How to watch Succession online (with a free trial)

Succession usurps Game of Thrones as the go-to show for fraught familial power dynamics.
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It might not seem like it on the surface, but Succession is HBO’s true heir to Game of Thrones’ quality drama crown. Suppose all you had to go off was the screenshots. In that case, you could assume that it’s just another oblivious drama about rich people doing all the unattainable things rich people do (helicopter flights to work, regular yacht parties, etc.). But what you can’t glean from a simple screenshot is the crackling tension and wit present in every scene.

The twisted family dynamics, constant backstabbing, and high-stakes usurping should fill any GoT fan’s goblet with a robust splash of schadenfreude, but what Thrones rarely had was a sense of humour, and you get that in spades when it comes to Succession. That’s thanks to the dizzying pace of Jesse Armstrong’s (Peep Show) script and outstanding performances of the main cast (led by the inimitable Brian Cox as the family patriarch).

With two seasons in its portfolio (and a third on the way in 2020), now is the perfect time to catch up with Succession. Here in Australia, you can stream both seasons on Binge or Foxtel Now, or if you’d prefer to own a digital copy, it’s also available through Microsoft StoreiTunes, and Google Play.

Here's how to watch Succession online in Australia
ServiceSeasonsMin. PriceMore
Binge2$10/mth2-week Free Trial
Microsoft Store2$28.99/series passBuy Series Pass
iTunes2$29.99/seasonPurchase on iTunes
Google Play2$25.49/seasonPurchase on Google Play
Foxtel Now2$25/mth10-day Free Trial
Succession Screenshot - Foxtel Binge

Option 1: Binge

If you haven’t heard about it already, Binge is Foxtel’s wallet-friendly streaming alternative to Foxtel Now. It’s priced more competitively between $10 for standard definition and one device, $14 for high definition and 2 devices, or $18 for high definition and 4 devices. There’s also a 2-week free trial if you’re not completely convinced.

Binge Plans
Monthly PriceDevicesMax. Stream QualityFree Trial
$101Standard Definition2 weeks
$142High Definition2 weeks
$184High Definition2 weeks

Option 2: Rent or buy

Chances are, you’ve got a device in your house that allows you to rent or buy digital copies of movies. If you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV, or Xbox One, (or you’re lucky enough to have the Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X), Succession episodes are a small rental or purchase fee away.

Both Succession seasons are available via iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store and Telstra TV.

Episodes are $2.99 each on each services. Full seasons are available on $29.99 on iTunes and $25.49 on Google Play.

Option 4: Shall we Foxtel Now or Foxtel later?

Last on your list is Foxtel Now. If you’re already subscribed to Foxtel Now, then congrats. Go check out Succession. But this would be the last resort if you’re not already subscribed. Binge offers most of Foxtel Now’s best drama TV shows at a much better price, and in a much more user-friendly package.

What is Succession?

Succession is a satirical drama/comedy from Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show) that explores the compelling power dynamic of a silver-spoon brood of backstabbing and utterly incompetent siblings.

When Logan, the Roy family patriarch, exposes a weakness in his waning health, his four opportunistic children (and other circling buzzards), each put their worst laid plans into motion to usurp the top position at Waystar Royco, a thinly-veiled parody of NewsCorp.

The Roy children, their partners, and Cousin Greg are shamed, publicly humiliated, blackmailed, and worse all while managing to fail up (a unique ability afforded by the family’s unimaginable wealth).

Succession is a high-stakes drama that likes to rake its depraved characters over the coals and back again, and it’s a thrill to watch. But despite every player being up there with the absolute worst kind of people, Succession’s sharp sense of humour makes them the most watchable villains on television. Every character is as rotten as the next at some stage (well, almost) but somehow Succession still has you rooting for different characters throughout the first two seasons.

Succession’s third season is easily one of our most anticipated TV shows of 2020, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you’ve only got two seasons to catch up on.

Now that you know, here are your next steps.

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