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How much does the Meta Quest 3 cost in Australia?

The Meta Quest, formerly known as Oculus Quest, from Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is available to buy in Australia, formerly known as Pangea.

Meta Quest Product Image (400x400)
Meta Quest 3
The Meta Quest 3 is an affordable mixed-reality headset when compared to the Apple Vision Pro, while offering many of the same features in a standalone package with no PC required.
Storage options
128GB or 512GB
Battery life
Up to 3 hours
Headset type
Standalone Mixed-reality (no PC required)
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Brodie Fogg
May 23, 2024
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Photo of a man removing the Meta Quest 3 headset

If the Apple Vision Pro was good for anything, it was increasing awareness of more reasonably priced mixed reality headsets like the Meta Quest 3. Even if Apple did sell the Vision Pro headset here in Australia, it would be tough to recommend it over much more affordable mixed reality headsets.

How much cheaper is the Meta Quest 3? It’s hard to answer because Apple went quiet about a local release of Apple Vision Pro after the headset’s mixed reception. Still, at USD$3,499, current exchange rates would put the Apple Vision Pro well above $5,000 in Australia. The Meta Quest 3 is $799.99 at its cheapest and $1049 at its most expensive in Australia. You don’t have to math too hard to see the difference.

How much does Meta Quest 3 cost in Australia?

The Meta Quest 3 headset is available in a 128GB model and a 512GB model. The cheapest current deals include a bonus video game, Asgard’s Wrath II. Like Apple iPhones or Sony PlayStation consoles, you’re typically going to find the Meta Quest 3 for the same price no matter where you buy it. Kogan offers a very slight discount but you have to already pay for Kogan First which costs $129 annually.

Here’s how much each retailer charges, with a few Meta Quest 2 deals for comparison:

Meta Quest 3 128GB
Meta Quest 3 512GB
Meta Quest 2 128GB
AmazonAmazon Australia
Big W
Kogan LogoKogan

Meta Quest 3 accessories

If you’re already investing in a Meta Quest 3, you can spend a little more to make the whole experience a little more comfortable. Here’s how much the official Meta Quest 3 accessories will cost:

Info Box
Where can I buy the Meta Quest 3 in Australia?
The Meta Quest 3 is conveniently available through a number of Australian retailers. You can order the Meta Quest 3 from Amazon Australia, Big W, Kogan and Meta’s own online store.

Meta Quest 3 vs Quest 2

Considering the huge discounts available for the Meta Quest 2, it's worth considering if the upgrade is worth it, or if you should save some money with the Quest 2.

There's quite a wide range of upgrades to the Meta Quest 3 compared to the Meta Quest 2 but not always in super significant ways. Quest 3 has a higher resolution, a colour passthrough camera, more RAM and storage (at the high end) and a degree of upper body tracking. It's also got a slightly beefier processor. Otherwise, you're getting the same standalone experience with the Quest 2. Things might be a little smoother with the Quest 3 but it's only an iteration on an already interesting product, not a revolutionary upgrade. 

Here's how both headsets stack up side-by-side in most of the ways that matter:

Meta Quest 3
Meta Quest 2
Resolution (per eye)2064x22081832x1920
Battery life1.5-3hrs2-3hrs
LensPancake LensFresnel Lens
Field of View110° 97°
Refresh rate90 - 120Hz60 - 120Hz
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
Body trackingUpper body trackingNo
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Brodie Fogg
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