WhistleOut names 2023’s best mobile and internet providers

WhistleOut Awards 2023
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Fergus Halliday
Aug 01, 2023
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Published on July 31, 2023

WhistleOut has put a spotlight on the best mobile plans, internet plans and device manufacturers with the annual WhistleOut Awards.

WhistleOut's manging editor Alex Choros emphasised the importance of the awards this year, with countless providers raising prices and many consumers in need of more affordable options.

"It’s no secret that the cost of living has increased over the last 12 months, so value for money is what most people are looking for."

"We especially want to commend the telcos who’ve consistently offered competitive plans in tough economic times, and the phone manufacturers who’ve offered great value devices that won’t break the bank," he said.

TPG came out on top among the best mobile providers of 2023 while Tangerine took out the crown for internet providers. Google came away with a nod for "Phone of the Year" and was also named as the best phone manufacturer, winning out over Motorola, Apple and Samsung.

You can find the full list of winners below.

Best Phone Plans

  • Mobile Provider of the Year: TPG
  • Best SIM-Only Provider, Value Plans: Moose Mobile
    • Runner Up: Dodo
  • Best SIM-Only Provider, Large Plans: iiNet
    • Runner Up: Circles.Life
  • Best Prepaid Provider, Value Plans: Catch Connect
    • Runner Up: TPG
  • Best Prepaid Provider, Large Plans: TPG
    • Runner Up: Lebara
  • Best Provider, iPhone Plans: Vodafone
    • Runner Up: Optus
  • Best Provider, Samsung Plans: Vodafone
    • Runner Up: Optus
  • Best Provider, International Calls: amaysim
    • Runner Up: Lebara
  • Best Provider, Plans for Kids: Catch Connect
    • Runner Up: TPG
  • Best Phone Plan Promotion: Tangerine

Best Internet Plans

  • Internet Provider of the Year: Tangerine
  • Best Unlimited NBN Provider: Tangerine
    • Runner Up: SpinTel
  • Best Premium NBN Provider: Dodo
    • Runner Up: Exetel
  • Best Fixed Wireless NBN Provider: Tangerine
    • Runner Up: Dodo
  • Best Satellite NBN Provider: SkyMesh
    • Runner Up: Activ8me
  • Best Mobile Broadband Provider, Everyday Use: Telstra
    • Runner Up: Optus
  • Best Mobile Broadband Provider, High Use: Belong
    • Runner Up: Telstra
  • Best Home Wireless Broadband Provider: TPG
    • Runner Up: Vodafone
  • Best Internet Promotion: Dodo

Best Devices

  • Best Phone Camera: iPhone 14 Pro
    • Highly Commended: Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Best Phone Design: OPPO Find N2 Flip
    • Highly Commended: Nokia G22
  • Best Value Phone: Motorola Moto G53
    • Highly Commended: Samsung Galaxy A34 5G
  • Best High Performance Phone: iPhone 14 Pro Max
    • Highly Commended: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Phone Manufacturer of the Year: Google
    • Highly Commended: Motorola
  • Phone of the Year: Google Pixel 7a

Sustainability Awards

  • Sustainable Mobile Provider of the Year: felix mobile
  • Sustainable Internet Provider of the Year: Telstra
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