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Everything you need to know about Vodafone mobile insurance

For those who bought Vodafone insurance before the telco stopped offering it, here’s what you need to know.

Nathan Lawrence
May 31, 2022
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Buying the latest, greatest smartphone isn’t cheap, even if you pay one off over time with a Postpaid mobile plan from telcos like Vodafone. If you want extra peace of mind, the solution is simple: handset insurance. Here’s everything you need to know about Vodafone mobile insurance.

But before we get into that, check out the daily updating list of popular Vodafone Postpaid mobile plans from our comparison engine.

Why telcos don’t offer mobile insurance anymore

Vodafone, Telstra and Optus don’t offer mobile insurance programs anymore. What gives? As it turns out, it’s less some bizarre telco conspiracy and more to do with regulation changes in 2021. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australia’s financial-markets regulator, published guidance in 2021 following the Financial Services Royal Commission, which impacted add-on insurance products, like those offered by telcos. That’s why you won’t see them anymore.

Vodafone Keep Talking mobile insurance coverage

Unfortunately for those Vodafone Postpaid users hoping to protect their devices, Vodafone no longer offers mobile insurance. According to the Vodafone mobile insurance page, the telco stopped selling its Keep Talking insurance products from 5 October 2021.

The good news for those who signed up for a Keep Talking product ahead of that date is they’re still covered for the cost of repairing or replacing their eligible expensive smartphone. Vodafone Keep Talking insurance was the basic insurance product that offered conditional coverage for phones or tablets up to $3,000 for a $10 premium.

Keep Talking Plus had the same $3,000 repair/replacement coverage for phones and tablets but also added wearable devices, and costs $15 a month. It also had the following inclusions:

  • Up to $300 for replacing accessories purchased alongside a covered device that are lost, stolen or damaged alongside the reported claim.
  • Up to $500 for unauthorised data or call costs from a stolen device.
  • Up to $300 towards phone hire or purchase for a temporary replacement if you’re overseas.
  • Worldwide cover if Vodafone global roaming is activated prior to a trip with a usual Vodafone SIM.

What’s not covered with Vodafone Keep Talking mobile insurance

It wouldn’t be an insurance product if it didn’t have specifics about what’s not covered. Vodafone Keep Talking insurance doesn’t cover anyone's intentional act or omission by the policyholder or on behalf of the policyholder in terms of wilfully damaging, destroying or misplacing a covered device. It also doesn’t cover any damage that the manufacturer is responsible for under Australian Consumer Law.

What’s not covered with the Keep Talking Plus product is more extensive, though it includes the same Australian Consume Law proviso as above. The insurance doesn’t cover any device loss resulting from misplaced or forgotten whereabouts. It also doesn’t cover theft or damage of a device from any private residence, unlocked vehicle or water vessel, unless you are inside one of those options or the device is out of sight and there’s clear sign of forced entry. Keep Talking Plus also notes it doesn’t cover any data, including apps and games, or memory card stored on the device that’s not expressly covered.

How to make a Vodafone mobile insurance claim

Keep Talking insurance is separated into two different category claim types: damaged devices and lost or stolen devices. Whichever claim you’d like to make, both types of claim start at the same place.

Vodafone damage claim steps

Here are the steps to making a Vodafone mobile insurance damage claim:

  1. Submit your claim using the ‘Make a damage claim’ form.
  2. Keep an eye out for an email from the insurance team that outlines the repair process.
  3. Technicians assess the damaged device.
  4. The claim is settled.

Vodafone lost/stolen claim steps

Here are the steps to making a Vodafone mobile insurance claim for a lost or stolen device:

  1. Fill out the details in the ‘Make a lost or stolen claim’ form.
  2. Your claim is then assessed by a specialist team.
  3. The claim is settled.

How to cancel Vodafone mobile insurance

There was a 14-day cooling-off period for those who signed up for a Vodafone Keep Talking insurance product ahead of the cut-off date, but that’s long since expired. If you got in before the cut-off date and want to cancel your current Vodafone mobile insurance, call Vodafone on 1300 650 410.

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