Best Home Office Setup: Everything you need to work from home during coronavirus times

Here's how to survive WFH in comfort and style.
  • Samsung

    Best Desktop Monitor

    Wide viewing panel
    Slim design
  • Soundance

    Best Laptop Stand

    4 colourways
    Ergonomic design
  • Anker

    Best USB Hub

    4-port USB 3.0
    2 ft extended cable

    Best Monitor Stand

    Simple and slim

With people all over the world, including us Aussies, now resigned to either self-quarantine or working from home every day, the question we’re all facing is this: how do we set up a decent home office space fast and on a budget?

Whether you’re struggling to set up an effective home office space or just need to desperately upgrade your current setup, we’ve rounded up the best home office furniture, tools and accessories so you’ll never want to go back to the office.

Best Home Office Setup AU | Samsung 23-inch LED monitor
  • Wide viewing panel
  • Slim design

1. Best Monitor

Brand: Samsung

Price: $174.50 + free delivery

Size: 23 inches

For those looking to quickly nab a quality desktop monitor so you aren’t working from your laptop at home, or so you have a second monitor to aid your work productivity, this is our top pick for you.

For $174.50, you’ll get a decent Samsung 23-inch LED monitor with a wide viewing panel, slim design and optimised screen colours. 

Of course, you need your monitor delivered to you ASAP. Lucky for you, you could have this delivered for you within the next week and for free. 

Since it doesn’t look like we’ll be heading back into the office anytime soon, this should be a pretty good steal.

Best Home Office Setup AU { Soundance aluminium laptop stand
  • 4 colourways
  • Ergonomic design

 2. Best Laptop Stand

Brand: Soundance

Price: $45.99 + free delivery

Compatibility: 10 to 15 inch laptop (Mac or PC)

For those who’ve heard that standing desks have already sold out all over Australia, you would be smart to prepare yourselves for a shortage of laptop stands.

Our number one pick for laptop stands is this Soundance aluminum one, which is compatible for both Mac and PC users, as long as your laptop is between 10 to 15 inches. 

The stand comes in four cool colourways (which, of course, match the Macbook colourways): black, silver, gold and rose gold.

  • Lightweight
  • Height adjustable

 3. Best Portable Laptop Stand

Brand: Nexstand

Price: $32.46 + free delivery

Compatibility: All laptops over 11.6 inches

If you’re looking for a portable laptop stand, hands down Nexstand’s super lightweight, foldable and height-adjustable laptop stand with 7 settings is the clear winner.  With its cool design, you can even elevate your street work style while actually doing your neck, shoulders and back a favour.

Since it only clocks in at only 8 ounces (220g), you’ll be able to pack it up in a jiffy for when you’re burnt out at home and need some work time from your local cafe or even while lazing at the beach or your nearby park.

A bonus is that you can get this delivered to you within the next week. Comfy, outdoor laptop time is not far away at all.

 4. Another Portable Laptop Stand

Brand: Soundance

Price: $36.99 + free delivery

Compatibility: 10 to 14 inch laptops

  • Adjustable and portable
  • Ventilated

 5. Minimalist Laptop Stand

Brand: Rain Design

Price: $67.36 + free delivery

Compatibility: Macs, 14 to 15 inch PCs

  • Minimalist style
  • Cable organiser

6. Best USB Hub

Brand: Novoo

Price: $29.99 + free delivery

Comes with: HDMI port, 2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x Sd card slot + 1x MicroSd card slot

  • 4-port USB 3.0
  • 2 ft extended cable

 7. USB Hub with 2 ft cable

Brand: Anker

Price: $22.28 – $53.88 + free delivery

Comes with: 4 USB 3.0 ports

  • Extended cable
  • 4-port USB 3.0
Best Home Office Setup AU | FITUEYES 2 tier monitor stand
  • 2-tiers
  • Great space-saver

 8. Best Monitor Stand


Price: $35.99 + free delivery

Size: 2-tier, W 42.5 x D 23.5 x H 14cm

For those that have or have invested in a desktop monitor or two for your home office, it’s important to also get a decent monitor stand.

This dual-tier monitor stand will ensure you aren’t straining your neck and back by arching forward while you’re typing and looking at the screen.

Plus, it’s a great space-saver since you can actually store your laptop and other bits and bobs currently lying all over your desk in a contained slot. 

It should fit most laptops, monitors and desktop computers, with up to 15kgs of load capacity.

 9. Best Mouse Pad

Brand: Dooke

Price: $26 + $8.53 delivery

Size: 9.8in x 9.1in 5mm-thick

Best Home Office Setup AU | Dooke ergonomic mouse pad
  • With wrist support
  • Cool designs

 10. Best Desk Lamp

Brand: TaoTronics

Price: $49.99 + free delivery

Includes: 4 lighting modes

Best Home Office Setup AU | TaoTronics LED desk lamp
  • USB charging port
  • Touch control
Best Home Office Setup AU | JOTO cable management sleeve
  • Fits 4-6 cables
  • Great space-saver

 11. Best for Cable Management

Brand: JOTO

Price: $13.99 + free delivery

Capacity: 4-6 cables

Are you sick of the eyesore of cables popping out all over your work space? I mean, they’re a safety hazard too (I for one have been tripping over my wires in the living room). 

JOTO’s cable management sleeve can relieve you of that problem, so that all your wires can be fitted inside the sleeve so keep everything nice and tidy.

If you’ve got more than 4-6 cables you want to organise, you can just nab another one and puff your messy wires should be sorted.

Another bonus is that you could get this delivered to you by tomorrow if you choose faster delivery or within the week otherwise.

 12. Best Small Laptop Desk 


Price: $40.99 + free delivery

Dimensions: (55 x 35 x 29 cm)

Laptop on portable lap desk with wine and side compartment
  • Great for breakfast in wed
  • Comes with wine holder and drawer

 13. Best Laptop Table

Brand: TaoTronics

Price: $92.91 + $30.88 delivery

Dimensions: 60cm L x 33cm W

Best Home Office Setup AU | TaoTronics standing desk converter
  • For bed, sofa and lap
  • Height-adjustable and foldable
best Home Office Setup AU | Satechi portable tablet laptop stand
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • For smartphone, tablet and Macbook

 14. Best iPad Stand 

Brand: Satechi

Price: $49.99 + free delivery

Compatibility: 4 inch to 13 inch tablets, laptops and smartphones

If you’ve got a large smartphone, tablet or small laptop tablet that you’re working from throughout a lot of the day, it would be worth considering a tablet stand. 

It comes in an easel style design so that you can interact with your laptop in either landscape or portrait mode easily. 

Plus, it’s pretty lightweight and foldable, so no sweat about popping this into your bag when you hit the cafe. 

Coming in four colours that will match your iPad or Mac if you have one, choose from: silver, matte black, space grey gold and rose gold. 

 15. Best Lumbar Support 

Brand: Everlasting

Price: $46.37 + $23.76 delivery

Dimensions: 16.5-20 in L x 32 in 

Best Home Office Setup AU | Everlasting Memory foam back cushion
  • Made of 100% memory foam
  • Dual adjustable straps

 16. Best Seat Cushion

Brand: Save&Soft

Price: $39.90 + free delivery

Dimensions: 36cm x 43cm x 6cm

Best Home Office Setup AU | Save&Soft memory foam seat cushion
  • Lower back, tailbone, sciatica pain relief
  • Washable cushion cover