How to watch HBO Max and Hulu in Australia

Just because you live in Australia, doesn’t mean you can’t have access to even more streaming services.

Unless you live in the USA, there’s no straightforward way to watch content available on Hulu or HBO Max, which is definitely true of Australia. While there’s currently no Hulu Australia or HBO Max Australia, there are ways to watch bits of the respective streaming service’s libraries via Australian services.

For instance, Hulu content in Australia can be found licensed across a mixture of Foxtel, Stan, and Netflix, while HBO content has long called Foxtel home (and now, Binge too). Outside of this, individual movies, TV shows and documentaries can be rented or leased on Apple’s iTunes or the Google Play Store.

Still, whether splitting streaming services or individually purchasing content, the costs can stack up. The good news is there’s a less straightforward albeit greyer way to watch Hulu and HBO Max content in Australia.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a tiered streaming service that, at its lowest price, offers ad-supported content streaming of TV shows, movies, and documentaries, with a mix of original and licensed content. At its most expensive, Hulu offers live TV, with the option of adding premium channels like HBO or Showtime. In terms of content, it’s pulled from a variety of big-name US networks, including ABC, Cartoon Network, CBS, FOX, FX, and National Geographic.

What is HBO Max?

HBO Max is the newest streaming service on the block, which blends the full suite of HBO original programming, like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos, with WarnerMedia content, which includes original programming (called “Max Originals”) with big-ticket TV shows and movies like Friends, South Park, The Big Bang Theory, and the Studio Ghibli collection. Unlike Hulu, HBO Max has a flat monthly fee.

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The reason these services are region-locked is because the companies only have the license to broadcast these tv shows and movies in specific countries.

Even though these steps outlined below will lead to you legally paying for a service, the chances are good that accessing content from a different country is violating the terms of use of Hulu and/or HBO Max. This can lead to your account being cancelled at any point, which may mean you’ve thrown money down the drain.

How to watch HBO Max and Hulu in Australia

You’ll need a few things to watch Hulu and HBO Max in Australia.

  1. Use either a VPN or smart DNS service to make it look like you’re in the US
  2. Pay for the services without a US credit card
  3. Figure out which device you will stream with

VPN vs smart DNS

There are two options when it comes to accessing region-locked content in Australia: a VPN or a smart DNS service. As far as entertainment is concerned, both digital services have the potential to achieve the same goal of unlocking region-locked content.  I’ve researched several, but Express VPN and Getflix are the best VPN and smart DNS service, respectively.

It might also be best to consider alternating between both as each has their uses; plus, if one goes down, the other is there as a backup.

Smart DNS services tend to be cheaper than VPNs, but generally aren’t as versatile: a smart DNS doesn’t encrypt data, nor does it change your IP address (the unique ID for your internet connection). While VPNs are more secure, they’re also slower than smart DNS services, which isn’t great when you’re primarily streaming video (particularly on slower or shared internet connections).

A reliable smart DNS or VPN service can also be used to access different Netflix and Amazon Prime Video libraries (which are region locked), or other non-Australian services like Showtime, BBC, and Hotstar.

How much does HBO Max and Hulu cost?

Like many video on-demand services, Hulu has a range of pricing tiers, but what you get at each price level is different from the way a service like Netflix is structured. The basic plan, for instance, costs US$5.99 a month but shows are interrupted by advertisements. You can also pay US$11.99 a month for no ads, or as much as $60.99 per month for Hulu plus live TV with no ads.

Hulu did recently add the option to pause your subscription for up to 12 weeks, so you can binge in bursts then pause. If you do resume your subscription to watch anything on Hulu, though, it’ll charge you for the month in advance.

The maths for HBO Max is easier given the flat US$14.99 monthly fee. That’s the same price as HBO Now which, if you’re still using, you may be eligible for a free upgrade to HBO Max. If you plan on subscribing using gift cards, it makes more sense then to buy the US$30 or $US60 to equally measure out your months – two and four, respectively – so you don’t have to do the maths on leftover gift card credit.

HBO Max and Hulu payment options

With your VPN and/or smart DNS sorted, the next step is actually paying for Hulu or HBO Max. Both offer a trial period, too: one week for HBO Max and 30 days for Hulu.

If you’re lucky, a fudged US address during sign-up – when in doubt, use 90210 for Beverly Hills – will combo nicely with your credit card for payment purposes. Not all cards will be accepted, though, and it can be costly to go down the path of purchasing a dedicated virtual credit card just to pay for Hulu or HBO Max, so it’s less convenient but relatively straightforward to opt for plan B.

