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Numobile: Plans and prices

Nathan Lawrence
Apr 10, 2024
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Numobile’s made a name for itself for two things: selling refurbished iPhones and offering a range of SIM-only mobile plans. Unlike other mobile providers, Numobile offers a good spread of SIM-only plans to cover those with basic, everyday or big-data needs. Here’s everything you need to know about Numobile SIM-only plans in Australia.

Numobile mobile quick facts

  • Numobile SIM-only plans operate on the Telstra wholesale mobile network, which is available to 98.8% of Australians.
  • You won’t find prepaid plans, but Numobile does offer a handful of SIM-only mobile plans with a little or a lot of data.
  • Numobile has a generous data bank with all of its SIM-only plans: store up to 500GB.
  • Except for its cheapest plan, all Numobile SIM-only plans include unlimited talk and text to 15 selected dialling destinations.

What are the different types of Numobile plans?

Numobile only offers SIM-only plans, which are paid at the end of each billing month. Unlimited national standard talk and text is included with every Numobile plan, so paying for pricier plans effectively translates to buying more data.

Numobile SIM-only plans and prices

Numobile SIM-only plans start at around $20 per month for a bit of data and stretch up to roughly $60 per month for a lot of data. The three cheapest SIM-only plans offer Telstra 4G coverage, while Numobile’s three priciest plans include Telstra 5G (for compatible devices).

What do you get with Numobile plans?

Numobile plan speeds

Max download speeds for Numobile SIM-only plans are determined by how much you pay. For most plans, it’s a 100Mbps cap, including Telstra 4G and Telstra 5G plans. Numobile’s most expensive plan has a faster 250Mbps limit. According to Opensignal data, you can expect download speeds of around 60.1Mbps on Telstra 4G and an average of 201.9Mbps with Telstra 5G. Upload speeds are roughly 8.4Mbps for Telstra 4G and 16.7Mbps for Telstra 5G.

Numobile plan data

The cheapest Numobile plan comes with enough data for casual users, while its next two plans are targeted at everyday users with 20GB+ and 30GB+, respectively. Numobile’s other three plans are for those with bigger data needs, including people who like to stream video. The cheapest of the three SIM-only plans is a good starting place, while Numobile’s two priciest plans each have at least 100GB.

Numobile plan international calls

All of Numobile’s SIM-only plans include international calls and messages, except for the cheapest one. Outside of that exception, Numobile users get access to unlimited standard talk and text to 15 selected dialling destinations: Bangladesh, Canada, China, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, UK (including Channel Islands) and United States of America.

Numobile deals

If there’s a Numobile deal going today, you’ll find it below.

Numobile plan features

Numobile SIM-only plans are sold contract-free and without any upfront costs. Outside of the international call inclusions outlined above, the other main perk is a 500GB data bank. As long as Numobile customers stick with their current plan or shift to a larger plan, all unused data at the end of the month is stored in the data bank. Shifting to a cheaper plan resets the data bank.

Otherwise, Numobile is light on perks, with no eSIM or WiFi calling, no data sharing and no international roaming.

Numobile phones

Numobile lets customers buy phone plans as SIM-only or paired with a smartphone. Those after a handset can bundle a Numobile plan with a refurbished iPhone on a 24-month subscription. Users may be eligible to upgrade to another refurbished iPhone in the last six months of their handset subscription. Choices range from the iPhone SE for around $20 a month up to an iPhone 14 Pro Max starting at roughly $60 per month.

Numobile coverage map

Numobile SIM-only plans operate on the Telstra wholesale network, which has coverage for 98.8% of Australians on 4G or about 87% for 5G. The interactive below provides a visual idea of how Telstra 4G and 5G look in your areas of interest. Note that the Telstra 3G network is shutting down in June 2024.

How to switch to Numobile

Switching from one telco to another is a straightforward process. Here’s how to switch to Numobile:


Find the Numobile SIM-only plan you like most, then click on the ‘Go to Site’ button (visit the Numobile website if that button is missing).


On the Numobile website, click on the SIM-only plan to confirm selection, then optionally choose to add a refurbished iPhone.


Click the ‘Continue to checkout’ button, create a Numobile account, then follow the prompts to complete sign-up.


Your Numobile SIM card should arrive within a few days, and you need to activate it within seven days of the dispatch date. Numobile estimates under an hour for activation but notes you may have to wait up to 48 hours.

Numobile frequently asked questions

Numobile uses the Telstra wholesale network, which is available to 98.8% of Australians. More expensive Numobile SIM-only plans have access to the Telstra 5G network.
Check your Numobile balance by texting “BAL” to 179. You’ll receive a text detailing your remaining data. Alternatively, log in to your account on the Numobile website.
All Numobile plans have access to the Telstra 4G wholesale network but only the three priciest Numobile plans have Telstra 5G access.

Numobile features breakdown

Numobile plan features
Data rollover
Auto prepaid recharge
Data-free streaming
Icon No  Dark
Endless data
Icon No  Dark
Data sharing
Icon No  Dark
Rewards program
Icon No  Dark
$0 setup-fee plans
Icon Yes  Dark
International calls
Unlimited calls
International roaming
Icon No  Dark
Discounted mobile plan
Icon No  Dark
Phones available
Refurbished iPhones
Entertainment bundle
Icon No  Dark
Exclusive content offers
Icon No  Dark
Icon No  Dark
Numobile networks
Mobile network
Telstra wholesale
Population covered
5G network access
Icon Yes  Dark
4G network access
Icon Yes  Dark
3G network access
Until June 2024
Numobile mobile customer service
Customer forum (or blog)
Icon No  Dark
Crewed Twitter
Icon No  Dark
Facebook page
Icon Yes  Dark
Retail stores
Icon No  Dark
Phone support
Icon Yes  Dark
Usage-monitoring app
Icon Yes  Dark
Chat service
Icon Yes  Dark
Self-service online (FAQs)
Icon Yes  Dark
Email or messaging form
Icon Yes  Dark
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