How much does Hubbl cost?

// The Hubbl streaming box starts at a humble $99 while the Hubbl Glass TV will set you back at least $1595.
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Black$99Harvey Norman, JB HI-FI and
Anthracite Black, Ceramic White, Ocean Blue, Racing Green or Dusky Pink$1549Harvey Norman and
Anthracite Black, Ceramic White, Ocean Blue, Racing Green or Dusky Pink$1995Harvey Norman and
Brodie Fogg
Apr 17, 2024
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Foxtel's Hubbl has been a long time coming but the new platform, and hardware, are now available to Australians hunting for a fresh replacement for their Foxtel box.

Hubbl— the home of streaming services like Binge, Kayo, Flash and more recently the LifeStyle app— comes in two flavours in two very different price brackets. If you're just in it for the Hubbl ecosystem (and the Stack & Save benefits,) you can experience everything Hubbl has to offer with the humble Hubbl box. But if you're looking to upgrade your setup completely, Hubbl will also sell you a smart TV known as Hubbl Glass that comes with the whole Hubbl ecosystem baked in (and a Dolby Atmos soundbar built in for good measure.) Here's how much it will all cost. 

How much do Hubbl and Hubbl Glass cost?

Between $99 and $1995 for the hardware.

Hubbl is available through two devices: the Hubbl streaming box and the Hubbl Glass Smart TV.

The Hubbl box is the cheaper option; a plug-and-play streaming device for those who are happy enough with their TV. At launch, the Hubbl box costs $99 outright but this is listed as an "introductory price." There's no more information on how long that introductory period lasts and what the box will cost after that. 

If you're looking to upgrade your whole television, you might want to consider the Hubbl Glass Smart TV. Hubbl Glass is available in two sizes: a 55-inch model for $1549 and a 65-inch model for $1995. 

The Hubbl box is available through Harvey Norman, JB HI-FI and the Hubbl website. Hubbl Glass is available through Harvey Norman and the Hubbl website. Here are those prices again:

  • Hubbl: $99
  • Hubbl Glass 55-inch: $1649
  • Hubbl Glass 65-inch: $1995
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Can I pay Hubbl Glass off on a plan?

No, not at launch. The UK equivalent Sky Glass allows customers to pay off their smart TV in instalments over 24 or 48 months. Such an offer isn't available in Australia, though in a conversation with Hubbl, a representative did confirm that more payment options were on the roadmap. In the meantime, Harvey Norman does offer an interest-free payment plan, but that's more like taking out a personal loan.  

Picture of the green Sky Glass TV
Hubbl Glass TV
4K QLED display with in-built Dolby Atmos soundbar. Hubbl Glass is available in Anthracite Black, Ceramic White, Ocean Blue, Racing Green or Dusky Pink.
bullet 4K streaming
bullet Save up to $15 per month with Stack & Save
Order now from Hubbl+ free express delivery
Hubbl Hub product image
The Hubbl streaming box
4K streaming on-demand and linear television in one box. Simplify your streaming with Stack & Save discounts and Single View billing.
bullet 4K streaming
bullet Save up to $15 per month with Stack & Save
Introductory price
Order now from Hubbl+ free express delivery
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Additional costs with Hubbl

The hardware cost is just the beginning.

Like any smart TV or streaming device, paying for your hardware is just the beginning. While there are some decent free streaming app options, like ABC iView available on Hubbl, there are other great free options like Tubi that aren't supported. In short, if you're investing in Hubbl, it's safe to assume you'll be paying for a few streaming services too. 

Streaming services range from $6.99 per month for some niche services or Netflix's ad-supported tier to $35 per month for Kayo Sports' Basic plan. Many services offer free trials and are available on low-commitment month-to-month payment arrangements. 

How much you end up spending on streaming services every month ultimately comes down to how many platforms you sign up to at once. 

Sure, it can technically end up costing you a motza if you're constantly subscribed to every service but with no cancellation fees or contract terms, you're always free to cancel for as long as you want before subscribing again when something you actually want to watch arrives. 

With that said, Hubbl actually does offer a couple of perks if you do subscribe to more than one service at a time. 

Hubbl Stack and Save discounts: How does it work?

Save up to $15/mth on your streaming bill (when you subscribe to the right apps.)

One of the unique features of Hubbl is the Stack & Save feature. Available on Hubbl Glass and the Hubbl box, Stack & Save rewards you for staying subscribed to multiple apps at once. So long as it's the right apps.

The downside to this promising feature is that it currently only applies to Hubbl's own apps and Netflix. That's Binge, Kayo Sport, Flash, LifeStyle and Netflix. Still, if you're interested in those apps you only need to subscribe to three to get the first Stack & Save discount. Here's how you will save at each Stack & Save tier:

  1. Stack 3 apps: Save $5 per month
  2. Stack 4 apps: Save $10 per month
  3. Stack 5 apps: Save $15 per month

The savings are okay but only if you were already planning on subscribing to apps like Flash, Hubbl's News streaming platform, or LifeStyle, Hubbl's new service dedicated to reality TV and home renovation shows. 

Photograph of someone using Hubbl's Stack & Save feature

Hubbl's Single View billing system

Another tangential budgeting feature of Hubbl is Single View billing. It's true that many of us sign up for a free trial and then completely forget to cancel as intended before we start getting charged. Hey, you're talking to a guy who somehow managed to miss an Adobe bill on his bank statement for almost seven years after signing up for a free trial in a pinch. 

The only issue is, that Single View covers a fraction of the streaming services available in Australia. Besides the services listed above for Stack & Save, Disney Plus is the only other streaming service that currently supports Single View billing on Hubbl. 

If Hubbl could get more partners on board, this feature could be a real boon for customers in the current streaming climate. Even in its limited state, it lets you view every subscription you're subscribed to, giving you a total dollar amount for all your subscriptions in one place. It also lets you pause, cancel and subscribe through a single, easy-to-use interface. 

Here's the list of apps that can take advantage of Hubbl's features. 

Streaming service
Starting price
Stack & Save
Single View Billing
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