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Anula Wiwatowska
Nov 29, 2023
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This year has been all about the girlies. Hot girls are walking, hot girls are blogging, girls are clean, and goblin, and witchy, and they all deserve a little treat.

No matter which TikTok girl you're buying for, we've compiled a bunch of gifts that are sure to keep them happy, healthy, and thriving.

Who are you buying for?

Gifts for hot girls walking

Kanken Hip Pack

Not all tights have pockets - unfortunately - but with a cute little cross body bag you don't need them. One thing any hot girl walker knows is that you need a place to put your phone, and your sunscreen, and the cool rocks you find on the ground.

Our top pick is the Fjallraven Kanken Hip Pack. It has plenty of pockets, with enough space to fit even the iPhone 15 Pro Max, comes in a bunch of cute colours, and you can grab it for under $100 - even at full price. 

Sony WH-1000XM5
Sony WH-1000XM5

The longer you're walking, the comfier you're going to want your headphones to be. Over ear headphones are easily the most comfortable listening option, and we love the Sony WH-1000XM5.

While they don't have the snappiest name, these headphones get killer battery life, have amazing sound quality, and they don't just come in black anymore.

Apple Watch Series 9

If you're stepping, you may as well document those steps. A fitness tracker is a great option for anyone looking to keep an eye on their steps (or just wants a fun new gadget to play with).

We recommend the Apple Watch Series 9 - especially for Apple users - but that is a very expensive present. For those outside of the Apple ecosystem, or just looking for a more budget-friendly option, a FitBit Inspire is a solid option. It is very much an entry level device, but you can always upgrade next year.

Patreon subscription
Patreon logo

The best part of a hot girl walk is taking the time to grow, and to think about the things that matter to you. We all have our favourite podcasts that we love to listen to while we're out and about, so why not bankroll some premium content for a year?

There are thousands of podcasts offering additional content on Patreon, and ususally for a small fee of around $10 per month. Find out your person's fav, and hook them up with more inspiration for the whole year.

Gifts for witchy girls

2024 Witch's Diary
2024 Witch's Diary: Southern Hemisphere by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Sure you can get a lot of information from TikTok, but how much of that is actually catered to the witches down here in Australia?

This 2024 Witch's Diary - Southern Hemisphere edition is perfect for your spiritual friends. The diary marks important lunar events, and will guide your learning across the year through spell work, rituals, incantations, and charms.

Divine Your Dinner
Divine Your Dinner By Courtney McBroom, Melinda Lee Holm

Combine kitchen witchcraft with tarot with this chose your own adventure cookbook. Divine Your Dinner has over 75 recipes aligned with the symbolism found in a traditional tarot deck.

Each recipe corresponds with the card's themes, either centered acround magical ingredients for the Major Arcana cards, or the elements for the Minor Arcana.

Let destiny decide what you're going to have for dinner.

Moon Phase Clock
abic Solid Brass Moon Phase Clock, Heavy Brass Case

Moon phases are pivotal to any witch, so better make sure you're tracking them properly. This moon phase clock will let you tell at a glance exactly how the skies and the seas are turning.


Trinket Box

Any witch will tell you they're a hoarder of little trinkets. Herbs, candles, crystals, bones, leaves, spare SIM cards - you never know when they may come in handy.

Help them organise, and display their collection with a beautiful wooden case... Or maybe two.

Gifts for the clean girl aesthetic

Claw clip

Does anything personify the Clean Girl aesthetic quite like a claw clip? This marbled one is gorgeous, and it is bound to keep your hair slicked back without compromising the look (or breaking the bank).

At just $12.95, this is a steal from Sportsgirl.

The Five-Minute Journal
the five minute journal

Clean Girls always look like they have their life together, so might as well give them the tools to do it for real. The Five-Minute Journal is a quick gratitude, and planning diary you can work through every single day in (you guessed it) 5 minutes.

Each day poses three simple questions in the morning, and two opportunities for reflection in the evening. The quick, but structured exercisesare said to help you become "an enhanced version of the person you already are".

