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SkyMesh NBN plans review

Plans that are as juicy as they sound.

3.5 out of 5 stars
Available plans
NBN 25, 50, 100/20
Evening download speeds
25Mbps, 49Mbps, 96Mbps
Stand-out feature
Australian-based support
Cheapest typical price
Nathan Lawrence
Oct 05, 2023
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Verdict: SkyMesh
SkyMesh is an NBN provider with rare bragging rights to connecting most homes in Australia, regardless of whether they’re in a big city or somewhere more remote. For most Australians, SkyMesh plans have solid download speeds and the provider has a great reputation with customers. Those plans are, unfortunately, light on extras, there isn’t a comprehensive offering of support pathways and you may want to look at another provider if a home phone is important.
pro Plans for all NBN technology types
pro Competitive download speeds
pro High reported customer satisfaction
con Light on plan features
con Average number of support options
con PAYG home phone

SkyMesh NBN value for money

Decent pricing for the three most popular NBN speed tiers.

Unlike a lot of NBN providers, SkyMesh isn’t particularly interested in attracting new sign-ups via time-limited promotional pricing periods. SkyMesh does, however, offer a choice of the most NBN plans

SkyMesh NBN 25 plan

SkyMesh offers very competitive ongoing pricing when comparing across providers, only beaten by Tangerine.

For comparison, here’s a look at popular NBN 25 plan picks from our comparison engine.

SkyMesh NBN 50 plan

Again, SkyMesh offers competitive ongoing pricing for the most popular speed tier in Australia, NBN 50. If you want cheaper typical pricing with slightly faster download speeds, you’ll find that from Spintel, Tangerine and Kogan Internet.

For comparison, here’s a look at popular NBN 50 plans from our database.

SkyMesh NBN 100 plan

Finally, SkyMesh also offers the fastest NBN speed tier—NBN 100—to eligible homes in metropolitan areas. Note that unlike select NBN providers, SkyMesh offers the more common version with up to 20Mbps upload speeds (rather than 40Mbps).

Typical prices for the SkyMesh NBN 100 plan are around the middle of the pack, beaten by Tangerine, Dodo, Southern Phone, Exetel, Spintel, Superloop, Kogan Internet, TPG, Belong and Mate. Note that SkyMesh offers slightly faster typical evening download speeds than most of those cheaper competitors. For comparison, here’s a daily updating snapshot of the most popular NBN 100 plans from our comparison engine.

Speeds: How fast is SkyMesh NBN?

Very competitive typical evening download speeds.

SkyMesh self-reports competitive typical evening download speeds and on-par upload speeds for its three main NBN plans.

NBN speed tier
Max speed (download/upload)
SkyMesh evening speed (download/upload)
Typical monthly price
SkymeshNBN Unlimited 25/5 Plan
Basic II (NBN 25)25/5Mbps25/4Mbps
SkymeshNBN Unlimited 50/20 Plan
Standard (NBN 50)50/20Mbps49/16Mbps
SkymeshNBN Unlimited 100/20 Plan
Fast (NBN 100/20)100/20Mbps96/16Mbps

SkyMesh NBN speed test

Are you currently a SkyMesh NBN customer? Use the speed test tool below and compare your download/upload speeds to the ones listed above. Note that your speeds may vary for several reasons, including homes that are connected to the NBN via Fixed Wireless NBN or Sky Muster satellite technologies. If you have any speed-related questions, contact SkyMesh for support.

SkyMesh NBN features and perks

SkyMesh NBN plans are light on perks.

While none of the NBN providers we track in our comparison engine are particularly perk-packed, look at plans from Telstra, iiNet, Optus, Southern Phone and Superloop if you want more than just basic features. For SkyMesh, NBN plans follow the trend of having no contracts and $0 setup fees.

