26 sweet Valentine’s Day gifts (that aren’t chocolates or roses)

A-B-C-D-E-F-G - give them something other than cliché choccy.

Kate Reynolds
Jan 18, 2023
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From Astronaut Food to a Wireless Charging Pad and everything in-between, we challenged ourselves to find a cool Valentine's Day gift idea for every single letter of the alphabet this year. And while we know that true love deserves more than an over-hyped day of manufactured romance, it's still nice to surprise loved ones with a little somethin' somethin' on February 14th.

So this year ditch the clichés, don't even THINK about buying red roses and get ready to be schooled in the ABC of gift-giving this Valentine's Day.

Love heart candy. Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

A is for Astronaut Food

Astronaut Food
freeze-dried ice cream

This gift is out of this world - and tasty, too

Give the expression 'I love you to the moon and back' a whole new meaning with this 'astronaut' freeze-dried ice cream. Just like the universe, we think this is *infinitely* better than regular Valentine's Day chocolate, especially if the recipient loves all things space.

Our research shows that most Australians prefer a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day over any sort of material good so why not make this year's extra interesting?

B is for Bike Phone Holder

Bike Phone Holder
Bike phone grip

An easy way for cyclists to stay mobile

Is your loved one a keen cyclist? This bike phone holder is a practical and thoughtful gift that's easy to assemble and lets your recipient stay mobile when out on a ride; whether they're navigating or filming the great open road.

C is for Cloud Weather Station

Cloud weather station
cloud weather station

For anyone who has the Bureau of Meteorology as their most visisted website 

Check out the weather the old-fashioned way with a cloud weather station. And with a gorgeous modern design and wooden base, it makes a a really nice, modern-looking home decor piece as well as a practical tool for predicting what the weather will be like.

D is for Disney Plus (subscription)

Disney Plus logo

Get ready to sing  'A Whole New World' together

What could be more romantic than gifting someone all the feel-good fuzzies that Disney movies offer? A Disney Plus subscription gives your recipient access to not only all those great classic Disney flicks, but also the Marvel universe, National Geographic documentaries and a whole bunch of 20th Century Fox content, like The Simpsons.

E is for Emergency Tech Kit

Emergency tech kit
Emergency tech cable kit

Say goodbye to flat phone batteries on-the-go

Now here's a great gift that's also very useful in today's tech-heavy world. There's very few people who wouldn't find use for this tech emergency kit - with a phone charger for both micro USB and lightning ports. Keep your phone connected, charged and clean, baby!

F is for Fridge (for makeup)

Makeup fridge

Keep those hy-you-la-ronic acids nice and cool

Does your other half have a skincare routine with more steps than a Jane Fonda aerobics video? Then this is the perfect present to store their many lotions, potions and serums. Plus, there's just something cute about tiny versions of large objects and this mini fridge is no exception.

G is for Galaxy Star Projector

Galaxy star projector
galaxy projector

Bring the night sky inside with this galactic projector

While this is technically designed for children who might have trouble sleeping, we reckon there might be a few adults who wouldn't mind stars bouncing around the room while relaxing nature sounds play. The galaxy star projector is supposed to aid sleep, which honestly sounds perfect for all ages. Choose from ocean, summer nights, birds or falling rain. Ahhhh, how relaxing... and potentially romantic.

H is for Healthy Choice Digital Air Fryer

Healthy choice air fryer

Chips for days

Air fryers seem to be the new Thermomix - with good reason. This 7.1L digital air fryer has 7 pre-set cooking programs, easy-to-use touch controls and is perfect for anyone who loves cooking. By all accounts it seems to be mostly used for slightly healthier versions of our favourited deep fried foods, and if hot chips smothered in tomato sauce isn't romantic I don't know what is.

Pssst - R is for romance scams

It's easy to get swept up in the romance of February, but Aussies lost a whopping $46.8 million in 2021 to online romance scams.

I is for iPhone 14

iPhone 13

Say 'iLove you' with an iPhone 14

If you're thinking about gifting your loved one a phone upgrade this Valentine's Day and want the shiniest and most impressive, you can't really go past the iPhone 14.

With Cinematic Mode, bigger battery and a range of colours, iPhone 14 puts the 'i' in Valentine's Day. And if you need a plan to go with it, check out the below:

J is for JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker

JBL speaker

Pair it with a romantic Spotify playlist for bonus points

This JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker makes a really versatile gift. Do they love music? Give 'em this speaker. Do they like camping? Enjoy your favourite tunes while getting in tune with nature. Do they love portability? Okay... you get the point. But with a 10 hour battery life and less than $100, it's a nifty little gift.

K is for Kitty Toys

Kitty phone clip
YOFUN Smart Interactive Cat Toy


Does your Valentine have a special furry feline in their life? Then you can't go past this absolutely adorable cat toy. It's available in two colours: white and red, and is a great way to get shy kitties on their feet.

L is for Logitech Gaming Headset

Logitech G733 Wireless Gaming Headset
Logitech gaming headphones

Logitech is a logical gift for any gamer...

At $299, this is no small investment, but if you're looking to treat a loved one who loves gaming, then the Logitech G733 gaming headset could be just the ticket. They claim to have 29 hours of battery life and 20 metres of wireless freedom. Game on.

