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Samsung TVs in Australia: Specs, features and pricing compared

Samsung is a solid choice when it comes to TVs, pairing up great variety with cutting-edge technology.

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Fergus Halliday
Feb 28, 2024
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Samsung TVs 2023 value for money

Samsung's latest line of Neo QLED, QLED and 4K TVs explained
Samsung 2023 TVs

As usual, the brand's 2023 roster of TVs can be broken down in two main ways.

The first is by resolution. The Samsung QN90C, Samsung QN85C, Samsung Q60C, Samsung Q70C, Samsung Q80C, Samsung S95C, Samsung S90C and Samsung QE1C are all 4K TVs. That last one is a exclusive. It's very similar to the Q60C, but features a different stand design.

If you're after an 8K model to choose from, you've got only one option in the form of the ultra-exxy Samsung QN900C.

The other way to split things up is by the display technology involved. Every model in the range here is either a Neo QLED, a QLED or OLED TV. Samsung uses letters to indicate which is which at a glance.

If a model has QN in the name, it's Neo QLED. These are Samsung's nicest models, which pair up a high-quality QLED TV with a Mini-LED backlight.

Only got a Q? Then it's a QLED. While these models don't have the superior contrast, colors and blacks available in the OLED and Neo QLED TVs, but they're almost as bright and a lot more affordable.

Meanwhile, S-series models are OLED. Rather than sit at the top of the roster, Samsung's pitch for OLED is that it's a great option for those who have the right low-light environment. In setups with more ambient light, OLED can sometimes struggle with glare but in darker situations it shines in a way that you don't have to be a home entertainment aficionados do appreciate.

For a sense of how Samsung's 2023 TV roster fits together, check out the table below.

Samsung 2023 TV Model
Display Tech
Object Tracking Sound
One Connect Box
Speaker Output
Samsung QN900CNeo QLEDNeural Quantum Processor 8K8KNeo Quantum HDR 8K+Quantum Matrix Technology ProOTS ProYes90W
Samsung QN90CNeo QLEDNeural Quantum Processor 4K4KNeo Quantum HDR+Quantum Matrix TechnologyOTS+No60W
Samsung QN85CNeo QLEDNeural Quantum Processor 4K4KNeo Quantum HDRQuantum Matrix TechnologyOTSNo60W
Samsung Q60CQLEDNeural Quantum Processor 4K4KQuantum Processor Lite 4KDual LEDOTS LiteNo20W
Samsung S95COLEDNeural Quantum Processor 4K4KQuantum HDR OLED PlusSelf-illuminating pixelsOTS+Yes70W
Samsung S90COLEDNeural Quantum Processor 4K4KQuantum HDR OLEDSelf-illuminating pixelsOTS LiteNo40W
Samsung Q70CQLEDQuantum Processor 4K4KQuantum HDRDual LEDOTS LiteNo20W
Samsung Q80CQLEDNeural Quantum Processor 4K4KQuantum HDR PlusDirect Full ArrayOTS LiteNo40W
Samsung QE1CQLEDNeural Quantum Processor Lite 4K4KQuantum HDRDuel LEDOTS LiteNo20W


All of Samsung's 2023 TVs come with a feature called Object Tracking Sound or OTS. Available in three varieties, this feature allows the speakers inside a given TV to seamlessly simulate the panning you'd usually get from a proper surround sound setup.

The difference between OTS, OTS Lite, OTS Plus and OTS Pro comes down to the number of speakers involved and how they are laid out. The more speakers inside a given Samsung TV, the more precise and nuanced the soundscapes it is able to simulate.

Samsung TV 2023 pricing

How much does a new Samsung TV cost in 2023?

For a full breakdown of how Samsung has priced its 2023 Neo QLED 4K TVs in Australia, check out the table below.

Samsung 2023 Neo QLED 4K TV pricing

Samsung 2023 TV Model
Australian price
More information

If you fancy an 8K model instead, you're going to pay a little bit more than would have for last year's equivalent. Take a look at the table below for a full breakdown of how much one of Samsung’s new 8K TVs is going to cost you.

Samsung 2023 Neo QLED 8K TV pricing

Samsung 2023 8K TV Model
Australian price
More information

Samsung also offers a handful of OLED 4K TVs, but they don't come cheap.