Plan B is to buy Hulu and/or HBO gift cards from a reputable online outlet, like MyGiftCardSupply. Unless you find an outlet that offers Australian dollars as payment, you’ll be spending American dollars. Hulu gift cards come in either US$25 or US$50 options, while HBO gift cards can be bought for US$25, US$30, US$60, and US$100.

How to redeem a Hulu gift card

Visit and create an account. Remember to use a VPN or smart DNS while doing this so you can actually watch content but, unlike HBO Max, Hulu lets you interact with your settings and profile without having to use a workaround. Hover over your profile name in the top right-hand corner, then select ‘Account’. Scroll down and input your code in the field below ‘Gift or Promotional Code’.

Up the top left of the same page you’ll see the expiration date, presented in US month-day-year format, to keep track of when you need to top up. In the middle of this page is also where you can pause and renew your subscription.

How to redeem an HBO gift card

Strangely, at the launch of HBO Max, there’s no clear guidance on how to renew a gift card. The backdoor way (as recommended by HBO Max support) to do it is to enter the gift card code at, then follow the login prompts to associate the amount with your account.

Which playback device is best for HBO Max and Hulu?

Now that you have signed up and paid for everything, the final decision is how are you going to access these services?

VPNs and smart DNS services will give you details to change in your internet settings; either your IP address or your DNS addresses.

You can adjust these settings on your router/modem-router, but bear in mind, if you change these settings in your router it will affect all other devices connected to your network. This may slow down your internet connection when doing other things online, like gaming or video-conferencing, or it may lock you out of Australian online services.

In many respects this is personal preference, but there’s extra effort required per device if you don’t have or don’t want to input VPN or smart DNS details directly into your router or modem-router. In terms of tests, the easiest devices are PCs, Android devices, and the Xbox One.

HBO Max and Hulu on PC

For a PC, you can activate or deactivate your VPN of choice, select a US server and you’re ready to watch in a browser.

If you’re using a smart DNS service, right-click your network icon in the system tray and select ‘Open Network & Internet Settings’. Under ‘Change your network settings’ select ‘Change adapter options’.

There may be several icons here, but find the network connection you use for the internet, which is probably a WiFi connection. Right-click it, then select ‘Properties’.

Double click on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’, then select the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’ radial option at the bottom of the pop-up window.

This is where you enter in your smart DNS settings. Hit ‘OK’ on both pop-up windows to back out. Some smart DNS services like Getflix give you the option to test that your IP address is correctly associated with its smart DNS servers, which you should do to test your connection or troubleshoot problems. If everything is configured correctly, you’re ready to watch Hulu and/or HBO Max in a browser.

You can also cast from browser to Chromecast (or compatible TV/device), which allows you to watch Hulu or HBO Max on your TV. If Chromecast complains about casting the Hulu and/or HBO Max browser tab, click on the cast icon in Google Chrome (or select ‘Cast’ from the three-dots setting menu), then select ‘Sources’ and ‘Cast desktop’ to get around it.

HBO Max and Hulu on Android

The great thing about Android is the relatively straightforward way to install apps that aren’t available in your region. Use a search engine with the phrase ‘Hulu APK’ and/or ‘HBO Max’ to download the Hulu app for your compatible smartphone or tablet, which should automatically update once installed.

To install the APK file, find it in the Downloads folder, tap on it, then select ‘Yes’ when prompted to install it. As with the PC steps above, you’ll either need a VPN or smart DNS settings to watch Hulu content, though a VPN is recommended as tinkering with the DNS can be finicky.

HBO Max and Hulu on Xbox One

It is possible to use Hulu and HBO Max on other gaming consoles, but the Xbox One is by far the easiest when combined with a smart DNS service.

Power on your Xbox One, then press the Xbox button and go to the settings cog. From here, select ‘System’, then ‘Language & location’and switch the location to ‘United States’.

You’ll likely be prompted to restart your Xbox One. Once restarted, go back into settings, ‘General’, then select ‘Network settings’.

Select ‘Advanced settings’ and then ‘DNS settings’ to manually update your Xbox One’s DNS settings to those provided by your smart DNS service.

Go back to the previous screen and use the ‘Test network connection’ option to make sure everything is running correctly. If it is, you’ll now be able to visit the Store and download apps like Hulu and HBO Max, which should update as required.