M is for Mini LCD Projector

Mini projector

Bring movie nights into the house

Picture this: it's Valentine's Day, candles are flickering in the bedroom, there's fresh new sheets on the bed, a bottle of bubbles is whipped out of the fridge and your favourite rom-com is playing on your bedroom wall. This could be your Valentine's reality with this EKO mini LCD projector. Set up a movie theatre in any room of the house. Ah, how romantic.

N is for Nanoleaf Shapes

Nanoleaf shapes
Nanoleaf lights

Light up their world

If you're looking for an unusual gift that's going to brighten up their day, then check out these fun Nanoleaf Shapes

They're smart panel lights that are easy to set up and add a Year 6 Disco vibe to any room - in the best possible way. Hey Siri, play 'Bye Bye Bye' by *NSYNC, thanks.

O is for Oral B Pro 100

Oral B toothbrush

Nothing says love like... plaque removal?

Okay, we'll admit it. This one is a little less romantic and a little more practical but who says Valentine's Day can't be both? Give your lover the gift of good oral health with an Oral B Pro 100 toothbrush to help keep those pearly whites shining.

P is for Pixel Buds

Pixel buds
Google Pixel Buds

Cute as a button earbuds

The Google Pixel earbuds are a great quality entry level earbud that do what they say on the box. With a cute case, Bass Boost and a battery life of five hours, they're a good set of earbuds that don't cost the earth.

Q is for Quatro Mini Massager

Quatro massager
Quatro mini massager


This palm-held, battery operated Quatro mini massager has all the hallmarks of a romantic gift to help your loved one unwind and help remove any knots or tension. And at just $10, it's a bargain too.

R is for Retro Game Boy

Retro gameboy
Anyando Handheld Game Console, Portable Retro Video Game Console with

It's on like Donkey Kong

Remember Donkey Kong? The Legend of Zelda? Pokémon Red? We do, and if your Valentine's Day recipient does too, then consider gifting them a whole bunch of nostalgia via a retro Game Boy! First released in 1989 in Japan, the Gameboy became wildly popular pretty much everywhere. These days it's harder to get your hands on one, but the Anyando Handheld Game Console gets pretty close and comes with 500 built-in games.

S is for Smartphone Karaoke

Smartphone karaoke

Don't just say it... sing it

Does your loved on watch The Voice like their life depends on it? Knows every word to every song? Constantly suggesting a cheeky trip to karaoke in the wee hours? Then they need this in their life... smartphone karaoke. It just plugs into a smartphone and hey presto, you can sing along to your favourite tunes.

T is for Tenor Frames by Bose

Tenor frames

Why get regular sunglasses when you could treat your Valentine to *singing* sunglasses? Okay, technically, they're sunglasses with a speaker in the arm, so you can listen to music and make calls all through your sunnies. They're not cheap, and sure, a bit of a novelty, but are the perfect gift for the tech-loving person who has everything.

U is for USB Mug Warmer

USB mug warmer
USB Mug warmer

Warm their heart... and their beverages

This is the perfect pressie for anyone who loves a warm drink (so... everyone?). This little coaster plugs into your laptop and keeps your drink warm. Also ideal for anyone who makes a cup of tea and forgets about it and ends up with a lukewarm drink (*raises hand*).

V is for Vlogging Tripod

Vlogging tripod
Vlogger tripod kit

For the content creator in your life

This handy little tripod and selfie light combo is compatible with most smartphones and ideal for streamers, vloggers or anyone who enjoys making Insta reels or TikTok videos. It just needs two AAA batteries, and then you're good to go.

W is for Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging pad
Belkin wireless charging pad

Lead the charge

Power three devices at once with this handy Orotec wireless charging pad. Charge your phone, smart watch and earbuds all at the same time in the same place. Nifty!

X is for (Zero)-X Drone

Zero X drone
Zero X drone

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Ohhhh, no it's a drone

As drones become more mainstream, so too do they become more affordable. This Zero X Swift drone is designed for beginners, with an 8 minute flight time and the ability to capture the footage in High Definition.

Y is for Yoghurt Maker

Yoghurt maker
electric yoghurt maker

Y is for yum, yoghurt in my tum

Now here's a gift idea that's out of the box. Yoghurt has loads of health benefits and is tasty to boot, so if there's room in the kitchen for gadget and you and your loved one enjoy a dollop of the good stuff for breakfast, then get rid of the middle man and start making it yourselves.

Z is for Zucchini Spiralizer

zucchini spiralizer
Zuchinni spiralizer

Z is for 'zooray', we made it to the end

You better believe we found a 'Z' gift (although if you hate veggies, look away now). This zucchini spiralizer turns 'cchinis into veggie noodles and look, we know it's not romantic, it's not especially fun, and it's a stretch including it in a gift guide for Valentines Day, but on the plus side 'zoodles' is a really fun word to say.

Go on.


Kate Reynolds
Written by
Kate Reynolds
Kate Reynolds is a writer who's at her happiest when there's haloumi on the brunch menu and a dog to give pats to. She's worked as a travel writer, journalist, theatre reviewer, broadcaster and radio creative, and spends her weekends with as much of the aforementioned haloumi and dogs as possible. She writes on Cammeraygal and Wangal land.

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