Dyson trade ins: Everything you need to know

Anula Wiwatowska
Jul 04, 2024
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Although they are sporadic, Dyson does offer trade-in deals from time to time. These deals let you trade in your old device in exchange for a significant discount on select Dyson products. Considering how pricey Dyson’s products are, they can actually be quite a good deal. If you get in fast enough.

How to Dyson trade-ins work in Australia?

Dyson trade-ins are only available on certain products, and only available while the deal is valid. Previously the vacuum giant has offered discounts on the Dyson Airwrap, and the Submarine Detect, but since this is still a new initiative there aren’t any persistent trade-in offers just yet.

If you happen to catch one while it's hot, the process is quite simple. You’ll need to purchase the product using the universal trade-in code which will trigger the discount. From there you’ll receive a shipping label which you can use to send in your old product. Easy!

Trade-ins are popular with smartphones, where a provider will give a discount based on the age and condition of the phone you’re trading in. Generally the newer the phone, the better your trade-in value will be. Dyson however, doesn’t assign your discount based on the value of the item that you trade in, instead the manufacturer gives a blanket discount based on the device you’re purchasing. For example it offered $450 off the V15s Detect Submarine as long as you traded in any brand of vacuum.

What can you trade in?

Previous offers have let you trade in any product, from any brand that is within the same product category. So for the Dyson Airwrap you were able to trade in any hair styling device and receive the $150 discount.

Whether this persists as Dyson’s trade-in initiative continues is yet to be seen, but it really is a great way to clear out your old device, even if you’re not a Dyson loyalist.

Current Dyson trade-in deals

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long
Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer Complete Long (Bright nickel/Rich copper)
$150 with hair styler trade-in
Trade-in code:
V15s Detect Submarine
$450 with vacuum trade-in
Trade-in code:

What happens to the device I trade in?

Traded in devices are repurposed or sold on as part of Dyson’s sustainability commitment. Dyson products may either be refurbished to resell as preowned devices, or the parts will live on for repairs. Non-Dyson products on the other hand will be recycled or sold off for scrap where possible to do so.

Are Dyson trade ins a good deal?

Generally speaking Dyson trade-ins are one of the best deals on the market. Since you don’t need to trade in an old Dyson product to be eligible, it opens up the offer for a larger group of people. Plus, because it isn’t driven by the value of the traded device, you might actually be able to get a significantly higher return here than through any other channels.

In saying that, at the time of writing Dyson only has one trade-in offer running, and previous deals have been short-lived. How long this program lasts is a big old question mark. When we asked about it, a Dyson spokesperson told Reviews.org,

"It is something we started last year and we are testing the uptake with our owners. Should it be popular, we would look to make it permanent as part of our sustainability commitment."

So the best way to get more trade-in deals with Dyson is to use them. If an appealing offer does pop up and it happens to be on the device you’re after, it is probably going to be worth taking the plunge.

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