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How to cancel your Foxtel (and what it might cost)

Cancelling Foxtel is simple but you could be up for a fee. 

Brodie Fogg
Jun 07, 2024
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Once the primary provider for premium satellite and cable television in Australia, Foxtel has been reluctant to meet the big streamers like Netflix in their court. Credit where it's due, Foxtel still has plenty of Australian customers who like things just the way they are but even those loyal subscribers have more options than ever to stream Foxtel content on-demand, thanks to platforms like Hubbl and streaming services like Binge and Kayo. 

Foxtel Now
Cancelling Foxtel Now

This guide specifically details cancelling residential Foxtel, including traditional satellite Foxtel and Foxtel iQ over broadband. If you're subscribed to Foxtel's streaming service, head over to our guide to cancelling Foxtel Now

Step-by-step guide to cancelling Foxtel

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Cancelling Foxtel is easy. There may be fees involved depending on your situation (more on that below) but the actual process of cancelling is straightforward.

Check your contract

Whether or not you will owe Foxtel any money will come down to how long you have left on your contract (if you're contracted at all.) Foxtel only offers 12-month contracts and only if you opt for it in order to pay your Foxtel iQ box over time and waive some setup fees. 

If you're month-to-month, you won't need to pay anything except pay your final bill after cancelling (your account will close at the end of the billing month.) If you're in contract, you may be charged up to $300 for an early termination fee (ETF) but this will be pro-rated by the number of months left in your contract (e.g., cheaper the fewer months you have left.)

Not sure if you're still in contract? Call customer service or get in touch with Foxtel Live Chat

Find your account details

The next step will be to get in touch with customer service but first, you're going to want to make things easier on yourself by having your account details handy. These days your name and address should be enough for Foxtel to locate your account, but having your account number ready will speed things up a bit. 

Your Account Number is located in the top-right corner of the first page of your monthly bill. Have this handy when contacting Foxtel.  

Contact Foxtel customer care

The next step is to contact Foxtel's customer care to let them know you will be cancelling your service. You can call Foxtel's billing and account team on 1300 657 346 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm). Here's the shortcut to getting through to disconnections:

  1. Dial 1300 657 346
  2. Press #to confirm existing customer
  3. Enter the phone number associated with your Foxtel account and press #
  4. Listen as the robot reads your phone number back and press #1 to confirm
  5. Press #to skip to the cancellations and disconnections department

If you'd rather cancel without talking to anyone over the phone, you can also cancel via the Live Chat service on the Foxtel website. 

Confirm cancellation or negotiate a deal

Confirm with the operator your intention to cancel your Foxtel service. This is typically the part where the person at the other end of the phone will try and tempt you to stay with some enticing perks; discounted Foxtel, free add-ons etc. If any of those sound worth it to you, by all means, take the discount and run. But if you're dead set on cancelling, this is simply a painful part of the process you will have to endure. 

Note the contract end date and any additional fees or requirements

At this stage, contracted Foxtel customers will be provided a figure for early termination. It's how you will be up for should you exit early and is worth thinking about; sometimes it's just easier to ride the contract out. You'll also be notified if you're expected to return any hardware (like the Foxtel iQ box.). 

Foxtel iQ5 and iQ4 boxes must be returned or you will incur a hardware fee. Foxtel iQ and iQ3 boxes can be kept and won't incur a fee if not returned and, oddly enough, Foxtel strongly encourages returning the iQ2 box through the same avenue as iQ5 and iQ4. Here's where you can organise your hardware return

Wait for your final bill

And that's all she wrote. Once you've shipped off your old hardware and finished with customer service, all that's left to do is wait for your final bill to arrive. In the meantime, you can still access your Foxtel content using Foxtel Go, at least until the end of the billing month. Otherwise, say Sayonara to Foxtel and start thinking about how you're going to get your premium entertainment from now on. 

Note: Foxtel won't remove its satellite and wiring upon cancellation. To do that you'll need to get your hands dirty or contact a third-party professional. 

How does Foxtel compare with the streaming alternatives?

Now that you're free of Foxtel, you may be wondering what your other options are for premium drama and sports coverage in Australia. Well, if you're after everything Foxtel offers, you'll find it on Binge, Kayo, Flash and LifeStyle, otherwise take your pick of the streaming services below.
Monthly price
More info
Binge LogoBinge Standard plan
4K streaming
2 streams
Deal: 7-day free trial
Apple TV+Apple TV+ plan
4K streaming
6 streams (Family Sharing)
Deal: 7-day free trial
Disney PlusDisney+ Standard plan
HD streaming
2 streams
Deal: $139.99 for 12mths
Disney PlusDisney+ Premium plan
4K streaming
4 streams
Deal: $179.99 for 12mths
NetflixNetflix Standard + Ads
HD streaming
2 streams
StanStan Basic plan
SD streaming
1 stream
Kayo SportsKayo One Plan
HD streaming
1 stream
Deal: 7-day free trial
Foxtel Now | 2022 logo | AustraliaFoxtel Now Essentials
HD streaming
2 streams
Access to over 30 channels
Deal: 10-day free trial
ShudderShudder plan
HD streaming
1 stream
Deal: 7-day free trial
Hayu | Provider logoHayu Plan
HD streaming
1 stream
Deal: 7-day free trial
Paramount+Paramount+ plan
HD streaming
2 streams
Deal: 7-day free trial
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Brodie Fogg
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