Best Internet Deals in Australia for most people

NBN, Home Wireless, Mobile Broadband? Take your pick.

When our dreams of a future-focused national broadband network were dashed, Australians were left a little disgruntled by what seemed like the only option for many: the NBN. It was such a disappointment to many that “do I have to switch to NBN?” became a commonly asked question on Google. A fair question, but even though ADSL2+ is on its way out in Australia, telcos have begun shifting focus to Home Wireless Internet and Mobile Broadband solutions, with the promise of widespread 5G on the horizon.

Here are the best Internet plans and connection types in Australia for most people.

Our top picks were last updated in August 2020. If you’re looking for a more regularly updated round-up, check out our best NBN plans page.

Best NBN Internet Deal

Tangerine XL Speed Boost NBN

If you follow our monthly picks for Australia’s top contenders in the NBN market, you’ll be familiar with Tangerine Broadband. For speed and value, Tangerine delivers month in, month out. And its XL Speed Boost NBN Plan is always a solid choice for folks looking for unlimited data, sufficient speeds (NBN 50), and no long-term commitment at a reasonable monthly price.

Thanks to an ongoing promotion, this plan comes at a discounted price for the first six months. But the plan is no-contract, and switching NBN providers is easy, which means you can always change plans once the price goes up.

Next best NBN plan

Internode NBN 50 Unlimited $59.99

Internode’s not a regular placement in our top picks, but its recent offer on its unlimited NBN 50 plan is almost too good to ignore. The one downside is the six-month contract, and that the plan reverts to its regular pricing after the contract term.

Switching NBN providers is incredibly easy these days so once the six months is up, you’re free to switch to a better deal if you’re no longer getting your money’s worth.

For the sake of comparison, here’s a small selection of this week’s most popular NBN plans with at least 50GB of data.

Best Home Wireless Internet

SpinTel 4G Home Wireless Broadband

If you can’t get NBN, or you don’t want it, there are some solid alternatives on the market these days. Primarily the recent push into Home Wireless Broadband from providers like SpinTel.

These plans utilise the same 4G network as your mobile phone plan using a modem that’s intended to be kept in the house. This allows for the super-fast speeds of mobile 4G without any need for an NBN installation.

SpinTel home wireless runs on the Optus 4G mobile network. And our most recent speed test on Optus Home Wireless 4G managed 78.4Mbps download and 7.33Mbps upload speeds, which is pretty decent. Of course, the speeds you can achieve at home will vary depending on factors like your home equipment and the mobile signal at your premises.

The only downside is that you’re subject to the same outages and inconsistencies of the mobile network, and Home Wireless plans typically have capped data (e.g., 200GB or 500GB per month).

As it stands, SpinTel is offering one of the best home wireless deals right now.

Next best Home Wireless

Optus Home Wireless Broadband Plan

If you prefer the confidence that comes with going with a name-brand, this home wireless deal from Optus is your best bet. Optus was perhaps the first Australian provider to offer home wireless plans with uncapped speeds and huge data allowances, and continues to be a popular choice.

If you’re looking for more alternatives, here’s what’s popular this week.

Best Mobile Broadband

Telstra $75 Large Data Plan

If you need a portable Internet connection, whether you travel for work or leisure, coverage might be a more critical factor for you than someone settling in with Home Wireless. That’s why our top pick is Telstra’ Mobile Broadband plan.

It’s not the most economical Internet connection, but it’s the most reliable for people travelling outside of metropolitan areas.

If you’re after a mobile broadband plan, we’d recommend sussing out your best options for pocket WiFi modems and WiFi dongles.

Next best Mobile Broadband

Optus $50 Data SIM Plan

If you mostly travel to areas with ample Optus coverage, you could save a little cash with its $50 plan. It’s a great alternative to Telstra if the Optus 4G network gets you by just fine.

To give you an idea of how those mobile broadband plans stack up, take a look at this week’s most popular plans with 50GB or more.