Best Fitbit Ionic Bands for Every Style

Never feel out of style again.
  • Maledan

    Best Simple

    Wide range of colourways
    Minimalist design

    Best Leather

    Genuine leather
    Black, and brown options
  • Shangpule

    Best Classy

    On-trend design
    Gold, silver and slate options

    Best Budget

    Cute colours for guys and gals

If you’ve got a Fitbit Ionic, you probably love the look and feel of the model plus the practical functionality of a Fitbit watch. While the Ionic may not look as flash as the Apple Watch, you can certainly dress up your look with a stylish Fitbit watch band.

We’ve rounded up the best Fitbit Ionic bands you can get on Amazon. For those that are also considering getting a Fitbit Versa or Versa 2, you might also want to check out our top picks for Fitbit Versa watch bands

Let’s get down to it. 

Best Fitbit Ionic Bands AU | Maledan Fitbit Ionic bands
  • Wide range of colourways
  • Minimalist design

1. Best simple

  • Brand: Maledan
  • Price: $14.99 + free delivery (on orders over $39)
  • Material: Elastomer

For those looking for a basic watch band, Maledan offers a wide range of colourways to suit your style. 

Following the classic design of the Fitbit, these watch straps are water-resistant and durable.

They also come with the signature aluminium buckle for a more secure fit. 

You won’t have to fork out extra for delivery either.

If you bundle your Amazon purchases together and order over $39 in total when checking out, that’s your free delivery all set.

2. Good things come in twos

Brand: Tobfit

Price: $13.42 + $7.38 delivery

Material: Elastomer

Best Fitbit Ionic Bands AU | Tobfit Fitbit Ionic watch band
  • Bundle deal
  • Attractive colourways

3. Rugged protection


Price: $30.21 + $7.38 delivery

Material: TPU + polycarbonate

Best Fitbit Ionic Bands AU | SUPCASE Fitbit Ionic watch band
  • Shock and scratch resistant
  • Suitable for all wrist sizes
  • On-trend design
  • Three colourways

4. Best for class

  • Brand: Shangpule 
  • Price: $30.21-$52.56 + $8.50 delivery
  • Material: Stainless steel 

If you want to get your fleck on, the metal linked look is seriously trending at the moment. 

Suitable and stylish for both day and night wear?

Maybe this strap will convince you once and for all that an expensive mechanical watch is really not necessary nowadays. 

You can choose from three available colourways: gold, silver and slate.

While it only comes in one size, you should be able to adjust the metal links to fit most wrist sizes.

5. Holes goals

Brand: Fitbit 

Price: $46.07 – $88.98 + free delivery

Material: Elastomer or leather 

Best Fitbit Ionic Bands AU | Fitbit dark brown leather band
  • Made by Fitbit brand
  • Sophisticated and muted

6. Case closed


Price: $20.14 + $7.38

Material: Silicone

Best Fitbit Ionic Bands AU | SKYLET Fitbit Ionic Band
  • Simple and bold options
  • Comes with extra protection
Best Fitbit Ionic Bands AU | SKYLET Fitbit Ionic watch
  • Genuine leather
  • Multiple colourways

 7. Best leather

  • Brand: SKYLET
  • Price: $25.38 + $7.20 delivery
  • Material: Leather

You can’t go wrong with a quality, genuine  leather band.

SKYLET offers black and brown colourways with the metal buckle in black, silver and rose gold.

The style of these leather straps look slightly retro, but that’s all the rage these days.

My personal favourite is the brown version which has a gorgeous brown-mahogany skin.

The strap should fit most wrist sizes as you can easily adjust them by trying out the multiple holes.

8. Leather to the next level

Brand: Hotodeal

Price: $67.16 + $7.16 delivery

Material: Leather

  • Genuine leather
  • Unique colours like baby blue

9. Budget-friendly 8-pack

Brand: NAHAI 

Price: $30.21 + $8.93

Material: Silicone

Bedt Fitbit Ionic Bands AU | NAHAI Fitbit Ionic watch band
  • Affordable bundle
  • Colourways for men and women
Best Fitbit Ionic Bands AU | JZK Fitbit screen protector case
  • Bundle packs available
  • Many colour options

 10. Best screen protector & screen case

  • Brand: JZK/Snorain 
  • Price: $13.42 + $7.16 delivery
  • Material: TPU/tempered glass 

Once you’ve got yourself a snazzy new watch strap, you’ll want to make sure you keep your Fitbit nice and safe. 

It’s worth considering nabbing a watch screen protector case for your Fitbit Ionic (if you didn’t pick that watch that already came with one). 

As a bonus, for those that don’t want to leave so much as a tiny scratch on your precious watch, you could get your case together with a glass screen protector. 

Now that you know, here are your next steps.

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