Samsung 2023 OLED TV pricing

Samsung 2023 OLED TV Model
Australian price
More information

Samsung 2023 QLED 4K TV pricing

It's no longer the apex of the roster, but Samsung's latest QLED TVs are still a good option for those looking to buy on a budget.

Samsung 2023 TV Model
Australian price
More information

What about the Samsung Frame TV?

Lifestyle TVs like the 2023 version of the Samsung Frame TV are a bit of a special case.

In terms of specs and features, the latest Frame TV sits closer to QLED models like the Q60C than it does Neo QLED models like the Q900C. It doesn't incorporate a Mini-LED backlight or high-end gaming features like Real Game Enhancer or support for 4K gaming at 144Hz. However, it is the only model to feature a special glare-resistant matte display. Other features include:

  • True Dolby Atmos support
  • One Connect Cable + Box
  • Ambient Mode
  • OTS
  • Support for customisable bezels (sold seperately)

The other big selling point here is that the 2023 Samsung Frame TV is available in a larger number of sizes, allowing you to find the right fit your home. Check out the table below for a full breakdown of pricing for the lifestyle TV.

Samsung 2023 Frame TV Model
Australian price
More information
Frame QLED Smart TV43-inches$1,499
Frame QLED Smart TV50-inches$1,799
Frame QLED Smart TV55-inches$2,099
Frame QLED Smart TV65-inches$2,599
Frame QLED Smart TV75-inches$3,499
Frame QLED Smart TV85-inches$5,299

Samsung TVs features and upgrades

How do this year's Samsung TVs differ from last years?

Samsung 2023 TV features

  • Smart TV Operating system: Every Samsung TV in the range is powered by Tizen
  • Wide viewing angle: Available in every model except the Q60C and Q70C
  • SolarCell Remote: Available in every model
  • Adaptive Sound: Available in every model except the Q60C
  • SpaceFit Sound: Available in every model except the Q60C and the QE1C
  • Q Symphony: Available in every model
  • AirPlay 2: Available in every model
  • Amazon Alexa: Available in every model
  • Google Assistant: Available in every model
  • Samsung SmartThings: Available in every model
  • Wireless Dolby Atmos: Available on every model
  • HDR 10+ content support: Available on every model
  • Active Voice Amplifier: Available on every model except the Q60C and 32-inch Frame TV

These days, the chip inside a given TV is as big a driver of performance and picture quality as the display on the outside and Samsung is no exception.

The biggest difference between 2023's Samsung TV roster and the one that came before it is the new Neural Quantum Processor. This new chip provides better upscaling across both 4K and 8K models by way of 14-bit processing and a refined version of the AI algorithms seen in previous models.

While all of Samsung's new Neo QLED TVs have the same Neural Quantum Processor, the 8K models have access to a slightly enhanced neural network that's used for image processing. That makes some sense since they're going to be working with a lot more pixels than their 4K siblings. Nevertheless, it does complicate the simple story that Samsung is telling here.

Every QLED and Neo QLED runs on the Neural Quantum Processor, but the one in the QN900C is still the best of the bunch.

Play Video

Chromecast and AirPlay

When it comes to Chromecast, there aren't all that many modern Samsung models that offer support for the Android-adjacent video streaming standard. If you've got an iPhone, you'll have better luck. Select TV models from 2018 onward have also included support for AirPlay 2.

Most Samsung TVs also support screen mirroring when paired with a Samsung smartphone or tablet.

Colour is another key callout. As opposed to previous models, Samsung's 2023 Neo QLED and QLED TVs have been vetted for colour accuracy by Pantone and (thanks to the Neural Quantum Processor inside them) are capable of zhushing up non-HDR content in real-time.

Last but not least, Samsung's latest lot of living room centrepieces are also kitted out with the same suite of features seen in last year's lineup. That list includes things like Dolby Atmos speakers and Ambient Mode Plus.

For a sense of how each 2023 Samsung TV compares when it comes to features, check out the table below.

