This robovac won’t be coughing up hairballs

Narwal Freo X Ultra Robotic Vacuum and Mop with Auto Washing and Self Empty
Pictured: Narwal Freo X Ultra Robotic Vacuum
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Anula Wiwatowska
May 01, 2024
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New entrant to the Australian robovac market Narwal claims your hair won't end up in a tangle around the roller brush in the Freo X Ultra. During testing the "Zero Tangle" brush is said to have had just that, no tangling what so ever- 0% all while picking up 99% of the hair.

Narwal puts this down to its unique brush design which only attaches on one side of the robovac. From here the 50° bristle alignment on the brush tosses the debris into the cavity of the vacuum. Once inside the Freo X Ultra compresses the dust within the chamber, making more room and allegedly holding seven weeks worth of dust within the unit itself.

Despite having a large base station, the Freo X Ultra doesn't have auto-empty functionality, instead relying on its Dust Compression technology. Either a Dust Bin, or disposable HEPA dust bags are available for use within the unit. The base station holds the mopping technology instead including an auto-wash, dry, and detergent dispenser.

It's mopping functionality utilises triangular, rotating mop heads which can swing out for more accurate edge cleaning. According to Narwal, EdgeSwing ups cleaning coverage by 40%, but doesn't specify what that is in comparison to. For comparison, the new Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra claims 100% corner cleaning with its extendable arm. While cleaning, the mop head will automatically lift up to 1.2cm if it encounters carpet, and analyses dirt levels on the floor to adapt scrubbing power. The X Ultra will also adapt to the weather conditions, upping mop saturation when its warm, and lessening it when humidity is higher so you don't end up with wet patches around the house.

Ordinarily this robot vacuum retails for $2,229, but is down to $1,999 until May 19th. The Freo X Ultra is available directly from Narwal, Amazon, eBay, and Costco.

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