Amazon is finally making the Prime Video app less bad

Prime Video gets an update ahead of its biggest premier yet.

Fergus Halliday
Digital Content Editor
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July 20, 2022
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The future of Amazon's streaming service is set to look different to the past, with a redesigned interface for the service due to roll out from this week.

The redesigned Prime Video interface ditches the relatively-bland but functional look of the current app for a more menu-oriented layout. Rather than overwhelm you with row after row of tiles, the new Prime Video Experience promises to give each individual piece of content more room to breath.

At a glance, this visual overhaul that does make Amazon's streaming service a little more Netflix-like. However, it also promises to do a better job surfacing original series like The Boys and the upcoming Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and making it stand out compared to content from other sources like Prime Video Channels.

Given how busy the current Prime Video interface can sometimes feel, this is likely to be thrilling news for subscribers. Other enhancements here include the introduction of a dedicated sports section, dynamic content carousels and a more useful search function.

It's less surprising that Amazon have finally given their streaming app an upgrade than it is that this process has taken as long as it has. While the Prime Video app has never been the slickest streaming platform in the mix, the fact that it has to double as both a digital storefront for rentals as well as a streaming service has often seen it saddled by issues that competitors like Disney+ simply don't have to deal with. 

Check out the video below for a sense of what the refreshed streaming interface looks like in action.

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Amazon's refreshed Prime Video interface will start rolling out to Prime Video app users on Android and streaming devices like the Fire TV first, with iOS and web Prime Video users to follow in the months ahead.

"This new experience will be available on these devices to all Prime Video customers worldwide this summer," Amazon said.
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