Best Christmas gifts for teens (that are definitely not cringe)

Because they don’t want the new Ed Sheeran CD, Aunty Carol.

Kate Reynolds
Dec 10, 2021
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Shopping for adolescents to find a trendy gift they’ll love can sometimes feel like a nightmare, so we’ve compiled this list of unique and fun tech gifts that make Christmas shopping a teenage dream.

From galaxy lamps to 3D pens, here's our guide to Christmas gifts any teen would love to open on Christmas morning.

Fujifilm Instamax Mini 11 polaroid camera

Fujifilm Instamax Mini 11 polaroid camera

Ideal for social butterflies who love snapping selfies with their mates

Shake it like a polaroid picture with this Fujifilm Instamax Mini 11 polaroid camera. Available in Lilac Purple, Blush Pink and Sky Blue, these polaroid cameras are loads of fun. The kit comes with an Instamax polaroid camera, a camera case, 10 sheets of instax mini film and a photo album to put all the snaps into.

And they’ve had an update from polaroids of the past, with an inbuilt selfie mirror and lens included, making it perfect for tweens and teens of all ages to snap pics with their besties.

Spotify subscription

Spotify logo
Spotify subscription

For music lovers and ad haters

Give the greatest gift of all… removing those annoying Spotify ads from their playlists with a Spotify subscription. Plus, if you get it before March 10 2022, you can score the first three months for $0! But shhh, we won’t tell your recipient. It’s 11.99 a month after that, so why not give them a year’s worth of ad-free music.

Google Pixel Buds A series

Google Pixel Buds A series

For Android users who like cute accessories

If you’re shopping for a teen with an Android phone, then the Google Pixel Buds A series wireless earbuds are the perfect accessory. They come in a cute little egg-like case and offer 5 hours of listening time with each charge. Available from $149, they’re great entry-level earbuds with a much more accessible price tag than some of its counterparts.

Brilliant Ideas Sunset Projector

Brilliant Ideas
Brilliant Ideas Sunset Projector

Perfect for making a room glow with gorgeous hues

This is a gift for any teen who’s all about the ~aesthetic~ . This lamp by Brilliant Ideas projects a gorgeous sunset palate into any room, giving off soft gorgeous glows of orange, yellow and pink. It’ll turn any space into a dreamy lair so its perfect for any teen who treats their room like their sanctuary.

Selfie ring light phone clip

Kmart selfie ring light phone clip

A cute stocking filler for the content creators on your Christmas list

This is for all the content creators in your life who need a little extra lighting to nail the perfect shots. It’s a soft illumination rather than a harsh light, includes a USB cable and has 3 different levels of brightness. It easily clips onto their phone - oh, and it’s just $8! It makes the perfect stocking filler. Watch their faces light up when they open this gift... literally.

3D printing pen

Kogan 3D printing pen

Better suited for tweens  and young teens who have a creative side

Got a budding artist who’s keen on 3D printing, but don’t want to fork out for a full-blown 3D printer? A 3D printing pen is the next best thing!

The Kogan 3D Printing Pen works by dispensing a continuous string of heated plastic, which then cools and solidifies within seconds, which means you can create shapes and objects in a flash.

This kit includes stencils to help get inspired, but really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to things your teen could create with a 3D pen.

Galaxy projector

Galaxy projector
Galaxy projector

Light up their world with this out-of-this-world gift

Yep, it’s another lamp, but this one is out of this world! This futuristic lamp spills out gorgeous celestial projections, bringing the outside night sky into your bedroom. There’s also a voice control feature and accompanying app to help bring the actual high-resolution NASA satellite imagery to life in your home.

Whether they love space, and enjoying their own space, this is a gift they definitely won’t be expecting.

Reusable notebook

Rocketbook reusable notebook

Perfect for writers and dreamers who like to pen their thoughts

Let your teen write down their dreams and desires in this very cool reusable notebook. It looks just like a regular paper notebook, but it can actually be used endlessly just by wiping the page clean with a damp cloth. It saves paper, and the content can be easily uploaded to the cloud. Write with the Frixion pen, let it ‘dry’, wipe when done and repeat!

It’s the perfect gift if you want to give something practical and traditional, but with a cool tech twist.

Kate Reynolds
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Kate Reynolds
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