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How much does a VPN cost in Australia?

Everything you need to know about the cost of buying a VPN in Australia.

Nathan Lawrence
Nov 21, 2023
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When shopping around for a virtual private network (VPN) service, there’s a lot to consider, including monthly, annual and multi-year subscriptions. Cheaper isn’t always better, either, but pricier VPNs don’t necessarily have the features to justify a comparatively higher asking price.

Let’s take a closer look at how much VPNs cost in Australia.

How much does a VPN cost in Australia?

The cost of a VPN in Australia is determined by two things: subscription duration and the currency you pay in. Of the VPNs I’ve reviewed, over half of them are sold in US dollars, meaning you’ll have to factor in currency conversion fees at the time of purchase.

As for the subscription, it varies between VPNs. Monthly subscriptions are offered by most VPNs but also tend to have the worst overall value. Prices start at around $8 per month for a Mullvad VPN subscription and stretch up to around $22 per month for Hola VPN. There are a couple of VPNs that offer six-month subscriptions, including ExpressVPN and CyberGhost VPN, but that’s not great value either.

Annual subscriptions tend to offer better value. That said, while VPNs typically advertise these in terms of cheaper monthly pricing, you usually have to pay the full price upfront. Expect to pay anywhere from US$40 for a PureVPN annual subscription and up to $135 for Hola VPN.

The best value tends to come from multi-year subscriptions, which are either two-year or three-year offerings. Prices start at around US$55 for a two-year subscription with PureVPN and extend up to around $180 for a two-year Proton VPN subscription. If you really want to go all in on a service, VPN Unlimited has a rare lifetime subscription for around $300, but it is regularly on sale for significantly cheaper. Other VPN providers may offer temporary long-term subscriptions during flash sales.

While multi-year subscriptions have the best overall value, some VPNs don’t offers them as renewable options. NordVPN, for instance, applies higher typical pricing after the first year or two-year subscription, while other VPNs revert to annual pricing after an initial two-year or three-year subscription.

Below is a table that breaks down the monthly, annual and multi-year pricing options for the VPNs we’ve reviewed.

VPN provider
Monthly price
Annual price
Other price
Typical pricing
View plans
US$11.99US$59.88US$100.56 (2 years)US$99.48 (annual)
AU$19.79AU$65AU$109 (3 years)N/A
US$12.95US$99.84US$59.94 (6 months)N/A
US$12.95US$59.76US$59.76 (2 years)Annual after two-year
AU$19.99AU$143.88AU$179.64 (3 years)N/A
US$10.95US$39.84US$54.96 (2 years)Annual after two-year
AU$18.79N/AAU$85.05 (2 years)Annual after two-year
US$9.99US$71.88US$119.76 (2 years)N/A
US$9.99US$59.99US$199.99 (lifetime)$US199.99 (lifetime)
€5 €60N/AN/A
US$10.99US$59.88US$95.76 (2 years)N/A
US$9.99US$59.88US$120 (three years)Annual after three-year
N/AAU$79.99 (5 devices)N/AAU$129.99
AU$21.99AU$131.88AU$158.04 (3 years)N/A
US$11.99US$53.99US$79.99 (2 years)Annual after two-year

Where applicable, prices are listed for the most basic subscriptions, such as individual users rather than family accounts.

Are there free VPNs in Australia?

Yes, there are free VPNs in Australia. But a lot of them aren’t worth considering. Of the VPNs we’ve reviewed, the best free VPNs aren’t the best VPNs available. Only a handful of the VPNs we’ve reviewed actually offer a truly free version.

Even then, free versions are restricted in one way or another: usually in available locations, simultaneous locations, overall speeds and/or data allowances. The alternative is to make your own VPN trial by taking advantage of a money-back guarantee. These kinds of VPN trials range from non-existent (TunnelBear VPN) or three days (Windscribe VPN) through to the more common 30-day guarantee or all the way up to 45 days from the likes of Hotspot Shield VPN and CyberGhost.

The catch, though, is you have to manually request a refund after cancelling the service. Unfortunately, the easy part is setting a calendar reminder to request a refund before the money-back period ends. Certain VPNs bury the cancellation options, while others require you to reach out to support for a cancellation.

Check out the table below for a breakdown of all of the VPNs we’ve reviewed in terms of free versions and money-back trials.

VPN provider
Free version
Money-back guarantee (trial)
NordVPNNo30 days
Private Internet AccessNo30 days
ExpressVPNNo30 days
Surfshark7-day (iOS, Android)30 days
Hotspot Shield500MB per day45 days
PureVPNNo31 days
CyberGhostNo45 days
Proton VPNYes30 days
Windscribe10GB per month3 days
VPN Unlimited7-day (iOS, Android)30 days
MullvadNo30 days
PrivadoVPN10GB per 30 days30 days
TunnelBear500MB per monthNone
Norton SecureNo14 days (via Norton 360)
Hola VPNYes30 days
IPVanishNo30 days

VPN cost FAQs

VPNs cost anywhere from $8 Australian per month up to $180 for a two-year subscription. The best value comes from longer-term subscriptions, while providers like VPN Unlimited offer a lifetime subscription for around $300.
Yes, it’s worth paying for a VPN. There are free VPNs to try from providers like Hotspot Shield, Windscribe and PrivadoVPN, but we advise taking advantage of a money-back guarantee to trial one from NordVPN, Private Internet Access VPN or ExpressVPN.
Pick a VPN that you like the look of—like NordVPN, Private Internet Access or ExpressVPN—then enter your payment details. VPN apps and software are free to download, plus you can use a money-back guarantee to try a premium VPN service.
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