The best and cheapest iPhone SE 2020 plans in Australia

Optus and Vodafone are offering the cheapest iPhone SE deals.

Cheapest iPhone SE plan
Best overall SE plan
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Optus $59 Choice
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Brodie Fogg
Editorial Lead
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Published on April 30, 2020
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In April 2020, Apple announced and released a new budget alternative to the pricey iPhone 11 range, a new iPhone SE. The 2020 iteration on the popular 2016 handset isn’t just a more affordable option for Apple users looking to save a bit of cash;  it’s both a throwback and an evolution. The 2020 iPhone SE  brings back the Touch ID fingerprint sensor (a feature many missed in the X series), adds the iPhone 11’s A13 chip for a budget performance boost,  and tones down the shooter with a single-lens 12MP camera.

In Australia, the 2020 iPhone SE costs between $749 and $999, depending on how much storage you need. But you can also pick it up for a steal on a plan. Here are the best and cheapest iPhone SE 2020 plans in Australia.

Cheapest iPhone SE 2020 plans

If you’re interested in the cheaper iPhone, we’re guessing you’re after a cheaper phone plan too. So let’s kick things off with the very cheapest iPhone SE 64GB plans.

This title is held by Optus and Vodafone. You’ll be seeing double as both plans come with the exact same monthly price, with the same call and data inclusions.

Vodafone is technically cheaper, with a lower total minimum cost ($752.80) than Optus ($787.80). Despite the same monthly cost, Vodafone’s handset repayments are $1 cheaper than Optus, but Optus plan cost is $1 cheaper than Vodafone’s. This will only matter if you decide to cancel and pay out the remaining handset repayments.

Here are those two plans (with Telstra’s cheapest thrown in for comparison).

Best iPhone SE plan overall

For data-per-dollar value, it’s another close tie between Voda and Optus, but Vodafone wins by a nose, thanks to its added 1000 minutes of international calls to Zone 1 countries and 100 minutes to Zone 2 countries and the ability to save even more with a bundled mobile or broadband service. Optus is a close second for those who like a little more coverage, and Telstra’s horse is still at the gate, chewing on a clump of grass (you pay more for half the monthly data).

Here’s Vodafone’s stud.

You can get practically the same over at Optus, but for our next best pick, we’ve focused on plans with a higher data allowance.

Next best iPhone SE plan

Optus is offering 100GB per month on its $59 Choice Plan, as well as unlimited international calls to 35 countries, 2GB of roaming data, and an included Optus Sport subscription for football fans.

For comparison, here’s a small selection of popular iPhone SE 64GB plans with 30GB of monthly data or more.

Cheapest iPhone SE 128GB plans

s you increase the storage capacity of your new iPhone SE, the monthly price scales with it.

That’s why our top picks from above carry on to our top picks for the 128GB and 256GB models. The plans remain the same, but the handset repayments increase. Once again, Vodafone has the cheaper total minimum cost ($842.72), but you will pay the same every month through both Optus and Vodafone.

Here are the five cheapest iPhone SE 128GB plans in Australia.

Cheapest iPhone SE 256GB plans

If you’re really going to give that single-lens 12MP camera a workout, you might want to upgrade to the 256GB version, lest you find yourself in debt with the iCloud gods. Interestingly, Telstra and Vodafone have chosen not to stock the 256GB version of the iPhone SE. There might not be as much demand for a high-storage budget handset.

If you are in the market for 256GB iPhone SE, Optus will be able to sort you out.

Here’s how much the 256GB iPhone SE will cost you through Optus.

Best iPhone SE plan through Telstra

The big blue barely got a run this time around, but if premium coverage is an absolute must for you, Telstra is selling the 64GB and 128GB iPhone SE models.

In the spirit of saving cash, we’ve picked two cheapest plans on Telstra. There are pricier plan options with more data, but if you’re thinking of spending upwards of $90 per month on a budget iPhone SE, you’re probably better off with a more premium handset or a Telstra Blue Tick phone.

Here’s how much the iPhone SE 64GB will cost you on a 24 or 36-month contract through Telstra.

And here’s how much Telstra will sting you for the 128GB model.

iPhone SE price Australia

As you can see in the plan details above, there’s a small difference between providers’ total minimum costs. That’s because you essentially pay the full price of the handset (and your first bill) if you cancel. The benefit of a plan is that you can pay it off over an extended period (24 or 36 months).

However, if you’re looking to purchase outright and hop on a SIM plan, you’ve got a few options in Australia. Here’s where you can buy the iPhone SE in Australia.

Here's how much the iPhone SE costs in Australia
iPhone SE 64GB
iPhone SE 128GB
iPhone SE 256GB

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