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Telstra business mobile plans review

For those businesses that don’t mind paying a bit extra, Telstra business mobile plans.

Telstra Business Mobile
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Telstra 5G (except cheapest 4G plan)
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Nathan Lawrence
May 09, 2022
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Telstra business mobile quick verdict

Telstra has a reputation for being a premium telco whose plans are, likewise, offered at a premium price. These days, there’s not much difference between a personal SIM Only plan from Telstra and a business mobile plan: prices and data inclusions are the same.

While Telstra business mobile plans aren’t the cheapest in our comparison engine, they do offer a decent amount of data, ranging from comfortably above average to plenty of gigabytes at 5G speeds. The lack of excess data charges is a nice touch, and no contracts makes it easier to shift around. Still, it’s a shame that Telstra business plans are paid upfront nowadays rather than after the fact.

pro Peerless network coverage
pro Largest 5G network
pro Extensive customer support options
pro No excess data charges
con Comparatively expensive plans
con No 5G on cheapest plan
con Plans are paid upfront
con 1.5Mbps data cap is very slow

Telstra business mobile plans value for money

Far from the cheapest telco, Telstra at least offers a decent amount of data with its business mobile plans.

Telstra’s value comes from tapping into Australia’s largest mobile network as well as some of the features outlined in the next section. In terms of dollar-to-data value, Telstra plans don’t fare particularly well. Check out the cheapest Telstra business mobile plan below, which has a decent amount of monthly data (40GB) but only gives you access to the Telstra 4G network.

Telstra’s cheapest SIM Only plan is towards the bottom of our database in terms of value, with alternatives from the Vodafone and Optus networks that are cheaper with more data, some of which also offer 5G. There are even Telstra MVNOs with better value. For comparison, below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans from our comparison engine that have at least 40GB of data.

Telstra’s next business mobile plan comes with double the data and access to the Telstra 5G network (as do the other Telstra plans below) but doesn’t cost anywhere near close to double the price.

While 80GB is a decent chunk of data to work with there are, again, SIM Only plans on the Optus, Vodafone and Telstra MVNO network that offer better value at this price point. Below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans from our comparison engine with at least 80GB of monthly data to play with.

If you need any more data, you can have a look at Telstra’s next most expensive SIM Only plan, which has 120GB of data.

At the time of writing, the same monthly price with Vodafone nets you an unlimited-data SIM Only plan, which includes 5G access. There are also Optus and Telstra MVNO network contenders with better value. For comparison, below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans with at least 100GB of monthly data.

Finally, Telstra’s last plan has the most amount of data (180GB) to use on the Telstra 5G network.

While there aren’t too many SIM Only plans in our comparison engine that offer at least 180GB of data, Telstra’s most expensive Upfront plan is also the most expensive in our database (except when it has discounted promotional pricing). Alternatives from Vodafone, Optus and Spintel all have more data and noticeably cheaper monthly pricing.

Telstra business mobile features and perks

Standard perks that are light on international inclusions, with a flipped monthly payment structure.

When you buy a Telstra business mobile plan you get unlimited standard national calls and texts included, and there aren’t any contracts. Note that while you can buy Telstra Prepaid plans, Telstra’s business mobile plans are targeted at those after SIM Only plans or those seeking to pair a new iPhone or Android handset with an ongoing monthly plan.

That said, Telstra SIM Only is called Telstra Upfront which, as the name suggests, means you’re paying for your plan ahead of the month like an automatically recharging Prepaid plan instead of at the end of your monthly billing cycle like a typical SIM Only plan.

While the cheapest Telstra plan only grants access to the Telstra 4G network, Telstra’s other SIM Only plans grant access to Telstra’s growing 5G network, which is currently the biggest in Australia. If you burn through your monthly data allowance, there aren’t any excess charges, though being slowed to 1.5Mbps for the rest of your billing cycle isn’t ideal. For those who need more post-cap speed, consider a Vodafone mobile plan: the more you pay with Vodafone SIM Only plans, the faster the capped speed (up to 10Mbps or even unlimited max-speed data).

Speaking of data, if you do have extra gigabytes you’re not using each month, you can share them with other eligible Telstra mobile plans under the same account. It’s not the greatest international call allowance, but Telstra SIM Only plans do include unlimited SMS and MMS to standard numbers in all countries as well as a paltry 30 minutes of calls.

Telstra SIM Only plans also include data-free streaming of AFLW and netball, as well as access to the Telstra Plus program with access to a rewards store, discounted tickets, entertainment extras and VIP services. These last inclusions aren’t particularly important to businesses but they’re a cherry on top for those who use them.

Telstra business mobile customer support

An extensive range of support options, including a dedicated business support channel.

Part of Telstra’s premium price tag is the extensive range of support options. While the actual support experience may differ from person to person or business to business, knowing that there are many ways to get in touch if things go wrong means a telco has invested in helping out its customers. Therefore, the more support channels available, the better the ranking for this category.

Telstra ticks all of the right boxes when it comes to support versatility. Whether you prefer to browse a blog, reach out on social media, call directly, chat online, dive into self-paced service or walk into a store, Telstra has you covered. You can also tap into dedicated business support via this Telstra page.

How to sign up for a Telstra business mobile plan

Pick the plan below that catches your eye, then click the ‘Go’ button next to it to be taken directly to the corresponding Telstra mobile plans page. Read over the inclusions and click ‘Select’ to confirm, add the plan to your cart, then follow the prompts to complete sign-up.

Telstra business mobile plans

Below is a list of all of Telstra’s business mobile plans.

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