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Anula Wiwatowska
Jun 06, 2024
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Aldi is rolling out a couple of stick vacuum cleaners for the supermarket’s June 15th Special Buys, but you probably shouldn’t buy them. The no-name Premium Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner has specs significantly worse than the already questionable Kmart’s Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner, which retails for around the same price.

Going for $139 the Premium Handheld has a maximum run time of just 25 minutes, and a low of 10 minutes, which is the worst battery life we have come across. Acerpure’s mini stick vacuum, the Clean Lite which previously held this title, lasts for 15-20 minutes on maximum power, while the top performers from Samsung handle well over an hour. Even Kmart’s Cordless Stick Vacuum claims to handle up to 55 minutes on its lowest suction setting.

Despite having a “Brushless DC motor for quieter operation” the vacuum is still very loud, hitting 82dB which is comparable to welding equipment. While these levels aren’t dangerous, it is again much higher than every stick vacuum cleaner we have reviewed, but about on par with Kmart’s cheaper options. It also has a less effective EPA filter, rather than a HEPA filter which is relatively standard across vacuum cleaners.

On top of the brandless device, Aldi is also offering the Sharp PrimeClean L2 Cordless Stick Vacuum. This one aligns better with the standards we expect to see in a vacuum cleaner, but it is also over $100 more, selling for $249. This device has a more reasonable 15-40 minute run time, and includes four head attachments. Usually this Sharp vacuum retails for $339, and is in fact still available at that price from sellers like Dick Smith, and Kogan. Notably these retailers are only offering a 12-month warranty, where Aldi has a 24-month warranty on the same device.

Stick vacuum cleaners compared

Dyson is obviously a big player, but there are a bunch of other stick vacuum cleaner manufacturers available in Australia. We review products across Samsung, Dyson, Hoover, Acerpure, and well anyone else you can stick a vacuum at. Below we compare the main features of the top performers in the cordless vacuum space.
Anula Wiwatowska
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