How much does a Binge subscription cost?

Binge's plans and packages are a lot cheaper than what Foxtel offers.

Foxtel’s most recent entertainment streaming endeavour, Binge, has been on the market since May 2020 and has proven to be the media giant’s most successful push into the world of streaming to date. When it was first announced, Foxtel’s track record of premium pricing meant everyone had one question on their minds: how much would it cost?

How much does a Binge subscription cost?

Thankfully, the answer was surprisingly humble compared to Foxtel Now.  Binge costs $10 per month for a single SD (Standard Definition) stream, $14 per month for two HD (High Definition) streams, and $18 per month for four HD streams.

How much does Binge cost?
PlanFree TrialMonthly priceVideo qualityDevices
Binge Basic2 weeks$10SD1
Binge Standard2 weeks$14HD2
Binge Premium2 weeks$18HD4

It’s a marked improvement on Foxtel Now, which costs between $25 and $104 per month, depending on how many channel packs you had.  It’s also cheaper than Foxtel’s other niche streaming service, Kayo Sports, which costs $25 per month for two devices, and $35 per month for three devices.

That pricing was set to compete with two of Australia’s biggest streaming services, Netflix and Stan. The difference is, Binge doesn’t have the premium 4K (Ultra High Definition) option that you get with Netflix or Stan’s top tier. Foxtel’s 4K is reserved for the iQ4 subscription which is still priced as a more traditional pay TV service.

At the launch of Binge, Foxtel said there were “no current plans to offer 4K streaming for Binge”.

Can I try Binge for free?

Whichever plan you end up signing up for, new customers will get a 2-week free trial of Binge. If you’ve got multiple email addresses, you can get multiple free trials by cancelling and signing up again with an alternative email address. Still, you’ll need to pay eventually and depending on which plan you selected, you will be automatically charged $10, $14 or $18 exactly two weeks from signing up.

If you’re looking for ways to extend your free stay with Binge, Telstra is offering 3 months of Binge Standard when you sign up for any of its broadband plans. Here’s a quick glance at Telstra’s most popular broadband plans that include 3 months of Binge Standard.

How does Binge compare with other streaming services?

For the sake of comparison, Netflix Australia currently charges its customers $10.99 per month for SD (Standard Definition) streaming on one device, $15.99 per month for HD (High Definition) streaming on two devices, and $19.99 per month for 4K (Ultra High Definition) streaming on 4 devices.

Stan is similarly priced, at $10 for one SD stream, $14 for two HD streams and $19 for four 4K streams.

Binge’s lowest price is also cheaper than Disney Plus, which costs $11.99 per month.

There are cheaper streaming services available in Australia too. For example, Amazon Prime Video still only costs $6.99 per month, despite its growing popularity and quality. Below you’ll find a quick comparison of streaming services available in Australia. For our complete ranking, head over to our guide of the best streaming services in Australia.

Streaming service comparison
ServiceFree trialMonthly priceMax. Video ResolutionDevices
Binge Logo
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2 weeks$10 – $18HD1 – 4
Prime Video Logo
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30 days$6.994K3
Shudder logo
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7 days$6.99HD1
Disney Plus Streaming Logo
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No free trial $11.994K4
Netflix Logo
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No free trial$10.99 – $19.994K1 – 4
Stan - Logo
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30 days$10 – $194K1 – 4
Foxtel Now Logo
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10 days$25 – $104HD2
Kayo - NBA playoffs review
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2 weeks$25 – $35HD2 – 3
10 all access logo
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30 days$9.99HD3

What do Binge packages and plans include?

While there are three separate Binge plans, it doesn’t offer channel packages in the same way that Foxtel does.

The three Binge plans above all give you complete access to the TV show and movie library. That’s one of the biggest improvements of Binge. It has done away with Foxtel’s aggressive pricing structure that requires you to pay extra for things like lifestyle, movies, and sports. Granted, Binge doesn’t have sports or news, but that’s because the sister service Kayo Sport has that covered.

It would make sense for Foxtel to offer Binge/Kayo bundles but at the time of writing, you’ll have to subscribe to each service separately.

Now that you know, see what's streaming on Binge.

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