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Belkin MagSafe Continuity Camera Mount review

It certainly holds your iPhone on top of your MacBook

Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe
Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for MacBooks
4 out of 5 stars
Alex Choros
Nov 18, 2022
bullet2 min read

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Quick verdict: Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac Notebook

Belkin's Continuity Camera iPhone mount does exactly what it promise.

pro Reliably mounts your iPhone to your MacBook
pro Has a kickstand and grip ring
con Feels expensive for what it is
con Works best on a desk

The clunkily named Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac Notebook is one of the products that does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a MagSafe mount that lets you pop your iPhone on top of your MacBook to use macOS Ventura's new Continuity Camera feature.

Continuity Camera lets you use your iPhone's camera as a webcam instead of the MacBook's integrated camera. Depending on your MacBook, this can represent a significant step up in quality. I tested the Belkin iPhone Mount on my 14-inch MacBook Pro (which has Apple's best webcam yet), and swapping to the iPhone camera was a clear improvement - especially in low light.

Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe

The Belkin iPhone Mount itself is a well-made product. It's reasonably unobtrusive if you want to keep it on the back of your phone, and it also has a grip ring that doubles as a kickstand. Neither are strictly necessary, but they're nice additions that give the Mount a bit of extra utility.

The magnets are pretty strong; it takes a reasonable amount of heft to push the Mount off the back of your device. Your iPhone isn't going to fall off the back of your laptop.

Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe

I tested the Mount with the iPhone 14 Pro Max - the heaviest iPhone you can buy - in a leather case, and I didn't have any stability issues when working at my desk. It's definitely less balanced if you're using your computer on the lap, and the combined weight almost tipped my MacBook over.

Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe

It's worth noting that the Belkin iPhone Mount is only designed for MacBooks. It will be making a different mount that supports iMac and the Apple Studio Display, but there's no release date for that yet.

Is the Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe worth buying?

Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe

The Belkin iPhone Mount retails for $44.95, which feels pretty expensive for what's essentially a piece of plastic with some magnets. There are cheaper options like the imluckies holder, but that's got a slightly different design. Or if you have a MagSafe charging puck, you could always 3D print your own mount. Alternatively, you could use the Twelve South Hover Bar Duo, but that would take up more space on your desk and is $139.

That being said, $44.95 is a bargain compared to high-end webcams, which can sell for over $300. If you regularly make video calls and want to look your best, the Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe will certainly help.

Alex Choros
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Alex Choros
Alex Choros is the Group Reviews Editor for Clearlink Australia's local websites -, Safewise, and WhistleOut - and the Managing Editor for WhistleOut Australia. He's been writing about consumer technology for over eight years and is an expert on the Australian telco sector, to the point where he knows far too many phone and internet plans by heart. He also contributes to Gizmodo and Lifehacker, and makes regular appearances on 2GB. Outside of tech, Alex loves long hikes, red wine, and death metal.

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