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Samsung Z Flip 6: Plans, price, and how to pre-order

Whether you're looking for the latest Samsung foldable on a plan, or outright, we've got everything you need to know to plan your purchase.
Samsung galaxy z flip 6

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

  • pro
    1.3-inch external display
  • pro
    6.3-inch internal display
  • pro
    Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor
  • pro
    4,000mAh battery
  • pro
    50MP Primary + 12MP Ultra-wide
Samsung galaxy z fold 6

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

  • pro
    6.3-inch external display
  • pro
    7.6-inch internal display
  • pro
    Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor
  • pro
    4,400mAh battery
  • pro
    50MP Primary + 12MP Telephoto + 10MP Ultra-wide
Anula Wiwatowska
Jul 10, 2024
Icon Time To Read3 min read

Samsung has officially revealed the latest Galaxy Z Flip 6, and the Z Fold 6 during Unpacked. Pre-orders are already live, with the flippy boys set to go on sale officially on the 30th of July.

While the hardware of these devices aren't a huge upgrade from last year, the new Z Flip does have some little spec bumps. You'll get a 50MP Primary lens, and a 4,000mAh battery capacity. Both of these are a nice jump from the Z Flip 5, and help to address some ongoing concerns we have with Samsung's foldables. It also comes with some little AI tidbits such as Portrait Style, which uses generative AI to turn your portrait snaps into something fancier. 

We've pulled together the best pre-order deals, plans, and other buying options for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6. Ready? Set. Go!

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How to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

Get in early through a telco, or straight from the source
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 is available to pre-order directly through Samsung or through Vodafone, Optus, and Telstra. You'll just need to decide if you'd rather buy the handset outright, or get a repayment plan through a telco.

Pre-ordering a phone not only guarantees you get your hands on it first, but it also comes with some bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Optus is offering a free Galaxy Watch 6, Buds3 Pro, and a $250 discount over the life of the plan. Thats right, with one fail swoop you can be engulfed in the Samsung ecosystem. The Buds3 Pro are Samsung's latest wireless earbuds that now look a hell of a lot like Airpods, while the Galaxy Watch 6 is last year's model. As for the discount, this $250 will be rationed out over the duration of your phone plan. If you sign up for a 24-month plan, you'll pay $10.41 less per month, or $6.94 less per month on a 36-month plan.

Vodafone is giving a slightly smaller device discount of $200, and a $500 of extra trade-in credit to go towards the device. That comes to a total of $700 off the Galaxy Z Flip 6, without factoring the actual trade in value of your phone. If you have a phone burning a hole in your pocket, this is a cost effective way to get rid of it.

Telstra has similar trade in bonuses, this one capping out at $400. Customers can also get a Galaxy Tab S9 FE free of charge with any Z Flip 6 pre-order.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 plans

Pick your provider

Galaxy Z Flip 6 plans are available from the three major telcos; Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. Each of these providers have their pre-order bonuses, but apart from that the structure of the plans are the same.

When you sign up you're agreeing to buy your Z Flip 6 on a contract, and you enter into a SIM-only plan on top of that which is contract-free. This means your phone payments will stay the same for the length of the contract, but your SIM plan can be changed by either party. As of late, Telstra and Optus has been upping their SIM plan prices by around $24-$48 per year, so be aware of that the price of your plan can change. In fact Telstra's plans will go up as soon as August 27th. The good news is that means you can switch up your SIM plan too. If you end up with too much data you can always knock your plan down and save some money while you're at it.

Here are how Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip6 plans compare across providers. Psst, we've seperated these out in to 24 and 36 month plans, so just tap the arrow to see which one you want.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 256GB plans (36 months)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 256GB plans (24 months)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 512GB plans (36 months)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 512GB plans (24 months)

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 outright pricing

Starting at $1,799 outright.

Just like everything, the new Galaxy foldables got more expensive this year. Both the Z Flip 6 and the Z Fold 6 are $200 more expensive than last year's models, starting at $1,799, and $2,799 repsectively.

Galaxy Z Flip 6
Galaxy Z Fold 6
Anula Wiwatowska
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Anula is the Content and Social Media Editor within the extended universe. Working in the tech space since 2020, she covers phone and internet plans, gadgets, smart devices, and the intersection of technology and culture. Anula was a finalist for Best Feature Writer at the 2022 Consensus Awards, and an eight time finalist across categories at the IT Journalism Awards. Her work contributed to WhistleOut's Best Consumer Coverage win in 2023.

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