Four years on I still use Aldi’s cheap De’Longhi coffee machine

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Anula Wiwatowska
Jun 26, 2024
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Although I didn’t get the De’Longhi Dedica Pump coffee machine from Aldi, I have been brewing coffee with it for over four years. Down from $299 to $169 as part of Aldi’s July 3rd Special Buys, the Dedica coffee machine is an excellent starter machine in both price and ease of use.

Fitted out with 15 Bars of pump pressure, and a 1.1 litre tank in the slim 15cm wide body, the Dedica packs a lot into a little space. In my experience the machine is able to pull rich espresso shots with a thick crema on top, but you’ll need to play around with the grind level on your beans. Too fine and the basket can flood, which makes for a messy clean up.

The frothing wand has either a “Hot Milk” or “Cappuccino” setting which indicates how much air it is letting into the milk. I found that this simple wand is more powerful than the De’Longhi Magnifica S wand, allowing for faster steaming on any milk type. Like any steaming wand, it will take some getting used to - especially if you use plant-based milks - but it is a good starting point.

Using a simple one or two shot button, brewing is quick and straightforward, although admittedly cleaning the machine can be a bit tedious. I tend to make my coffee, then run another shot without the basket to clear out any extra beans that might have stuck to the machine. It isn’t a perfect system, but it works. 

The coffee machine comes with two basket sizes for the portafilter, and a combination coffee spoon and tamper. I’d recommend upgrading the tamper to something with a snugger fit, but it is enough to get you started.

The Dedica Pump coffee machine is marked as an Aldi exclusive, and will be available in stores across the country from Wednesday July 3rd.

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