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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra plans in Australia

Ultra-powerful, ultra-expensive.

Georgia Dixon
Jan 27, 2021
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After months of speculation and plenty of leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup has finally been revealed. Comprising the base model S21, the larger S21 Plus and the top-of-the-range S21 Ultra, all three 5G-enabled devices house a speedy Exynos 2100 processor and a silky smooth 120Hz screen refresh rate.

For those who want the ultimate Samsung Galaxy experience, the S21 Ultra is as good as it gets. Where the S21 Plus is simply a larger version of the S21, the S21 Ultra is in its own class, sporting more storage options, bigger RAM, a slightly bigger screen and, most importantly, Samsung's best camera setup yet.

Before we get into the deets, here's a quick summary of the key specs differences between the three S21 models.

Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21 Plus
Galaxy S21 Ultra

Display size









128 or 256GB

128 or 256GB

125, 256 or 512GB

Rear camera setup

12MP ultra wide, 12MP main, 64MP telephoto

12MP ultra wide, 12MP main, 64MP telephoto

12MP ultra wide, 108MP main, 10MP 10X optical, 10MP 30X optical

Selfie camera




Battery capacity

4,000 mAh

4,800 mAh

5,000 mAh





Colour availability

Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Grey, Phantom White

Phantom Silver, Phantom Black, Phantom Violet

Phantom Black, Phantom Silver

If the S21 Ultra's premium price tag seems a bit steep, we've also rounded up the best plans for the Galaxy S21, and plans for the Galaxy S21 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra plans

At the time of writing, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is currently available for preorder in Australia through Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Woolworths Mobile. Preorders will also come with a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds Pro wireless headphones. Check out what Galaxy S21 Ultra plans are on offer below.

128GB model

256GB model

512GB model

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra plans on Telstra

Telstra is certainly not the cheapest carrier in Australia, but their Samsung S21 Ultra plans do come with some perks that make the expense far more palatable.

Firstly, Telstra has the most extensive coverage in the country, covering up to 99.2% of the population with 4GX connectivity and the fastest 5G rollout of the big three - however, 5G access is only included for customers with a $65 Medium plan or above.

In our review of Telstra's mobile plans, they scored big on included features, such as data-free Apple Music streaming (subscription not included) and data-free streaming of AFL, AFLW, NRL, Netball and the Hyundai A-League. There's also the Telstra Plus rewards program, which allows you to trade points earned by simply being a customer for goodies like speakers, gaming accessories, smartwatches and more.

On the downside, customer reviews for Telstra's support aren't exactly the best in the biz (just 1.4 stars on Product Review), despite having basically every customer service channel known to man.

128GB model

256GB model

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra plans on Optus

Optus has made some great strides in recent years to make their network more attractive than ever. All their Samsung S21 Ultra plans come with generous full-speed data inclusions and (finally) no excess data charges in Australia, plus the usual unlimited talk and text. With coverage for up to 98.5% of the population, it's just behind the big T, but with the added bonus that 5G access is included in all plans - not just those above a certain price point.

For sports lovers, if you opt for a Medium or higher Optus Choice Plan, you'll also get an Optus Sport + Fitness subscription included at no extra cost. As we discovered in our standalone review, Optus Sport is fantastic if you're a big soccer fan, but kind of useless if you're after any other sports. Optus Fitness, on the other hand, is a relatively new addition that allows you to stream 120 dance, yoga and pilates videos.

Unfortunately, like Telstra, Optus hasn't got the most stellar customer reviews with a dismal average of 1.4 stars on Product Review. However, they do have a bunch of contact options for when you do have an issue.

128GB model

256GB model

512GB model

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra plans on Vodafone

It may not have the same perks and coverage as Telstra and Optus, but Vodafone's Samsung S21 Ultra plans certainly shouldn't be ruled out. Vodafone still covers a massive 96% of the population, and its 5G rollout is well underway, with access included for all plans - even prepaid.

Their plans typically represent great value and are packed with juicy perks, like discounts for bundling multiple plans, bonus data, a tiered-speed infinite data system ranging from 2Mbps to 25Mbps. All plans also currently include free three-month memberships for Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited.

As with the other big telcos, Vodafone's customer reviews aren't amazing at an average of just 1.6 stars on Product Reviews - marginally better than Telstra and Optus' scores.

128GB model

256GB model

512GB model

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra plans on Woolworths Mobile

It's the only MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) offering Galaxy S21 Ultra plans, and the fresh food people's handset deals are pretty damn fresh. Woolworths Mobile runs on the Telstra wholesale network, which covers 98.8% of the Australian population (even more than Optus and Vodafone), but sadly doesn't offer 5G just yet.

Woolies' plans tend to offer great bang for buck, with plans from $25 for 18GB (plus handset fees). While they're not quite as feature-packed as those on offer by the big three, they all include unlimited talk and text and, perhaps most enticingly, 10 per cent off one shop per month at Woolies, which could feasibly cover the cost of your plan.

128GB model

256GB model

512GB model

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra design and display

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one big, beautiful beast. It sports a massive 6.8-inch AMOLED Quad HD+ display (slightly smaller than the mammoth S20 Ultra) with an adaptive 120Hz screen refresh rate and the same 1440x3200 resolution as its predecessor. One major change from the S20 Ultra, however, is the addition of S Pen support. The S21 Ultra won't come with an S Pen, but one can be purchased separately, along with a specialised case. The Ultra is also 25 per cent brighter than the S20, with a 50 per cent improved contrast ratio.

Like its lower-spec siblings, the S21 Ultra features Samsung's new Eye Comfort Shield, which limits blue light exposure by automatically adjusting throughout the day and depending on the content you're watching.

The S21 Ultra comes in two colours: Phantom Silver and Phantom Black, however, three more colours (Phantom Titanium, Phantom Navy and Phantom Brown) are also available exclusively through the Samsung website.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in Phantom Black.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra camera

Like last year's S20 Ultra, the biggest selling point of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is undoubtedly its pro-spec camera setup. It's likely to be the first thing you notice about the device, given the massive and decidedly unsubtle rear camera bump, which houses a massive 108MP main lens, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP 10x optical and 10MP 30x optical lenses, along with laser autofocus.

It's the first time a Galaxy phone will have the ability to shoot 4K video at 60fps across all lenses - including the selfie camera. For the pro photographer, there's also a 12-bit RAW file option for more detailed editing, 100x Space Zoom, improved Bright Night sensor and Night Mode software.

As with last year's lineup, the S21 selfie camera is getting the same upgrade from its little siblings, boasting a huge 40MP front-facing hole-punch lens.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery life

The battery capacity of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the same as that of its predecessor: 5,000mAh. This means battery life should be quite similar to last year's model, however, the introduction of a next-gen 5G chipset and adaptive 120Hz refresh rate may increase longevity, given a common complaint of the S20 Ultra was that 5G and static 120Hz were massive drains on juice.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra outright price

Don't want to be locked into a telco? Check out the outright price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra below. In a pleasant surprise, Samsung has actually dropped the price of the Ultra from last year's S20, shaving $50 off the starting price. Plus, if you preorder your device, you'll also get a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds Pro thrown in.

Galaxy S21
Galaxy S21 Plus
Galaxy S21 Ultra

When you receive your shiny new device, all you need to do is insert your existing SIM card or check out one of the popular SIM-only plans below.

Georgia Dixon
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Georgia Dixon
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