Best mobile plans with student discounts

Save your cash for the uni bar with these student-friendly discounted phone plans.
  • Optus

    Best overall

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    Best inclusions
    Home internet discount
  • Telstra

    Best coverage

    4 out of 5 overall
    Best coverage
    Still expensive with discount
  • Vodafone

    Best value

    4 out of 5 overall
    Cheapest of the big three
    No specific student discounts

Your uni days are some of the best you’ll ever have – but they don’t exactly come cheap. From enrolment fees and textbooks to the many well-deserved post-assessment pints at the uni bar, savings can start to dwindle pretty quickly. Thankfully, the big telcos get it, and they’re offering some pretty good discounts to cash-strapped students.

Telstra student discount mobile plans

10% student discount on selected Telstra mobile plans

Telstra isn’t exactly known for being the most affordable telco in the country, so even a small discount can make a difference. If you register your student email address with Telstra, they’ll give you 10% off their Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large plan. The only catch? The discount only applies for the first 12 months.

The good

  • Telstra is the fastest network in Australia, with the best coverage.
  • Only option offering 5G access for eligible devices (Note: Small Plan does not include 5G access).

The bad

  • Even with the discount, Telstra is still one of the more expensive options.
  • Discount only lasts for the first year of your plan and doesn’t apply to device repayments.

The following Telstra mobile plans are eligible for the 10% student discount. Simply click “Go” next to your plan of choice and ensure you register with your student email address before purchasing, and the 10% discount will be applied.

Optus student discount mobile planskout.

10% student discount on selected Optus mobile plans

Like Telstra, Optus offers a 10% discount to students – however, their discount doesn’t just apply to selected mobile plans – you can also save on selected home internet plans. All you have to do is enter your student email at their Student Hub, then apply the promo code they email you at checkout. Too easy. However, like Telstra, the discount expires after 12 months, and can only be used for month-to-month personal plans, the cheapest being the $49 Medium Optus Choice plan at $44.10. Home internet plans, on the other hand, carry the 10% discount for the full duration of any 24-month 4G Home Internet plan.

The good

  • Optus has great coverage and all eligible mobile plans include 5G access.
  • Discount applies for full 24 month period on eligible home internet plans.
  • Plans include data sharing, unlimited talk and text to 35 selected countries and an included Optus Sport subscription.

The bad

  • Like Telstra, the mobile plan discount expires after 12 months and doesn’t apply to handset payments.

All the eligible Optus mobile plans with student discounts are right below. To score your discount, all you have to do is click “Go” next to the plan of your choice and enter the promo code you received from Optus upon checkout.

Looking for a home internet plan with a student discount? Here are the two Optus 4G Home Internet plans currently on offer for 10% over the 24-month period of the plan. Simply enter the promo code you got from Optus following the instructions above.

Vodafone student discount mobile plans

No flat student discount for Vodafone mobile plans

  • No specific plans or discounts for students.

Still keen to go with Vodafone? Check out their most popular mobile plans below.

The bad

  • Infinite data (speed-capped after data allowance has been exhausted).
  • 5G access included, though slow to roll out.

The good

Vodafone used to have a small but great value selection of student discount mobile plans, however, ever since their big move to infinite data on all postpaid plans, it seems they’ve dropped the student focus in favour of making their plans cheaper for everyone.

Sadly, this means no special treatment for uni folks, who’ll have to go with Optus or Telstra if they want that sweet exclusive discount. That said, Vodafone’s plans are generally cheaper than both the big guys even without a discount, so it’s worth taking a look at their offerings anyway.

Best alternative student mobile plans

Outside of the big three, you’ll get some pretty stellar deals without even needing to verify your student status. Spintel, Circles.Life, Aldi and more all offer 10GB or more for less for under $30 a month. All you’ve got to do is bring your own device and you’re set to stream, video chat and game to your heart’s content. Check out the most popular mobile plans with at least 10GB and under $40 below.