How to watch the NBA Finals in Australia: Kayo review

Kayo - NBA playoffs review
Overall Rating 4 out of 5
All of Foxtel's sporting content
Starts at just $25 a month
Can watch 3 sports at once
Multi-sport option not on Chromecast
The 2019 NBA Playoffs are well underway, with the Conference Finals currently battling out, and with the launch of Kayo earlier in the year in Australia, we finally have a way to watch it without shelling $40+ a month for the NBA’s League Pass.

Kayo is Foxtel’s new sports streaming service, which for the first time allows you to subscribe to just sports content, rather than all the other entertainment show with Foxtel that you might not want. As a result, prices for Kayo start at just $25 a month, and include Foxtel’s whole sporting catalog including the NBA Playoffs, Formula 1, AFL, NRL, Supercars and cricket.

You can stream all of it on your phone anywhere you are, while there’s also an Apple TV application and the ability to watch it over Chromecast.[/vc_column_text]

What are the different Kayo plans?

Kayo has two different price points for its plans, starting at $25 and go up to $35 a month. Importantly, both these plans include all the same sports and in high definition, but differ on multiple screen options. While Netflix and Stan add 4K to its more expensive plans, Kayo is still waiting to add that function, so for now, both plans stream in HD.

Basic Plan – $25 a monthPremium Plan – $35 month
Watch on up to 2 screens at the same timeWatch on up to 3 screens at the same time
Free 14 Day TrialFree 14 Day Trial

Which Sports are on Kayo?

Kayo is effectively Foxtel’s sports content across all its brands in a standalone subscription service. This means you have both ESPN channels, as well as all Fox Sports channels, including Fox Footy.

All of these channels can be watched live, but Kayo takes it one step further over Foxtel by allowing you to rewatch old games that you might have missed, as well as sporting documentaries such as ESPN’s 30 for 30.

Sports you can watch live on Kayo include:

  • NBA (basketball)
  • AFL
  • NRL
  • Formula 1
  • Supercars
  • Cricket
  • NBL (basketball)
  • Rugby Union
  • NFL (American football)
  • A-League (soccer)
  • UFC
  • Spanish La Liga (Selected games)
  • Australian Socceroo matches
  • + More

What’s Kayo like to use?

Kayo’s apps are actually really intuitive to use, and probably up there with the best in terms of functionality for Australian streaming app. Fox Sports has built it from the ground up, with all new tech behind Kayo not shared with the Foxtel Now app – meaning this has been seriously optimised for sports.

Once you jump into the main mobile app, you can customise your favourite sports, teams and leagues so that they can always be presented first when you open the app without needing to search for it.

After that, it’s just like using most streaming apps – tap a show or livestream and it’ll open and play. Kayo seems to have some good local caching points, so you’re usually always able to open a show or stream without any issue. On mobile, it supports Chromecast, so it’s just one more tap away to watch the big game on your TV.

The best feature of Kayo though is its ability to watch more than one sport at once on the same device – so you can split screen the NBA Playoffs while watching your Supercars qualifying session. It’s easy to do, and allows you to pick up to 3 different sports at the same time.

Unfortunately you can’t Chromcast a multiview, however, Kayo has an Apple TV app which allows you to watch more than one stream at once.

What NBA Playoff games are on Kayo?

With Kayo’s inclusion of its NBA channels, you can watch almost every single game of the NBA playoffs and NBA finals on Kayo.

There was a few first round playoff games that Kayo didn’t have, but now that the playoffs have moved to the NBA Conference Finals, Kayo has every game, including the NBA finals from here on in.

This includes the Eastern Conference Finals battle between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors. As well as the Western Conference Finals between the Portland Trailblazers and Golden State Warriors.

How much data does Kayo use?

Kayo uses pretty much the same amount of data as any of your other streaming services such as Netflix and Stan. This means you’ll see about 2.5GB og data per hour if you’re watching at 720p, or around 3.25GB per hour if you’re watching at 1080p.

Remember if you’re multi-streaming you’ll need to multiply those numbers per the amount of streams you have going at once.

Basic Plan – $25 a monthPremium Plan – $35 month
Watch on up to 2 screens at the same timeWatch on up to 3 screens at the same time
Free 14 Day TrialFree 14 Day Trial