Dyson Airstrait officially costs more than the Airwrap in Australia

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Anula Wiwatowska
Jun 25, 2024
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The long awaited Dyson Airstrait is officially available in Australia today for $749, a full $70 dearer than the Airwrap thanks to a recent discount. Unlike the Airwrap, which has multiple attachments for different stying modes, the Airstrait dries and straightens.

Using similar technology, the straightener harnesses air flow to style hair. Blasting high powered air at two 45° angles, the pair join together to form one downwards pushing jet which uses the pressure to straighten hair as it dries. Think of it like the tension you’d normally get from a brush as you pull your hair straight with a hair dryer

As is the way with all of Dyson’s hair care products, the Airstrait puts hair health first. According to Dyson, while the hair is wet the hydrogen bonds are weaker and are able to be broken and reset in a new shape using lower temperatures than when it is dry. The Wet to Dry setting uses either 80°C, 110°C, 140°C depending on the setting, while the Dry setting allows for hotter temperatures (120°C, 140°C and 160°) to break down the bonds.

At its hottest, the Airstrait tops out at 160°C, which is on the cooler side of Cloud Nine hair straighteners, and colder than new GHD irons go. This offers a more gentle way to heat style your hair, inline with the Supersonic Nural, and Airwrap but opposed to traditional straighteners.

Similar once again to the Nural, the Airstrait has auto-pause which will automatically pause the device if it sits dormant for three seconds. Plus the straightener will automatically switch off after five minutes if the arms are left open, or three if they’re locked.

It also required a significantly larger PRCD plug which Dyson states is needed since the appliance is used in the proximity to water or water vapour. This means you’ll need to Test and Reset the device on plug before you can use the Airstrait. Notably none of Dyson’s other products that deal with wet hair require this plug. We reached out to Dyson for comment about this but didn’t hear back in time for publication.

Despite the device being available in the US in March 2023, Dyson hasn’t made any changes to the Airstrait in the past year. What we’re getting here in Australia is the same as the US, except with a different plug and voltage.

The Airstrait is available exclusively through Dyson in Australia, with New Zealand availability to follow soon.

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