Save on your NBN bill with Superloop’s new mobile plans

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Alex Choros
Group Reviews Editor
February 16, 2023
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Internet provider Superloop is now offering mobile plans, and existing NBN customers can save on their monthly bill by bundling the two.

Adding a Superloop SIM-only mobile plan to the same account as your Superloop NBN plan will save you $5 per month. You can save a further $2.50 per month for each Superloop mobile plan on your account after the first, up to a maximum of $15 per month with five SIM-only plans.

Here are Superloop's mobile plans:

Superloop's mobile plans are powered by the Telstra network, and most currently have a double data offer for the first six months. The $22 per month plan typically has 15GB per month, but if you sign up now, you'll get 30GB each month during the promo period. Superloop mobile plans can bank up to 500GB of data, so you can keep any unused bonus data for a rainy day.

If you need extra data, Superloop offers a 1GB top-up for $10 or 5GB for $25. Unused top-up data will also roll over.

Plans costing $28 per month and up include international calls to 15 destinations. They also have 5G access as part of a free trial, which runs until the end of February. Speeds are capped to 100Mbps. Superloop's $60 plan has 5G access as a permanent feature, and faster speeds of 250Mbps.

If you're not already a Superloop customer, here are its NBN plans:

Alex Choros
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Alex Choros
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