Binge not working? Here’s what to do

Foxtel’s latest streaming app is still in its infancy and there are bound to be some teething issues.

Foxtel’s latest streaming app, Binge, is a new service from the team that brought you Kayo Sports. It’s not a total replacement for Foxtel Now, simply an alternative for those who want all the TV shows and movies in Foxtel’s catalogue, with no news or sports.

In the early stages of every app’s launch, there are bound to be some teething issues. We’ve already hit a few snags ourselves in an attempt to get some hands-on time with the new app. Here are the solutions we’ve found so far, and potential fixes for regular bugs and issues.

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Binge Error Codes and Messages

It’s still early days for Binge, and there’s bound to be more bugs on the horizon, but these are the issues we’ve found and solved so far. Let us know in the comments below if there’s anything else you’re experiencing.

Binge Not Working

The code is incorrect or expired

Try using an alternative email address.

This was the very first issue we encountered when registering for Binge. A six-digit confirmation code is sent to the user by SMS after offering up their email address and mobile phone number. However, upon entering the confirmation code, we were faced with this error message several times:

“The code is incorrect or expired. Please enter the code we sent to your mobile or click Resend Code to receive a new code.”

Despite requesting a new code, we still had the same issue. Unfortunately, the only solution we found was to try again with an alternative email address. It’s not the best solution, but this bug will likely be ironed out quick fast.

Video network error or Media playback troubles

Check your internet connection and device compatibility.

There are three potential Binge issues with roughly the same solution:

  1. Video network error,
  2. Media playback troubles have been detected, and
  3. There’s been a communication error between us and your device.

The video network error could have two causes. It could either be a network connectivity issue (e.g., slow internet) or a device compatibility issue.

First, try running a speed test under the same WiFi connection you’re attempting to stream under.

Streaming Binge in HD requires around 3 – 4Mbps. You should be able to get an SD stream at slower speeds, but if your connection is in that ballpark, it could be the cause of your issues.

If your internet speeds are performing as expected and meet Binge’s bandwidth requirements, head over to our broader Internet troubleshooting guide.

If the problem doesn’t seem to lie in your home WiFi network, double-check that the device or web browser you’re using is compatible with Binge.

Browser not supported

Try switching or updating your browser.

If your browser is out-of-date or unsupported, you might have trouble accessing Binge. Here are the browser requirements for streaming Binge:

  • Chrome: 10.12+ on Mac, 10+ on Windows
  • Safari: 10.12+ on Mac
  • Firefox: 10.12+ on Mac and 10+ on Windows
  • Edge: 10+ on Windows
  •  Internet Explorer: Not supported

The quickest and easiest way to determine if your browser is the issue is to try a different browser (e.g., switching from Chrome to Firefox). If it is the issue, make sure your browser is updated with the latest version before trying again.

You need an active subscription

Sign in and out again, or check your subscription has not been cancelled.

This one should be a bit of a no-brainer. If you’ve been logged out automatically, or your free trial has ended, and you cancelled or had your payment declined, you might be receiving this message:

“You need an active subscription to access this video. Please sign in to confirm you’re able to watch.”

If you’re payment details are up to scratch, and you’re logged in with the correct details, try signing out of Binge and back in again. If you’re subscription has indeed lapsed, you will need to sign up again, with the same email address, or an alternative email address for another free 2-week trial.

Regional or VPN issues

Switch off VPN when tunneling to another country.

If you’re outside of the country or using a VPN to browse the Internet from another location, you might be receiving this message:

“Sorry, our products are only available to customers within Australia.”

Binge is exclusive to Australians, so if you are outside of the country, you won’t be able to stream without tunnelling back into Australia via a VPN. But if you are located in Australia, and you’re receiving this message, it could be the opposite issue. Check that you don’t have a VPN active on the device you’re attempting to stream on. If you’re unsure if there’s a VPN active on your device, try streaming from an alternative device (e.g., smartphone) to help diagnose the issue.

Streaming on too many devices

Log out of another device, update your plan, or change your password.

Binge offers three plan tiers: one device for $10 per month, two devices for $14 per month, and four devices for $18 per month.

If you’ve gone over that limit (or shared your Binge password around with friends and family), you will see this message.

“You’re streaming on more simultaneous devices than your subscription allows “

In this situation, you can either change your password (and kick off those leeching on your account) or upgrade to a Binge plan with more simultaneous streams.

Issues out of your control

There will be error codes and messages out of your control. It’s on Binge to get these bugs fixed, but you can always report an error when you find it over at the official Binge website.

  • Walter

    Binge was working upon sign up, two days later stopped working causing tv to go blank screen, only audio, tried to reset the telstra box, changed hdmi cable, still the same issue, other tv apps like netflix, youtube, stan are all working so its not my TV, could be binge app got corrupted.

  • Kaylene

    We can not get into Binge. We have an account and can not use the system. We get the New to Binge? Try us for free page. We try to sign in and it tells us we have an account and we can’t do anything. I have emailed numerous times spend hours on the phone with no help at all. Contact us immediately or loose our business.

  • http://Binge Charley

    Binge will not load anything I choose to watch. I have gone through your troubleshoot list and done everything it says but it’s still not letting me load anything. Please fix.

  • Ron

    I’m trying to hook binge up with my Samsung tv and I can find a app there does it have a app for tv I can use it on my tablet and phone why can’t I load the or find the app for my tv , my tv is a late model and have fast internet