Samsung reveals new Galaxy A52 and A72 handsets

The 2021 Galaxy A series refresh is also available in 5G.
Samsung Galaxy A Series - Awesome Blue

Samsung’s mid-range game is strong. Where its flagship Galaxy S handsets have failed to truly impress over the last couple of years, its budget to mid-range A series has gone from strength to strength. The Galaxy A71 was so good for the price, our reviewer asked if it’s actually the best Samsung phone on the market. While the Galaxy A50 and A51 have been natural choices for anyone shopping around the $500 mark.

Now, the Galaxy A series is about to get even better with the Galaxy A52, Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A32 announced this morning.

Galaxy A - Awesome Violet

Galaxy A52, A72 and A32 Australian pricing

If you’re shopping in the mid-range, it’s because you’re looking for something that balances power with value for money, so let’s jump straight into the cost of the new Galaxy A52, A72 and A32 handsets. The previously announced Galaxy A32 128GB handset comes in 4G and 5G variants, both priced at $499. Strangely, opting for the 5G variant on either the Galaxy A32 or A52 will give you a little less RAM too.

The Galaxy A52 128GB 4G handset will set you back $599, whereas the 5G model will cost you $599 outright. It’s also available as a 256GB 5G model, which costs the same as the Galaxy A72 at $749 outright. It’s a bizarre pricing structure. Here is it again:

Samsung Galaxy A72, A52 and A32 pricing in Australia
Galaxy A32128GB6GB$499
Galaxy A32 5G128GB4GB$499
Galaxy A52128GB8GB$599
Galaxy A52 5G128GB6GB$649
Galaxy A52 5G256GB8GB$749
Galaxy A72256GB8GB$749

There’s no word yet on which retailers and telcos will supply the new Series A handsets, but we’ve reached out to Samsung for more information.

Technical specs: A72 vs A52 vs A32

We have a full comparison up below, but the most important part of this announcement is the differences across each model. Not just between the numbered Galaxy A handsets, but also some significant differences between 4G and 5G models.

The 4G Galaxy A32, for example, boasts a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with a 90hz refresh rate, whereas the 5G model only claims to have a HD+ 6.5-inch display and no specified refresh rate. The 4G model has a 64MP main camera, while the 5G model has a 48MP camera. The overall resolution of the 5G model is significantly decreased and it’s even got less RAM than the 4G model. These compromises probably helped Samsung keep the 4G and 5G A32 models at the same price. Still, it’s important to take note of the technical differences between each handset model before committing, because things are just as complicated at the more premium end.

Here’s a spec comparison of each of the new Galaxy A series handsets.

Galaxy A72 vs A52 vs A52 5G vs A32 vs A32 5G
SpecsGalaxy A32Galaxy A32 5GGalaxy A52Galaxy A52 5GGalaxy A72
Display6.4-inch Super AMOLED6.5-inch HD+6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED6.5-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED6.7-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED
Resolution (pixels)1080×2400720×16001080 x 24001080 x 24001080 x 2400
Refresh rate90hzNo specified90Hz120Hz90Hz
Main camera64MP PDAF (F1.8)48MP PDAF (F1.8 0.8µm)64MP OIS AF (F1.8 0.8µm)64MP OIS AF (F1.8 0.8µm) 64MP OIS AF (F1.8 0.8µm)
Front camera20MP (F2.2)13MP (F2.2)32MP FF (F2.2 0.8µm)32MP FF (F2.2 0.8µm)32MP FF (F2.2 0.8µm)
Ultra-wide lens8MP (F2.2) 123-degree FOV8MP (F2.2) 123-degree FOV12MP FF (F2.2 1.12µm) 12MP FF (F2.2 1.12µm) 12MP FF (F2.2 1.12µm)
Macro lens5MP (F2.4)5MP (F2.4)5MP FF (F2.4 1.12µm)5MP FF (F2.4 1.12µm)5MP FF (F2.4 1.12µm)
Depth sensor5MP (F2.4)2MP (F2.4)5MP FF (F2.4 1.12µm)5MP FF (F2.4 1.12µm) 5MP FF (F2.4 1.12µm)
ZoomNot specifiedNot specified10x Digital Zoom10x Digital Zoom30x Digital Zoom 3X Optical Zoom
Water resistanceNoNoIP67IP67IP67
CableUSB-C 2.0USB-C 2.0USB-C 2.0USB-C 2.0USB-C 2.0
MicroSD slotYesYesYesYesYes
SecurityIn-display Fingerprint ScannerFingerprint scannerFace recognition Fingerprint sensorFace recognition Fingerprint sensorFace recognition Fingerprint sensor