Best monitor stands: The accessory every home office should have

Here's how you can work productively and in comfort from your desk at home.

Best stand overall
Fitueyes computer monitor
  • Check
    2-tiered design
  • Check
    Wooden tones
Best dual stand
  • Check
    Full-motion swivel
  • Check
Best triple stand
  • Check
    Sturdy steel design
  • Check
    Fully adjustable
Best stand up
  • Check
    Extra-tall mount
  • Check
    Cable management
Georgia Tan
Associate Editor
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March 21, 2020
4 min read

Unless you’re a digital hermit, you probably need to use a laptop and maybe a monitor (or two) to get your daily work done.

While most Aussies are now working from home, not all have got a great home office setup. To keep yourself from straining your neck and back staring at the screen all day, it’s important to get a decent monitor stand for elevation. Plus, it can also be a massive space-saver for your desk. Marie Kondo, check.

So, let us help you make your time at home productive and enjoyable. Here’s our roundup of the 15 best monitor stands you can get right now from the comfort of your couch.

 1. Best monitor stand overall


Price: $36.99

Dimensions: W 42.5 x D 23.5 x H 14cm

Load Capacity: 15kgs

Our top pick overall is FITUEYES’ Standard, 2-tier monitor in wood.

You’ll be able to use the 2-tier storage space to tuck away your phone, paper, stationery and other loose objects currently scattered on your desk.

This monitor stand should fit most monitors as well as laptops, printers, fax machines and even TVs as long as they don’t weigh more than 15kgs.

Pro Bullet 2-tiered design
Pro Bullet Wooden tones

 2. Bamboo monitor stand

Brand: Well Weng

Price: $54.51 + $29.16 delivery

Dimensions: W 14cm x D 25cm x H 14cm

Load Capacity: 36kgs

Well Weng
Pro Bullet Eco-friendly material
Pro Bullet Sturdy

 3. Metal mesh with drawer

Brand: Mind Reader

Price: $34.32 + $37.61 delivery

Dimensions: N/A

Load Capacity: N/A

Mind Reader
Pro Bullet Ventilated
Pro Bullet Simple and minimalist

4. Best dual monitor stand


Price: $93.99

Compatibility: 13 to 27-inch screens

Load capability: 2-6.5kgs per arm

For those who typically work from two monitors every day, a dual monitor stand desk mount could be what you need to declutter your space.

FITUEYES’ dual monitor stand features a full-motion, LCD swivel design and can be height- adjusted up and down, as well as left, right and even with 360 degrees rotation.

You can easily clamp this to your desk with the provided C-clamp, as long as your table is between 1-8.3cm thick.

Pro Bullet Full-motion swivel
Pro Bullet Height-adjustable

 5. Best triple monitor stand

Brand: VIVO

Price: $96.99

Compatibility: 13-24 inch screens

Load Capacity: 8kgs total

Pro Bullet Sturdy steel design
Pro Bullet Fully adjustable

 6. Another dual stand

Brand: NBAV

Price: $77

Compatibility: 17-27 inch screens 

Load Capacity: 6.5kgs each

Pro Bullet Full motion
Pro Bullet Cable management

7. Best heavy duty single monitor stand

Brand: Mountify

Price: $44.95

Compatibility 13-27 inch screen

Load Capacity: 8kgs

For those who simply one a decent monitor stand for your one, big ass monitor, this is the heavy-duty choice for you.

Mountify’s single monitor stand is 360 degrees rotatable and height-adjustable.

You can either mount it with the provided C-clamp or optional grommet mount. And if it doesn’t last you through this self-isolation period, Mountify’s got you sorted with three years warranty.

Pro Bullet Adjustable 360 rotation
Pro Bullet 3-year warranty

 8. Heavy duty dual arm

Brand: Mountify

Price: $59.95

Compatibility: 13-27 inch screens 

Load Capacity: 8kgs each

Pro Bullet Height-adjustable and rotatable
Pro Bullet Heavy duty C-clamp mount

9. Versatile dual arm monitor mount

Brand: Sunon

Price: $139.99

Compatibility: 10-32 inch screens 

Load Capacity: 9kgs each

Pro Bullet Fully adjustable
Pro Bullet 3-year warranty

 10. Best stand up monitor stand

Brand: VIVO

Price: $105.44 + 57.27 delivery

Compatibility: 13-27 inch screens

Load Capacity: 10kgs each

For those with limited space, having two monitor stands that can vertically stack on top of each could come in handy.

Particularly, if you prefer to stand while working throughout the day, this might be a good fit for your work environment

If the vertical configuration isn’t for you, you can still adjust them to a side by side arrangement too.

The stand comes with integrated cable management slots so your wires won’t be all over the place.

Pro Bullet Vertical or horizontal configuration
Pro Bullet Cable management

 11. Best vertical stackable 

Brand: Mount-It!

Price: $109.03 + $62.52 delivery

Compatibility: 24-32 inch screens  

Load Capacity: 8kgs each

Pro Bullet Fits large screens
Pro Bullet Fully adjustable

12. Best monitor riser


Price: $33.99

Compatibility: N/A

Load Capacity: 25kgs

Pro Bullet Tempered glass
Pro Bullet Sleek design

13. Best dual monitor riser stand


Price: $49.99

Compatibility: Laptop, monitor, Xbox One

Load Capacity: 25kgs

For those with two monitors at home, or a monitor and a laptop that you want to work from side by side, FITUEYES’ dual monitor riser could be a budget-friendly solution for your work space woes.

Made from 6mm tempered glass, the riser stands look sleek and will be able to hold your monitor, laptop, computer or even printer as long as it doesn’t weigh more than 25kg.

It also comes with height adjustable legs so you can set it at the level that’s more comfortable for you.

Pro Bullet Budget deal
Pro Bullet Height-adjustable legs

14. Best monitor extension arm

Brand: EZM

Price: $114.23 + $60.37 delivery

Compatibility:  17-23 inch screen

Load Capacity: 10kgs each arm

Pro Bullet Extra-long mount
Pro Bullet Full-motion

15. Best desk organiser combo

Brand: Mind Reader

Price: $40.36 + $19.13 delivery

Compatibility: PC laptop, iMac 

Dimensions: L 34cm x W 33cm x H 7cm

Mind Reader
Pro Bullet 10 different compartments
Pro Bullet Keyboard storage space
Georgia Tan
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Georgia Tan
Georgia Tan was an Associate Editor at Australia. She is constantly on the lookout for the best deals around, often seen with an almond cap in hand. Georgia has previously had her by-line published on Finder, AdNews and Honi Soit and was a past Editor of Hermes and ARNA.

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