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Ecovacs DEEBOT N10 Plus review

The reign of the Roomba is at an end.

Kate Reynolds
May 30, 2023
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Deebot N10 Plus robot vacuum cleaner
Ecovacs Deebot N10 Plus
4.3 out of 5 stars
Suction power
Auto empty bin
Quick verdict: Ecovacs Deebot N10 Plus

The Deebot N10 Plus won't completely replace your floor cleaning routine, but it will keep the dust bunnies at bay.

pro Good midrange price
pro Very easy to set up
pro Powerful suction
con Louder than I expected
con Mopping is more a touch up than a deep clean
con Really doesn’t cope when you accidentally leave a charger dangling off the table

When you become a parent, you are usually inundated with loads of advice. I know, I know, all those unsolicited opinions are really grating, and the best piece of advice is to, well, ignore everyone’s advice. But if you’ll indulge me with just *one* piece of parenting advice to make life a little easier, let it be this:

Delegate. Your. Housework.

And your first stop should be letting this tiny little robot slave vacuum cleaner look after your floors. The Deebot N10 Plus is the latest offering from Ecovacs and is yet another device in a long line of impressive appliances from the brand. Coming in at just under $1000, it’s cheaper than previous models but leaves your floors looking *chef’s kiss”.

I received the Deebot N10 Plus when I was around 35 weeks pregnant— by this point the floors had been neglected for at least two weeks and I was tiptoeing around a fairly gross layer of dust, hair and the odd sultana or two.

The idea of pulling our clunky vacuum out of the linen cupboard to clean my floors filled me with despair.

If you are a new parent, about to be a new parent, know a new parent, are a furbaby parent, or have been a parent for 40 years— I implore you to check out this bad boy.

Deebot N10 Plus price in Australia

Starts at $999

One of the selling points of the Deebot N10 Plus is the sub-$1000 price tag (though at $999, you’re hardly getting change). This is a cheaper entry point than previous models like the Deebot T9+, which had an RRP of $1299 when released. There are certainly cheaper models on the market, but as the saying goes, you usually get what you pay for, and along with a healthy battery life and features like self-emptying bin and advanced mapping abilities, you’re definitely getting bang for your buck.

You can also buy the Deebot N10 and Auto-Empty Station seperately, for $699 and $299 respectively. 

More info
Ecovacs Deebot N10 Robot Vaccuum Cleaner (without dock)Amazon
Ecovacs Auto-Empty StationAmazon

Deebot N10 Plus design and features

DEEBOT N10 Plus - Auto-empty dock station

Like the T9+ before it, you can download the ECOVACS HOME app as part of the setup. It’ll create a map of your home with its ‘TrueMapping laser-based mapping and navigation technology’ and lets you customise further for things like schedules, cleaning paths, no-go zones and different cleaning modes. The Deebot N10 Plus has sensors that create 360 degree scans that let it cleverly work out how to navigate your home - but be warned. When it suggests moving objects out of the way, do it. I accidentally left a laptop charger hanging off the table and onto the floor, and I needed to perform some top-level tech surgery to untangle my charger from the depths of the robot's clutches. We also have some letter lights - and ‘A’ and ‘K’ leftover from our wedding that we display on the floor, and our robot vacuum had a real vendetta against these two items, as I often found them down the hallway.

The app was easy to download and follow instructions - as was the minimal amount of assembly of the vacuum itself.

One of the best features is the large 2.5L auto-empty station with a disposable dust bag. Be warned, when your Deebot N10 Plus ‘heads home’ after a clean and empties itself, the noise is quite loud - louder than when it’s cleaning the floors. But there is something extremely satisfying about not having to empty the vacuum after every clean. I’ve come to love the sound.

Deebot N10 Plus Performance

DEEBOT N10 Plus - Colourful rug tassels


The Deebot N10 Plus has an impressive suction power of 4300Pa, and is said to easily remove dirt, dust and debris from even the toughest crevices and deepest carpet fibres.

We have three different types of floor in our apartment; floorboards, carpet and rattan. Floorboards and carpet were easy for the robo-vac to handle, but the rattan proved to be a little more of a challenge. Rattan is hard to vacuum anyway, leaving dust in its crevices, so it’s not a surprise that a smaller vacuum would struggle to keep it as clean as it does the rest of the apartment. Our robo-vac also *really* didn’t like the tassels that fringe the rug in our bedroom, and I had to brush them back into place (Narrator: she did not brush them back into place, she just thought about it and left them looking chaotic).

But from dust, to my long hair that I leave around the house like I’m the witch in Hansel and Gretel, to the trail mix that somehow ends up on the floor, the Deebot N10 Plus kept the majority of the apartment looking absolutely spotless, getting into hard-to-reach places like under our kitchen table, under the TV cabinet and under the couch.

DEEBOT N10 Plus - Colourful rug tassels


In our review of the Deebot T9+, Georgia says “the mop is about as effective as you could hope for, given it doesn’t really mop in the traditional sense, but rather wipe a wet cloth along the floor, dirt and all. Still, it’s certainly better than nothing, and it should reduce the frequency with which you have to actually do it yourself.”

The same can be said for the Deebot N10 Plus. It’s not going to replace a regular mop - rather it gives your floorboards a nice wipe and keeps it looking clean, but it’s certainly not a deep scrub. Still, our mopping has reduced significantly while we’ve reviewed the vacuum, so that’s a win in my book.

As I said, we have a mixture of floorboards and carpet, and if you’re the same, remember to move the mopping attachment if you want the carpet vacuumed, otherwise the Deebot N10 Plus will avoid it.

Deebot N10 Plus Runtime

The Deebot N10 Plus has a very capable battery capacity of 5200mAh, which equates to about 5 hours of cleaning on a single charge. I don’t know how big your house would need to be to warrant a five hour clean in one go, but for our two-bedder two-bathroom apartment it’s more than enough. And if for some reason our robo-vac went on a mad five hour cleaning spree, it knows to just head back to the charging station when it starts getting low on battery.

Is the Deebot N10 Plus worth it?

Expensive but excellent

I’ve always considered robot vacuum cleaners a little bit of a gimmick, but the Deebot N10 Plus has converted me into a true believer. While I don’t think the Deebot N10 Plus will completely replace a thorough mop and vacuum, it’s a great ‘most-of-the-time’ appliance that you can set loose every other day to keep floor gremlins at bay. And at $999, it’s certainly proved its worth in our household.

Final comments

Like any treasured member of the family, it’s important to name your Deebot N10 Plus. We called ours Percy. There’s nothing like calling out to my husband ‘where’s Percy?’, ‘Is Percy stuck?’ ‘Percy has stolen the ‘A’ and ‘K’ lights again and taken them down the hall. Again.’ to really bond two people together. Other top contenders included:

  • Meryl Sweep
  • Vaxaphone
  • Vacky Lambie
  • Vack Nicholson
  • Cleanardo Di Caprio
  • A Sweepcar Named Desire

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Kate Reynolds
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Kate Reynolds
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