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Belong vs Telstra: NBN plans compared

There’s a clear winner when it comes to price but the Belong vs Telstra NBN showdown has other factors to consider.

Nathan Lawrence
Jul 07, 2023
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It’s not uncommon for big-name telcos to have a smaller provider in their back pocket. Vodafone is a household name that’s owned by TPG Telecom, which also owns iiNet, Internode, Felix Mobile and TPG. For Optus, it’s Amaysim. And for Telstra, it’s Belong, across Belong and Belong. When it comes to the NBN side of things, let’s take a closer look at how Telstra compares to Belong.

But before we get into that, here’s a daily updating list of popular NBN plans from our comparison engine.

Belong vs Telstra NBN plans: Available plans

All Belong and Telstra NBN plans offer unlimited data. While NBN 12 is the cheapest speed tier available to Australians, neither Belong nor Telstra offer any NBN 12 plans. Instead, the cheapest NBN plan you’ll find from Belong and Telstra is NBN 25.

For comparison, below is a look at popular NBN 25 plans from our database.

Moving up the speed ranks, both NBN providers also offer NBN 50 plans.

And here’s the most popular NBN 50 plans that we track.

Next up are a pair of NBN 100 plans from Belong and Telstra, respectively.

Compare those two above with the most popular NBN 100 plans in our database below.

At this point is where Belong taps out. Telstra, though, offers NBN 250 plans to homes with Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) or Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC). Here’s a look at Telstra’s NBN 250 plan.

For comparison, here’s a daily updating snapshot of the most popular NBN 250 plans in our database.

Belong vs Telstra NBN plans: Typical evening speeds

Before we get into analysis, let’s look at how Belong’s NBN speeds compare to Telstra NBN speeds.

NBN speed tier
Belong download speed
Telstra download speed
Belong upload speed
Telstra upload speed
NBN 2525Mbps25Mbps4Mbps4Mbps
NBN 5048Mbps50Mbps17Mbps17Mbps
NBN 10095Mbps100Mbps17Mbps17Mbps
NBN 250N/A250MbpsN/A22Mbps

It’s a wash for NBN 25, with Belong and Telstra both offering 25Mbps download and 4Mbps upload typical evening speeds. There’s only a slight difference with NBN 50, with both offering 17Mbps upload speeds but Telstra offering slightly faster download speeds (50Mbps vs Belong’s 48Mbps).

For NBN 100, the download speed gap is more pronounced: Belong’s 95Mbps is good but 5Mbps behind Telstra’s NBN 100Mbps. Both offer identical 17Mbps typical evening upload speeds. Then it’s a Telstra-only affair. Telstra NBN 250 offers fast 250Mbps download speeds and solid 22Mbps upload speeds.

Overall, if you want faster download speeds, go with Telstra for any plans from NBN 50 onwards. That said, Belong isn’t that far behind Telstra for its NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans, with better overall speed-to-price value for all of its NBN plans in comparison to Telstra.

Info Box
Telstra and Belong NBN speed test
If you’re a Telstra or Belong NBN customer and are curious whether your speeds are up to snuff, use the internet speed test tool below. Note that this speed test works with any internet connection. Wait 10 seconds after using the orange ‘Start Speed Test’ button for download speeds. Then, optionally, interact with the ‘Show More Info’ option to see latency and upload speeds. Use the table above as a guide for the expected download and upload speeds. According to the most recent ACCC data at the time of writing, expect latency of around 12 milliseconds.

Belong vs Telstra NBN plans: Contracts, bundles and modems

Belong and Telstra NBN plans are contract-free meaning you’re free to switch providers as you please. The disclaimer there relates to modems. For Belong, you need to bring your own compatible modem. Telstra NBN plans come with a Telstra Smart Modem 3, which pays itself off each month as long as you stay for 24 months. If you leave ahead of 24 months, you’ll have to either return the Telstra Smart Modem 3 or pay a hardware fee.

Note that Belong NBN plans don’t come with a home phone service. Telstra NBN plans include a home phone service that comes with unlimited standard calls to local, national and Australian mobile numbers.

Belong vs Telstra NBN plans: Customer support

While we don’t get into the qualitative appraisal of NBN providers—after all, individual support experiences can vary greatly between people—we can look at the quantitative side of things. Basically, the more a provider invests in support pathways, the more options their customers have and (technically) the easier it is to get help when you need it.

Telstra sets the standard for support pathways, covering all of the bases from self-paced assistance and online chat through to phone support as well as bricks-and-mortar stores. Belong, meanwhile, has phone and social media support but no live chat, stores or customer forum.

Belong vs Telstra NBN plans: Which is better?

For price and dollars-to-data value, Belong NBN wins out over Telstra NBN. If you want speed, extras and more support pathways, Telstra is well worth considering.

Belong vs Telstra frequently asked questions

Belong NBN is cheaper than Telstra NBN for comparable plans. That said, Telstra offers more NBN plans, some of which have faster speeds than Belong.

Belong NBN 25 plans are the same speed as Telstra NBN but every other Telstra plan has faster typical evening download speeds: NBN 50 (48Mbps vs 50Mbps), NBN 100 (95Mbps vs 100Mbps), and only Telstra has NBN 250 (250Mbps) plans.

No, Belong internet isn’t the same as Telstra internet. While Belong mobile plans operate on the Telstra network, Belong and Telstra NBN plans work on the NBN for home internet.
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