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OPPO announces new smartwatch and wireless headphones

OPPO is taking one giant leap into the wearables market.

Georgia Dixon
Sep 12, 2020
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OPPO Watch Series

OPPO is making its first foray into the Aussie wearable tech market with the announcement of the OPPO Watch Series and OPPO Enco true wireless headphones lineup.

The very Apple Watch-esque OPPO Watch is available in two sizes (41mm for $449 and 46mm for $549) and features the manufacturer’s new Flash Charging technology, which sees a full charge in 75 minutes or a half-charge in about 15 minutes.

Aside from just the extra size, opting for the 46mm model over the 41mm will get you a bit of a battery bump (420mAh instead of 300mAh), a sleek ceramic and plastic body (rather than the 41mm’s plastic-only build) and a slightly curved screen as opposed to the 41mm’s flat display.

Taking battery life to the next level, the OPPO Watch comes with two power modes: Smart Mode, which can last around 36 hours with full functionality of the watch, and Power Saver Mode, which sacrifices functionality for a whopping 21-day battery life.

Like you’d expect from any good smartwatch in 2020, the Google Watch OS-powered OPPO Watch boasts an impressive suite of health and fitness tracking features. These include heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, five exercise sensors with a range of exercise modes, plus water resistance of up to 50m for the 46mm model and 30m for the 41mm model.

Moving onto the headphones, OPPO’s Enco Series has catered for all budgets with the $149 Enco W11, the $199 Enco W31 and the $249 Enco W51. So, with just $49 separating each tier, what will the extra spend get you?

The entry-level W11 headphones pack quite a punch for their more modest price tag, boasting up to five hours of music playback, a charging case with 20 hours of battery, IP55 dust and water resistance and touch controls.

Fork out the extra pineapple for the W31 headphones and you’ll get better connectivity, less latency, and 18.5 hours of playback time with the charging case. They’re also IP54 dust and water-resistant, so these are the best bet for active types - oh, and those who accidentally forget to empty their pants pockets before throwing them in the washing…

As far as bang for your buck goes, the W51 headphones come out on top, with active noise cancellation, a stellar 24-hour battery life with the charging case, a fast-charging feature that’ll give you three hours of playback time in just 15 minutes.

Georgia Dixon
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