank is a partial owner of More Telecom with an ownership interest in the telco.

More Telecom features breakdown

More Telecom internet plan features
Data rolloverN/A
Auto prepaid rechargeN/A
Data-free streamingx
Rewards programx
BYO modem/device
Included modemx
Purchasable modem
$0 setup-fee plans
Home phoneCall pack
Discounted international callsx
Discounted mobile planx
Entertainment bundlex
Exclusive content offersx
ACCC trackedx
CVC transparencyx
More Telecom internet connections
NBN fixed-line plans
NBN Fixed Wireless plans
NBN satellite plansx
Mobile broadband plansx
Home wireless plansx
Fibre plansx
Cable plansx
Mobile networkN/A
Population coveredN/A
5G network accessN/A
4G network accessN/A
More Telecom internet customer service
Customer forum (or blog)x
Crewed Twitterx
Facebook pagex
Retail storesx
Phone support
Usage-monitoring app
Chat service
Self-service online (FAQs)
Email or messaging form
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