Peloton Subscription
peloton fitness and workouts app

Pilates classes are expensive, but a Peloton App Subscription isn't. Peloton App One gets you unlimited strength, cardio, pilates, and meditation classes all to your phone. You can jump in on live classes or access the Peloton back catalogue.

There are workouts for any fitness level, and you don't need any big equipment like the Peloton Tread or Bike to get started on them. 

COSRX Advanced Sail Radiance Dual Essence
Advanced Snail Radiance Dual Essence

The crux of the Clean Girl aesthetic is dewy, bright skin. Treat the Hailey Beiber in your life to a staple in Korean skincare - a snail syrum.

While it may seem weird, Snail Complexes are one of the most important steps in Korean skincare, and can help to create that dewy, hydrated look.

Gifts for goblincore girlies

Bumble Bee Woven Tapestry Blanket

Tapestry blankets are beautiful, and practical for the nature-going goblin girlie. The thick weave is perfect as a picnic blanket when you're out exploring the land, and works just as well to cover up the mud stains when you get home.

This bee themed, double sided blanket from Aus Wonderland is machine washable, and the bee embroidery is beautiful.

If you're feeling more creative, make one with your own custom design from Canvas Champ instead. They have some crazy good deals - you could nab a queen size blanket for just $44.50.

Profane Plates
live, laugh, leave china plate

Goblincore girlies know that life is beautiful, and messy. Show them that you understand both sides of them with some gorgeous and profane china.

These repurposed plates come in a bunch of different variations, so we encourage you to scroll through and find the plate that really speaks to your person. Or maybe the one that says what they wish they could say.

Bush Tukka Guide
Bush Tukka

Australia is full of amazing foraging opportunities, so while you're out there on the land you may as well take advantage of them.

The Bush Tukka Guide teaches you how to find food like Aboriginal elders do, and why first nations people ate things like magpie geese and honeypie ants.  The book also has a bunch of delicious recipes to make with your finds.

Ace of Something Tibooburra Boater hat
Big sun hat

The Australian sun is brutal, so set up your outdoorsy little goblin with a wide-brimmed sun hat to let them stay in the wild for longer.

The Ace of Something Tibooburra Boater hat is made with an adjustable innter band, with a stuff woven raffia brim. Woven raffia provides an excellent UPF50+ level of UV protection, so even on the hottest days this hat will keep your skin safe.

23-year old teenage girls

Aesop Hand Soap

Real grown ups have fancy hand soap. That is just a fact. So if you know someone stuck in that in between stage where they have all the responsibilities, but none of the vibe of a real adult - help them pass off as one.

Aesop handsoaps are ridiculously lux purchases, but are excellent options as gifts. 

Master Meal Planner (A4)

Organisation is key to feeling like you have your shit together. This sleek and useful meal planner lives on your fridge so you'll never be guessing what to eat this week again.

Combine the planner with a large shopping or to-do list, and a notes section for reminders, and you just may be able to pass for someone who has it all together.

DeLonghi Dedica Arte
Delonghi Dedica Coffee Machine

Saving money, and making your coffee at home? Now that is what I call grown up - did someone say financial stability?

The Delonghi Dedica Arte is our pick for the best cheap coffee machine you can get in Australia. It warms up fast, and is a nice entry level machine for those new to brewing their own espresso. 

First stop, lattes at home, next - home ownership..?

Greenlife LED Grow Light Herb Lamp Kit
Greenlife LED Grow Light Herb Lamp Kit

Picture this, you've come home from a long day and all you're whipping up some pasta for dinner. You lean across and pluck a handful of fresh basil leaves from your indoor herb garden and crush them to sprinkle atop the pile, with some fresh ground pepper.

That feeling is bound to make anyone feel like they have their life together. The GreenLife LED Grow kit lets you grow herbs and other small produce on your bench top. The LED gives it all the light it needs, and the self-watering system means you don't have to constantly top it up. All the benefits of fresh herbs without needing to take care of them. 

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