Samsung 2023 TV Model
Refresh Rate
Surround Sound
One Connect Box
Ambient Mode
Real Game Enhancer
Samsung QN900C100HzTrue Dolby Atmos YesYesInfinity OneAmbient Mode PlusHDMI 2.1 support Real Game Enhancer
Samsung QN90C120HzTrue Dolby AtmosYesNoNeoSlimAmbient Mode +HDMI 2.1 supportReal Game Enhancer
Samsung QN85C120HzTrue Dolby AtmosNoNoNeoSlimAmbient Mode +HDMI 2.1 supportReal Game Enhancer
Samsung Q60C50HzNoNoNoAirSlimAmbient Mode No HDMI 2.1 supportNo Real Game Enhancer
Samsung S95C120HzTrue Dolby AtmosYesYesInfinity OneAmbient ModeHDMI 2.1 supportReal Game Enhancer
Samsung S90C120HzVirtual Dolby AtmosYesNoLaserSlim OneAmbient ModeHDMI 2.1 supportReal Game Enhancer
Samsung Q70C100HzNoNoNoAirslimAmbient Mode +HDMI 2.1 supportReal Game Enhancer
Samsung Q80C100HzVirtual Dolby AtmosNoNoSimple ChamferAmbient Mode +HDMI 2.1 supportReal Game Enhancer
Samsung QE1C50HzNoNoNoAirslimAmbient ModeNo HDMI 2.1 supportNo Real Game Enhancer

Samsung TV streaming services

Which streaming services are supported by this year's Samsung TVs?

Samsung's 2023 TVs run on the same Tizen operating system that powered previous models but incorporate a new Smart Hub platform that promises to bring all of your various apps and content sources under the same digital roof. The underlying idea is to reframe Samsung's Smart TV interface as something that makes it easier to jump back into whatever you want to watch rather than gets in the way of it.

Samsung's 2023 TVs support the following streaming services:

*Accurate at time of publication

Stream for free tonight with these trials

Looking for something new to stream tonight? These services offer free trials so you won’t pay a cent unless you decide to keep subscribed once your trial’s up.

Samsung TV customer support and satisfaction

Plenty of support pathways but low self-reported customer satisfaction.

In terms of customer support, Samsung ticks all the boxes you would expect given its profile. You can get in contact with the company via email, live chat, a customer support phone line or in person at selected Samsung service locations.

You can contact Samsung Australia's customer support line from 8AM to 8PM every day of the week using the following phone numbers:

  • 1300 362 603
  • 1300 425 299

In terms of customer satisfaction though, it doesn't fare nearly as well. When it comes to big brands like Samsung and consumer review platforms like ProductReview, TrustPilot and Consumers Affairs, negative experiences tend to rise to the top and that's very much the case here. That said, the reality behind this sordid reputation is a little more complicated than it first appears. Samsung makes a LOT of different products and its very tricky to tease out just how many of these self-reported negative experiences with the company's customer service arm have to do with TVs versus everything else.

Even then though, Samsung's scoring on these platforms isn't all that far off where its rivals like Sony, LG and Hisense sit. If you're looking to get a sense of what a bad customer experience with Samsung can look like, these sites will give you some sense of what to expect. How likely that is to be your experience is another matter entirely.

Looking to save some cash?
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Samsung 2023 Frame TV

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*Pricing and deals only accurate as of last page update. 

Samsung TV Warranty

On top of the usual rights offered under Australian consumer law, Samsung Australia includes a 12-month warranty as standard with any new QLED, OLED, LED, LCD or Plasma TV. That warranty also covers TV accessories, but not remotes (which come with their 6-month warranty).

The company also offers a separate 10-year warranty on QLED TVs that safeguards against burn-in.

In either case, the warranty period for a given Samsung TV (or TV accessory) begins from the date listed on the proof of purchase, so you'll want to hang onto that and any other documentation if you're looking to hedge your bets.

Unless your purchase came with a secondary International Product Warranty, Samsung will only accept warranty claims in the country where you spent your money. For example, you would not be able to claim the warranty through Samsung Australia if you bought a Samsung QN90C 4K TV in the United Kingdom and then moved to Australia a few months after the fact.

As per the warranty itself, Samsung will offer a repair (if possible) or replacement for claims where "the failure to comply with the warranty is not a major failure or a failure of substantial character."

So long as you're still within those 12 months, a Samsung TV warranty can be transferred to a new owner so long as "Samsung is informed in writing within a reasonable time of the sale of the subsequent owner's name and contact details, such notice to be provided to Samsung at"

Still have questions? You can read the full warranty for Samsung TVs on the Samsung Australia website.

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