Chris Messina is proof we’re living in a simulation

Chris Messina
Pictured: Chris Messina (allegedly)
// You know Chris Messina from that one thing you saw… or do you?
Adam Smith
Sep 19, 2023
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Published on September 18, 2023

Look, all of us at one point or another have mused on the possibility that the reality we experience is nothing but an elaborate artificial construct, a la The Matrix. If it is, its architects have done a pretty convincing job, but they left one loose thread that ultimately unravels the whole charade: Chris Messina.

Chris Messina, pictured above, is an actor with over 75 credits to his name. You’ve seen none of them.

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, I know him from that one thing!” Trust me. You don’t. And yet, you immediately knew who Chris Messina was when you saw his photo. HOW?

I had the same experience when I recently watched the excellent dark comedy series Based on a True Story on Binge. When he first appeared on screen, I thought, “Oh, it’s Chris Messina. I love Chris Messina.” Then I looked back over his IMDB and found that I actually couldn’t place a single performance of his I’d seen. Yet I both knew his name, and had formed an opinion on him. But I just … I can’t … whozzit? What? WHAT?!

It’s clear that our unseen puppet masters implanted all of us with false memories of Chris Messina, and then forgot to actually connect them to anything. That’s just shoddy workmanship. Still, I highly recommend you check out Based on a True Story. It’s a funny and whip-smart takedown of our culture’s obsession with true crime podcasts.

Plus, it stars Chris Messina, and you love Chris Messina.

But why?

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Where to see Chris Messina (allegedly)

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Adam Smith
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Adam Smith
Adam Smith has been a journalist for the past 18 years, writing on subjects as varied as music, entertainment, finance and technology. Since moving to Australia from Kentucky (before you ask, yes, he knows the secret recipe) by way of New Zealand, Adam has led an editorial team at Finder, launched editorial operations at and hosted podcasts about personal finance, streaming, emo music, the crypto craze and the award-nominated We Review Stuff podcast. These days, Adam spends most of his time behind the scenes managing the team of reviewers on but he will occasionally pop in to spin wild conspiracy theories about Chris Messina being a glitch in the simulation in The Watchlist newsletter.

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