You can pay extra if you’d like a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) home phone bundle, which isn’t as great as included calls (Telstra) or providers who offer more straightforward call packs, like TPG, Optus, Exetel and Aussie Broadband. The other main feature worth flagging for SkyMesh customers is the option to pay an outright fee for an NBN-compatible modem:

SkyMesh customers can also optionally purchase a Grandstream HT801 Port FXS analogue telephone adaptor, which converts a basic WiFi router into a VoIP-capable device for home phone usage.

SkyMesh NBN alternatives

SkyMesh offers NBN in fixed-line, Fixed Wireless and satellite forms.

SkyMesh is a rare NBN provider that can feasibly offer services to almost any home in Australia. Customers in metropolitan areas can buy the NBN fixed-line plans listed above. Those in rural and regional parts of Australia can sign up for NBN Fixed Wireless plans. And those living in remote or offshore parts of Australia can use a Sky Muster satellite NBN plan.

Despite the technology differences, NBN Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster satellite NBN homes should still be able to use an existing bring-your-own (BYO) NBN-compatible router or modem-router. Alternatively, the SkyMesh devices above are compatible with all NBN technologies. Here’s a look at the most popular SkyMesh NBN Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster satellite NBN plans.

SkyMesh customer support and satisfaction

Okay support options with good reported customer satisfaction.

Nobody wants to need internet support, but when the need arises, we prefer NBN providers that have the main bases covered. SkyMesh is one of those providers. While not comprehensive in its support pathways, SkyMesh customers can find help via a customer forum, Facebook page or online FAQs. Alternatively, contact SkyMesh for phone support by dialling 1300 759 637 between 8:00am to 8:00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday or between 9:00am and 5:00pm on weekends and public holidays. There’s also a My SkyMesh web portal where customers can change plans or check usage.

In terms of reported customer satisfaction, it depends where you look. SkyMesh reviews on Trustpilot aren’t particularly high, but nor are there too many of them. Jump over to the SkyMesh user scores on Product Review and it’s a high-scoring affair from 1,400+ customers with a 3.4 out of 5 score.

How we review NBN providers


How we review NBN providers

For the 20+ NBN providers we track in our comparison engine, we use a schema to comparatively rank them all in terms of key metrics: price, speed, features, support and user-reported satisfaction. Price and speed are ranked relative to the NBN plan prices and speeds available from the NBN providers in our database.

An NBN provider doesn’t have to be the cheapest, but it should at least have the speed to justify a steeper price. Note that we use typical pricing to better determine overall value, rather than relying on potentially short-lived promotional pricing. For speed expectations, the trend is towards parity between max potential download speeds and an NBN provider’s self-reported typical evening download speeds for NBN 12 (12Mbps), NBN 25 (25Mbps) and NBN 50 (50Mbps) plans. Faster NBN speed tiers tend to offer below-parity speeds, but faster is still preferred.

For features, we favour NBN providers that offer more bang for your buck, while acknowledging that the price-to-speed ratio is the most important. Similarly, the more support pathways an NBN provider offers its customers, the greater its investment in helping which, in turn, offers more options for users. Finally, we scour user-review websites to find satisfaction scores for customers of NBN providers to paint a better picture of their reputations.

Read more about how we rate NBN providers.

SkyMesh NBN frequently asked questions

Who owns SkyMesh?

SkyMesh is owned by Bigblu Broadband and offers NBN fixed-line, Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster satellite services in Australia to more than 55,000 customers.

Who can get SkyMesh NBN?

Technically, anyone in Australia who has a connection to the NBN can sign up for a SkyMesh NBN plan. This includes homes in metropolitan areas (fixed-line NBN) as well as suburbs in rural and regional areas (NBN Fixed Wireless), plus those living in remote and offshore places (Sky Muster satellite NBN).

How much does SkyMesh setup cost?

As is the trend with NBN providers, SkyMesh has zero costs or activation fees for standard installations. More complex installations may incur fees, but SkyMesh will notify you if this is the case.
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