Spruce up your home office with these Satechi accessories

A little luxury goes a long way.

Joe Hanlon
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August 31, 2021
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If there’s one thing I miss when working from home, it’s a certain level of luxury that comes with a nice office space. I miss the coffee machine and the comfy couches in our breakout room. I miss the cleaners who kept the space far cleaner than my office at home.

Satechi computer accessories have come as a welcome addition to this otherwise drab office/spare room. The particular accessories I’ve received to review are a polished-looking combination of leather and brushed aluminium. Very cool kit indeed.

Satechi Mat Pad

For review I have the Eco-Leather Deskmate, a monitor stand designed for an iMac and an Aluminium Mouse Pad. Laid out together, this is an attractive trio.

Now, when I say I intend to review these Satechi accessories, I can only really comment on form rather than function. These products don’t really do anything that is measurable in the way that we test other products on Reviews.org. The Eco-Leather Deskmate, which is probably my favourite of these accessories, doesn’t offer any additional ergonomic support; there’s no raised, padded wrist protector for example. But it just looks so good on my desk.

This is also true for the Aluminium Mouse Pad. The ash-coloured brushed aluminium looks like it has come straight off an Apple production line, but again it doesn’t improve my use of a mouse. I’ve found it to be reliable and accurate, but not more so than the polyurethane mouse pad it replaced.

Another point worth mentioning is that, as I’ve been using it throughout the winter, the mouse pad is icy cold first thing in the morning. It reminds me of plonking down on a chilly toilet seat in the middle of the night. The first moments with this mouse pad each morning are better than a shot of espresso for waking you up to start your day.

The iMac stand is the accessory I’ve used with the most functionality. It has a USB-C port, three USB 3.0 ports and separate slots for SD and microSD cards. You know, all of the extremely useful ports that Apple now refuses to include on their machines. Again, the styling of the iMac Stand Hub is perfectly in line with that classic Apple aesthetic, with an aluminium finish in both Space Grey and Silver.

It’s definitely worth noting that all of the products mentioned above, and most of them across the Satechi range, are just as compatible with PCs and they are with Macs. A visit to the Satechi website may fool you into thinking otherwise, as it is plastered with Apple laptops, tablets and everything else. But most of these products rely on connectivity tech like USB-C, Qi Wireless Charging and Bluetooth. Apple lovers may lead you to believe that there’s something exclusive about using Apple products, but don’t believe the hype.

If you like what you see, the range of Satechi accessories are pretty easy to find, with selections of the range at stores like JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks, or online at Kogan, Catch or from the Satechi website, to name a few.

Joe Hanlon
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Joe Hanlon
Joe has been reviewing tech and gadgets for over a decade having worked at CNET, TechRadar and telco comparison site WhistleOut.

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