Paramount Plus vs 10 All Access: What’s the difference?

Paramount Plus has officially launched, replacing 10 All Access. But is it the upgrade you were hoping for?
The new app

Better and cheaper

Paramount Plus

$8.99 per month
285 TV shows and 301 movies
The old app

Good riddance

10 All Access

$9.99 per month
144 TV shows and 0 movies

When Paramount Plus was first announced, we shuddered at the thought of yet another streaming service in Australia. However, there was one small silver lining: that Paramount Plus would replace 10 All Access.

10 All Access barely had any right calling itself a streaming service but to its credit, it was the only streamer with some fan-favourite crime serials like NCIS and back-catalogue episodes of The Bachelor. So there’s a chance it had some subscribers, right?

If you were a 10 All Access subscriber or even just 10 All Access curious, the app has now been completely replaced by Paramount Plus in Australia. Trust us, it’s for the best. But how different are the two apps exactly? Should I care if I wasn’t already a subscriber? And what happens to the four remaining 10 All Access users? Let’s find out.

Paramount Plus vs 10 All Access: Side-by-side
ServiceParamount Plus Australia logo
Paramount Plus
10 All Access streaming logo
10 All Access
Monthly price$8.99$9.99
Annual price$89.99Not available
Free trial7 days30 days
ContentTV shows, movies, news and sports (coming soon)TV shows and news
Max resolutionHD 720pHD 720p
Offline viewing (downloads)YesNo
Simultaneous streams33
Movie library3010
TV show library286144

1. Price: Paramount Plus is a little cheaper

Not only did 10 All Access have the gall to call itself a streaming service, it was also brazen enough to charge you actual money to access it.

10 All Access used to cost $9.99 per month. Paramount Plus is a fraction cheaper at $8.99 per month or $89.99 per year (which works out at $7.49 per month).

Paramount Plus has a shorter free trial

For all its faults, 10 All Access did offer a meaty 30-day free trial which was more than enough time to figure out it wasn’t worth your money. Paramount Plus is cheaper but it only comes with a 7-day free trial.

2. Content: Mountains more with Paramount

Before it kicked the bucket, we counted a measly 144 TV shows on 10 All Access. It also didn’t have any movies. The smaller size of its library was only half the issue, however. Unlike Apple TV Plus, this wasn’t a case of quality over quantity. 10 All Access had neither the quality nor the quantity. At best, you could recommend 10 All Access for its popular cop and courtroom dramas, like NCIS and Blue Bloods, or a few of its sitcom classics like Cheers and Frasier. But that was honestly about it, unless you were frothing for the back-catalogue of The Bachelor.

Thankfully, Paramount Plus has launched with a much healthier library of 285 TV shows and 301 movies. You can find the complete list of TV shows and movies on Paramount Plus here.

Title for title, the Paramount Plus library is over 300% bigger than what 10 All Access offered. It also has some shows and movies you might actually want to watch, like Twin Peaks, Ray Donovan, Dexter and entire movie catalogues like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Dark Knight.

Lastly, Paramount Plus is slated to stream sports too. It has already nabbed the rights for the A-League and W-League and there seem to be plans to add more sports over time.

Paramount Plus promotional image featuring stars and characters from the service.

3. Features: Downloadable titles for offline viewing

The 10 All Access app was a barebones streaming app without any of the accessibility features we’ve come to expect. The Paramount Plus app isn’t a Netflix-grade experience but it’s still made a lot of improvements. For example, Paramount Plus offers non-English subtitles where 10 All Access didn’t. Weirdly, it only offers Scandinavian languages in the titles we’ve checked so far but it’s something.

Paramount Plus also allows users to download titles for offline viewing, another common streaming feature that was missing from the 10 All Access app.

As is usually the case, only a select number of titles are available for offline viewing but with Paramount Plus, the feature is also restricted to TV shows. At launch, there are 164 TV shows available to download on Paramount Plus with some bingeable classics like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Charmed and Frasier in the mix.

Lastly, Paramount Plus offers parental controls, which is a good move considering the good selection of Nickelodeon classics and popular kids shows like Paw Patrol and Baby Shark’s Big Show.

Paramount Plus vs. 10 All Access: Are you better off?

There’s no question about it, Paramount Plus offers a lot more value than 10 All Access and at a cheaper price. With that said, 10 All Access didn’t exactly set a high bar. Just because Paramount Plus is better, doesn’t make it a better option than any other streaming service available.

You’re still getting buckets more for your streaming bucks with Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus is quickly becoming a favourite thanks to its recent haul of Fox classics with Star. But look, if Channel 10’s weekly crime dramas are your jam, then Paramount Plus just sweetens the pot with some premium TV from Showtime and Comedy Central and a decent selection of blockbuster movie franchises.

Take a look at the table below to compare Paramount Plus with your alternatives.

Streaming service comparison
ServiceFree trialMonthly priceMax. Video ResolutionDevices
Binge Logo
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2 weeks$10 – $18HD1 – 4
Prime Video Logo
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30 days$6.994K3
Shudder logo
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7 days$6.99HD1
Disney Plus Streaming Logo
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No free trial $11.994K4
Netflix Logo
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No free trial$10.99 – $19.994K1 – 4
Stan - Logo
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30 days$10 – $194K1 – 4
Foxtel Now Logo
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10 days$25 – $104HD2
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2 weeks$25 – $35HD2 – 3
10 all access logo
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30 days$9.99HD3

How to switch from 10 All Access to Paramount Plus

The 10 All Access website now officially redirects to the Paramount Plus website and to the best of our knowledge, a software update to the 10 All Access apps on iOS and Android will change the app from 10 All Access to Paramount Plus.

According to the Paramount Plus support page, 10 All Access subscribers can simply log in to Paramount Plus with their existing email address and password. All you need to do is head to, sign in with your 10 All Access email address and password, and you’ll be given access to the new platform.

Your monthly bill should also reduce to $8.99 per month with the switch but make sure you keep an eye on the next transaction to be sure the billing has been updated. Alternatively, you can just use a second email address to sign up for a new free trial of Paramount Plus and cancel your old account.