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How to watch Dune (2021) in Australia

Planning on Dune the right thing and paying for your spice? We've got the intel straight from Arrakis. 

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Watch Dune in 4K from $4.99
Dune (2021 is available to rent or buy digitally through Amazon Australia.
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Nathan Lawrence
Oct 27, 2021
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When Denis Villeneuve's Dune first released in 2021, COVID had already eroded the cinema culture that was already hurting. This led to a bit of a trip down memory lane for Australians. Suddenly we weren't getting every big blockbuster day and date as the rest of the world. Left wondering whether Dune would hit Hoyts or the highest-bidding streaming service first. In the end, neither came for a long time and Australians who didn't want to miss the hype train were forced to dip their toes in pirate waters, or figure out how to use a bloody VPN in order to watch it via HBO Max. Being the honest, salt-of-the-earth types that we Australians are, of course we signed up to NordVPN and paid for HBO Max just to watch Denis' Dune. You think we'd do Denis dirty and download Dune? 

Two and a half years later, with Dune Part 2 dominating cinemas,  we find ourselves at another impasse without a stream in sight. But that doesn't mean you need to resort to a VPN. There are now cheaper ways to rent or buy Dune digitally in Australia. 

Is Dune (2021) available on Australian streaming services?

Dune Part 1 (2021) is not currently available on any on-demand streaming services, like Binge or Netflix. It is only available to rent or buy online through digital stores.

How to watch Dune in Australia

You can watch Dune online right now through services like iTunes and Amazon in Australia. Renting Dune through either digital platform is both cheaper and easier than signing up for a VPN and HBO Max.

Rent Dune digitally in 4K: $4.99
Purchase Dune digitally in 4K: $14.99

Alternatively, you can find a spicy deal on the Dune Blu-ray DVD via Amazon Australia. 

How to watch Dune (2021) online
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How to stream Dune on HBO Max from Australia

You can watch the 2021 version of Dune right now with the right combination of virtual private network (VPN) and access to an HBO Max subscription. Before we get too far ahead, it’s worth flagging that streaming services tend to dislike the use of VPNs to access their services, so you are at risk of falling afoul of HBO Max’s user agreement, which could lead to your account being banned.

Not deterred? Let’s power on.

VPNs that work with HBO Max

The first thing you need before you can even access HBO Max from Australia is a VPN service that can bypass the US streaming service’s geoblocking. Bear in mind that streaming services like HBO Max and Netflix US tend to do regular VPN server blocking sweeps, which means they may be temporarily unavailable. If this happens, try switching between US servers. Below are the six VPN services that we’d recommend pairing with HBO Max for the best results when streaming from Australia:

VPNs that currently work with HBO Max in Australia
Number of VPN servers
Simultaneous connections
10 Gold-standard user-friendliness
5 Helpful user video guides
5 Incredibly fast downloads
UnlimitedLifetime subscription

HBO Max the easy way

If you’re fortunate to have friends, family members or work colleagues that live in the USA—the kind of legends who don’t mind sharing login details for US-specific streaming services—then your next step is to politely convince them to get you on their HBO Max account. HBO Max allows three users to stream simultaneously, meaning all you have to do is use a VPN to connect to a US server, then use the generously provided HBO Max account details to start streaming.

Watching HBO Max at moderate difficulty

If you don’t have easy access to an HBO Max account, the next step is to pay for it yourself, which is a trick in and of itself. What you need is either gift cards or a US virtual credit card, the latter of which is a painful process to set up.

That leaves gift cards. While scoring HBO gift cards used to be a cinch, it’s tricker these days since the shift to HBO Max. You can try your luck at backdooring HBO Max via the easier-to-access Hulu, another US streaming service, which offers HBO Max as an add-on. That said, HBO Max may not show up as one of the extras. The good news is that Hulu offers a one-month free trial to test those waters, plus there’s usually a seven-day trial for add-on channels, including HBO Max. Head to an online retailer like MyGiftCardSupply to nab a Hulu gift card, then redeem it via the corresponding Hulu page.

Remember to use your VPN, connected to a US server, when interacting with Hulu so it functions as it should. You can hopefully find HBO Max and other channel add-ons via the ‘Manage add-ons’ section of your account page.

Watching HBO Max at hard difficulty

This is the most convoluted way to watch Dune and any other content that tickles your fancy on HBO Max, but it’s one that worked in our tests. Sign up for HBO Max via the App Store on iOS devices or Google Play Store on Android gadgets. Full disclosure: we haven’t tested the iOS option.

The Android approach necessitates the installation of a VPN on your Android device (all of the VPNs listed above have Android apps) to interact with HBO Max. You want to type something along the lines of ‘HBO Max download apk’ into a search engine to find a raw app installer (apk) for HBO Max. This is because you won’t find it by searching for it on the Google Play Store as it’s geoblocked.

Installing apk files is technically an advanced step, so we wouldn’t advise it for most Android users unless you know what you’re doing. Once downloaded, install the HBO Max apk file, then connect to a US server on your VPN of choice. What you want to do then is set up a recurring payment subscription via Google Play as a payment method, rather than other options (either monthly or annually). It may not work with certain payment methods, but you can try others if you have more than one.

Once that works, you’re free to use a VPN on any supported device to access HBO Max content, including Dune.

Light Bulb
Which devices support HBO Max?
With a VPN, you can stream HBO Max via web browser or with the following devices (note that some devices don’t have native VPN support, which may mean you have to install a VPN on your router or modem-router):
  • Android smartphones or tablets
  • iOS smartphones or tablet
  • Samsung TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Roku
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S
  • Xbox Series X
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