The Best NBN Unlimited Plans for Data Gluttons

Download the world.
  • Vodafone Premium Unlimited

    Best Premium NBN100

    4 out of 5 overall
    Cheapest NBN100 promo
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  • Tangerine XL Speed Boost

    Best Standard Plus NBN50

    3.5 out of 5 overall
    Cheapest NBN50 promo
    See Plan
  • Mate Unlimited Basic

    Best Basic NBN12

    3.5 out of 5 overall
    Cheapest NBN12 promo
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Why unlimited NBN is the way to go if you’re shopping for a new plan.

Not all that long ago, unlimited data was a luxury afforded only by those willing to fork out the cashola. These days, every provider and their dog is offering unlimited downloads at a reasonable rate because, as any ISP worth their salt knows, the real money is in speed these days.

When weighing up unlimited NBN plans, you’re looking for two things: included speed tier and monthly price.

If you’re not too interested in lightning-fast speeds, Mate Broadband’s Unlimited Basic NBN 12 plan will give you the cheapest unlimited NBN plan money can buy. Most people should consider Standard Plus NBN 50 as their first choice, but if you live in a small household with one or two people, and don’t stream Netflix, then the speed of an NBN Basic plan should provide a serviceable internet connection.

For a plan with a little more oomph, an NBN Standard Plus (NBN 50) plan is the way to go. NBN 50 will allow you to perform most online activities, like streaming movies or gaming online, without having to worry about buffering, even when multiple people in your house are online at the same time. For Standard Plus, it’s hard to pass up on the limited-time deal on Tangerine XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED. Tangerine reports a typical evening speed of 42Mbps on its Standard Plus plans, which is par for the course. The discounted promotional price makes Tangerine’s XL Speed Boost Unlimited plan the cheapest NBN 50 plan available.

This price is only for your first 6 months as a Tangerine customer, then it reverts back to the usual monthly price. That doesn’t make it the most expensive NBN 50 plan, but also far from the cheapest. Promotional discounts notwithstanding, Spintel’s NBN Unlimited Plus plan is the cheapest NBN 50 plan on the market.

For a future-proof broadband connection, you might want to fork out a bit extra and get a Premium NBN 100 NBN plan. 100Mbps isn’t necessarily considered “ultra-fast” on a global (or even technological) scale but it will be enough for most users to experience a smooth, buffer-free fixed line experience. With the number of smart, internet-connected devices under one roof is multiplying across Australia, the time has come for an NBN with lots of bandwidth.

When we talk about ‘100Mbps’ we’re not just referring to downloads. Folks who work from home or need to transfer media on the regular also benefit from faster upload speeds on NBN Premium services. For a limited time, Vodafone Premium Unlimited NBN is discounted, making it the cheapest option for NBN Premium, at least for now. It’s also month-to-month (no-contract) so the perfect Premium plan to try out if you’re hesitant.

Normally, our recommendation for unlimited NBN Premium 100 would be TPG. Not because of its price (which isn’t bad) but for its track record with the ACCC’s real-world broadband speed testing program. If you’re going to go pay for Premium, you may as well fork out a little bit extra for stability and consistency.

Best Unlimited NBN Premium Plan

Another limited-time deal for this month’s best unlimited NBN plan picks, Vodafone’s 6-month discount is an affordable way to experience the NBN’s fastest speed tier. Premium speed might not be for everyone, but if you download a lot of TV shows and movies or need to upload a lot of media (high-resolution photos and video) for work, you will have a much smoother experience on an unlimited NBN Premium plan.

Here are TPG and Vodafone’s Premium plans side-by-side

Best Unlimited NBN Standard Plus

While it’s a limited-time deal, Tangerine’s XL Speed Boost Unlimited Plan is currently the cheapest way you can try NBN Standard Plus. The reverted price is still a reasonable asking price but the plan is month-to-month if you find a better deal in the next 6 months.

Here’s a little more detail on the Tangerine XL Speed Boost Unlimited Plan

Best Unlimited NBN Basic Unlimited

This month, the best Basic NBN unlimited plan comes courtesy of Mate Broadband. Mate is a relatively fresh face on the broadband scene and as a result, isn’t as fully-featured as a provider like Optus or Telstra with years on the market under their belts. With that said, Mate’s customer satisfaction is through the roof in comparison to its long-running competitors.

It’s not often you hear “broadband provider” and “customer satisfaction” uttered in the same breath but Mate seems to be doing something right.

Here’s more information on Mate Basic NBN Unlimited

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