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How to watch Peacemaker in Australia

Make peace with Peacemaker.

Nathan Lawrence
Jan 19, 2022
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“Blessed are the peacemakers” is a very formal opening to a biblical passage, but for those who’ve seen The Suicide Squad—the new one, not the old one called Suicide Squad—they’ll know the Peacemaker from that flick is very much the opposite of blessed. Because Peacemaker’s spin-off Peacemaker is both sequel and prequel to The Suicide Squad, you’ll likely want to check that movie out first.

All up to speed? Good! Let’s get on to how to watch Peacemaker in Australia.

Graphic of the Peacemaker TV show streaming in Australia

How to watch Peacemaker on Binge

If you’re a Foxtel subscriber or signed up to Binge, you can watch Peacemaker right now. The entire eight-episode first season of Peacemaker streamed throughout January and February 2022 on those Foxtel services, so if you’re reading this after then, you can watch it all now. Binge has a 7-day trial if you want to take advantage of that to watch Peacemaker or a heap of other Binge movies and Binge TV shows.

Foxtel's alternative streaming platform Binge offers most of the premium drama and movies you'd find on Foxtel, without half of the hassle, hardware or price.
3.5 out of 5 stars
Max. quality
# of streams
1 to 4
Free trial
4K streaming
Not available
Starting from

Pricing only accurate as of last page update.

How to stream Peacemaker on HBO Max from Australia

If you’re not a Foxtel subscriber, not signed up to Binge but would like another way to access Peacemaker in Australia, you can watch it via HBO Max. But because HBO Max is a geoblocked US streaming service, you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN) to sign up and watch Peacemaker (as well as any other HBO Max content that tickles your fancy). It’s worth flagging that stepping around geoblocked content tends to run counter to terms and conditions, so you run the risk of having your account cancelled.

Still game? Read on.

VPNs that currently work with HBO Max in Australia
Number of VPN servers
Simultaneous connections
10 Gold-standard user-friendliness
5 Helpful user video guides
5 Incredibly fast downloads
UnlimitedLifetime subscription

More information on HBO Max

Not sure how to sign up for HBO Max? Read on for more tips on getting subscribed and setting up. 
With a VPN sorted, the next challenge is signing up for HBO Max. If you have friends, family or work colleagues in the US who are kind enough to share HBO Max login details with you, be sure to add them to the top of your gratitude list. HBO Max accounts support three simultaneous streams, and if you don’t have to worry about signing up, you’re ready to watch Peacemaker. If you’re not so lucky, another way to try is using a VPN to sign up for a Hulu one-month trial and combo-ing that with a seven-day HBO Max channel add-on trial. Full disclosure: this step used to work for me but hasn’t in a while, but you might have more luck. The reason this recommendation is frontloaded is that Hulu gift cards are a lot easier to acquire from online gift stores than HBO Max ones, plus your credit card may even work with Hulu without being denied because it’s not from a US bank. Back onto signing up directly for HBO Max, the next option is to nab either an HBO Max gift card or a US VISA prepaid card. You can try your luck using a VPN connected to a US server for outlets like Target or Walmart, but you’ll likely have to sniff out an online prepaid card provider for this option. Be sure to do your research before signing up for an account and factor in conversion fees. Personally, the most reliable way I’ve found to keep an HBO Max subscription going in recent times is to backdoor a subscription via Google Play. This may also work for iOS users, but the steps will be different. Note that this also involves some more advanced steps, so this is more intended for Android users who are comfortable with tinkering. What you want to do is google a term like ‘HBO Max apk download’, then download the HBO Max app for your Android device. Sites like APK Mirror have a good reputation for being reliable sources of apk backups. Open the downloaded apk file on your Android device and you’ll be prompted to install the file outside of the Google Play Store. Accept these prompts to install the app, so be sure to use a virus scanner beforehand to be on the safe side with the apk file you’ve downloaded. With the HBO Max app installed, it’s time to connect to a US server on your VPN of choice. This means installing a compatible VPN on your Android device; all of the VPNs listed above have Android apps. Once connected to a US VPN server, you can start the HBO Max app. You’ll be prompted for a payment method, so select Google Play. Pick your desired plan (ads or no ads) and duration (monthly or annually) to complete sign-up. Now, as long as you’re connected to a US VPN server, you’re ready to stream Peacemaker and all other HBO Max content while your subscription is active.
Even though the trickiest sign-up step above involves using an Android device, once you have an active subscription, you’re free to use other devices to stream Peacemaker and other HBO Max content. The only catch is you need to be able to install a VPN on that device and connect to a US server. More advanced users can install a compatible VPN on their router or modem-router which, when active, means any eligible device connected in the home will be able to access HBO Max. Here are the devices that are compatible with HBO Max:
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Nathan Lawrence
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