Where to stream NBA (and other basketball) in Australia

A three-point round-up of all the places you can catch NBA, NBL and other global basketball leagues from the comfort of your couch.

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Nathan Lawrence
Jul 06, 2023
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Despite a wealth of beloved Australian sports—soccer, NRL and AFL to name a few—there’s a range of North American sports growing in popularity with viewers Down Under. For a cricket sub-in, there’s baseball. If you like rugby union, you might like NFL. And fans of field hockey will likely enjoy ice hockey.

And then there’s basketball. Or, more specifically, the immensely popular National Basketball Association (NBA) gargantuan American league. There are a few ways to watch the NBA and other basketball leagues in Australia, including some of the best sports streaming services.

Stream for free tonight with these trials

Looking for something new to stream tonight? These services offer free trials so you won’t pay a cent unless you decide to keep subscribed once your trial’s up.

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Watch National Basketball Association (NBA) matches online in Australia

Stream NBA on Kayo Sports or Foxtel Now.

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You want a subscription to either Foxtel Now or Kayo Sports to access the NBA. Here’s a handy list of all of the basketball content you can find there:

  • NBA (men’s and women’s)
  • EuroLeague
  • WNBA
  • NBL One
  • NBL (men’s and women’s)
  • NCAA College Basketball (men’s and women’s)
  • FIBA Men’s Basketball World Cup
  • Basketball Internationals (men’s and women’s)

That’s a lot of basketball choices. For Foxtel Now, you need to first pick a base subscription for $29 a month then add a $25 monthly fee for the Sport pack ($54 all up). Alternatively, Kayo Sport costs $25 each month for Kayo One (one screen) or $35 for Kayo Basic (two streams) with 7-day free trial.

Note that only select NBA matches are shown on Kayo Sports and Foxtel Now. This includes selected games from the regular season, play-offs and Conference semi-finals. Every game from NBA Conference Finals and the NBA Finals are shown via ESPN on Foxtel Now Sport and Kayo Sports.

Speaking of ESPN, you can also stream NBA, WNBA, NBL, WNBL, FIBA and ESPN College Basketball matches via ESPN on Fetch TV. First, you need a Fetch TV set-top box from either a retailer or as part of a bundle from a participating NBN provider. After the initial hardware cost, it’s a $6 monthly add-on for the Vibe Pack or $20 for the Ultimate Pack to stream ESPN sports, including NBA. Below is a daily updating list of popular plans from NBN providers in our database that offer Fetch TV bundles.

If you want all the matches, you should consider signing up for an NBA League Pass. Note that the prices may change based on location and how far along the season is. Prices start at US$14.99 per month and can stretch up to US$129.99 per year. Just make sure you buy the international version of the NBA League Pass to avoid coverage blackouts.

How else can I stream NBA in Australia?

With the right virtual private network (VPN) software, you can access typically geoblocked streaming services from Australia. For instance, services like Hulu have access to NBA live matches (and other sports) via the Live add-on, which includes ESPN. The VPNs below offer speedy Hulu streaming from Australia:

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Avoid US NBA coverage blackouts
Outside of exclusive licensing and sometimes confusing simulcast deals between premium and free-to-air providers, we don’t have to wrap our heads around coverage blackouts in Australia. In the US, though, popular sports have regional coverage blackouts if viewers from a particular state are looking to watch a match that features a home game with that state’s team. Confusing, I know. To avoid this, buy the international NBA League Pass. Alternatively, for VPNs used to bypass North American stream geoblocks, avoid connecting to any state or city that features that particular team’s match.

Watch National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia

Unlike NBA, if you want to watch every National Basketball League (NBL) game in Australia, tune in to ESPN on Kayo Sports or Foxtel Now. Alternatively, watch the Sunday arvo games for free on Kayo Freebies or 10Play. For the 2023 season, the NBL Finals game was also streamed for free on Kayo Freebies. There are also select live matches and on-demand content available on the official NBL YouTube channel.

Watch EuroLeague basketball in Australia

The easiest place to catch EuroLeague basketball matches is Kayo Sports or Foxtel Now. Alternatively, sign up for a free Courtside 1891 account for select free highlights and other on-demand content. For US$42 per year, you can buy an annual pass to Courtside 1891 to stream international basketball matches, including EuroLeague.

Watch FIBA Basketball World Cup in Australia

Your best bet for Basketball World Cup content is via ESPN. That means paying for a subscription to Foxtel Now Sport or Kayo Sports in Australia. Alternatively, use a VPN to access a US service like Hulu (with the Live add-on) to stream matches live.

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Basketball at the Olympics
Basketball has been part of the Summer Olympics since 1936. If you fancy watching replays or highlights from recent Summer Olympic Games, sign up for a 7plus account. Alternatively, search for ‘basketball’ on the official Olympics YouTube channel. Note that future basketball matches at the Olympics will stream on 9Now.

Compare streaming services

Interested to see how the streaming services above stack up against the competition? Take a look at the table below for a comparison of your streaming options in Australia.

Monthly price
More info
Binge LogoBinge Standard plan
4K streaming
2 streams
Deal: 7-day free trial
Apple TV+Apple TV+ plan
4K streaming
6 streams (Family Sharing)
Deal: 7-day free trial
Disney PlusDisney+ Standard plan
HD streaming
2 streams
Deal: $139.99 for 12mths
Disney PlusDisney+ Premium plan
4K streaming
4 streams
Deal: $179.99 for 12mths
NetflixNetflix Standard + Ads
HD streaming
2 streams
StanStan Basic plan
SD streaming
1 stream
Kayo SportsKayo One Plan
HD streaming
1 stream
Deal: 7-day free trial
Foxtel Now | 2022 logo | Reviews.org AustraliaFoxtel Now Essentials
HD streaming
2 streams
Access to over 30 channels
Deal: 10-day free trial
ShudderShudder plan
HD streaming
1 stream
Deal: 7-day free trial
Hayu | Provider logoHayu Plan
HD streaming
1 stream
Deal: 7-day free trial
Paramount+Paramount+ plan
HD streaming
2 streams
Deal: 7-day free trial

NBA Australia frequently asked questions

The most straightforward way to watch select NBA games in Australia is with either a subscription to Kayo Sports or Foxtel Now (with the Sport add-on). Alternatively, buy an NBA League Pass to stream all NBA matches.
Unfortunately, you can’t watch NBA matches in Australia for free. Pay for either a Kayo Sports or Foxtel Now subscription; alternatively, sign up for an NBA League Pass.
Free live streams of NBL matches are available on 10Play or Kayo Freebies. Alternatively, use a VPN to connect to a region that doesn’t offer NBL broadcasting to stream matches for free via the official NBL YouTube channel.
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