You can try Foxtel’s Binge for 2 weeks free

Sink your teeth into Binge's premium TV shows and movies.
Monthly PriceVideo QualitySimultaneous StreamsFree Trial
$10Standard Definition1 device 2 weeks
$14High Definition2 devices 2 weeks
$18High Definition4 devices 2 weeks
Monthly Price
Video QualitySimultaneous StreamsFree Trial
Standard Definition1 device 2 weeks
High Definition2 devices 2 weeks
High Definition4 devices 2 weeks

Foxtel’s long-rumoured TV streaming service has been revealed as Binge. The new app from the team behind the successful Kayo Sports is positioned as the new home for premium entertainment in Australia. All your favourites from HBO, likeĀ Game of Thrones, andĀ Succession,Ā and comedy favourites, likeĀ Seinfeld,Ā andĀ The OfficeĀ are just a few highlights available on the service.

Binge is taking queues from its two biggest competitors Netflix and Stan, offering reasonable pricing, a user-friendly interface, and best of all, a way to trial the service completely free.

Those interested can get unbridled access to Binge for 2 weeks free.

Binge will be available for web browsers, Telstra TV, smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), Apple TV, and Chromecast, with more support to come (e.g. Samsung Smart TVs and PlayStation 4).

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Don't forget to cancel

If you want to take Binge for a whirl but don’t want to commit to a paid service yet, it’s important to remember to cancel before your 14 days are up. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to provide your payment information. The idea is to make the transition from the free trial to a paid account buttery smooth, but you will find yourself forking out if you don’t cancel before your 14 days are up. We recommend setting yourself a reminder to cancel at the 13 day mark to avoid an automatic payment.

How much will Binge cost once my free trial is up?

If you do decide to stick around, you will find Binge’s prices and plans much more reasonable than Foxtel Now’s before it. Rather than $25 to $104 per month, you will be paying between $10 and $18 per month. Here’s what each plan gets you.

Binge Plans and Pricing
PlanVideo qualityStreamsMonthly Price
Binge BasicSD1$10
Binge StandardHD2$14
Binge PremiumHD4$18
Binge iTunes SubscriptionHD2$18

If you attempt to sign-up on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), you’re only presented with one plan option: a $13.99 per month iTunes Subscription, which is just a mobile variant on the $14 Standard HD plan. It’s odd that Binge limits you to a single option on iOS devices. We recommend subscribing through a web browser for the full suite of options.

More free trials for streaming

If you came here looking for a free ride for movies and TV, we’ve got you covered. Netflix has stopped offering its free trial in Australia, but there are still plenty of providers offering a try-before-you-buy deal.