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The cheapest Samsung Galaxy A14 plans available in Australia

Samsung's 2023 midrange series begins with the Galaxy A14. These are the cheapest plans you'll find on the handset in Australia. 

Brodie Fogg
Mar 31, 2023
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Samsung Galaxy A14

Samsung has officially revealed Australian release details for its latest line of Galaxy A Series handsets: the Galaxy A54, Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A14. The latter of which is the cheapest and most popular of Samsung's semi-affordable smartphones. If you're looking to get a Samsung Galaxy A14 5G or Samsung Galaxy A14 4G on a plan, you'll find the very cheapest mobile plans available in Australia here. 

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy A14 5G plans

Here are the cheapest 36 and 24-month deals on the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G.
Galaxy A14

The cheapest plan available for the Galaxy A14 5G at launch comes via the $45 Small Plan from Vodafone Mobile.  On a 36-month plan, you'll pay $55.52 per month for the Galaxy A14 5G on Vodafone's cheapest plan. 

That plan gets you unlimited calls and text, 40GB of data, and Vodafone's signature $5 per day international roaming deal.  

The Galaxy A14 is available on both 36 and 24-month payment arrangements. Going on a 36-month plan will reduce your monthly handset repayments, but you end up paying the same cost for your phone as you would on a 24-month contract. 

36-month Galaxy A14 5G plans

24-month Galaxy A14 5G plans


Get the latest Galaxy A smartphones on a plan

Samsung has announced availability and pricing details for the Galaxy A series smartphones coming to Australia in 2023. Follow the links below to find each new phone on a plan:

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy A14 4G plans

Go even cheaper with a 4G Samsung Galaxy A14.

If you don't mind being restricted to the 4G network, and the few other hardware differences that the Galaxy A14 4G presents, you can save a little more money by opting for the cheapest of the 2023 Galaxy A Series. 

Once again, Vodafone is your best option for getting the cheapest Galaxy A14 4G deal. The same $45 Small Plan mentioned above (40GB per month) will cost $54.12 per month over 36 months. Once again, you'll end up paying the same amount for the handset itself if you opt for a 24-month payment plan. 

36-month Galaxy A14 4G plans

24-month Galaxy A14 4G plans

Galaxy A14 outright pricing

Starting at $329 outright.

While we're sure to get more delicious discounts further from release, the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G costs $399 RRP in Australia at launch.

The cheaper Galaxy A14 4G costs a more modest $329. That's a good deal cheaper than the next step up in the 2023 A Series; the Galaxy A34 retails at $599 RRP and the premium midrange Galaxy A54 will set you back $699 RRP. 

The Galaxy A14 5G is already available through Kogan for $377 outright, which is $20 less than the recommended retail price. 

Samsung accessories
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*Pricing and deals only accurate as of last page update. 

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G vs Galaxy A14 4G

It's not just a matter of 5G vs 4G.

Recently, Samsung has been following a bizarre trend of releasing 5G and 4G variants of handsets that actually have some significant technical disparities. This year, the differences between the A14 5G and 4G are comparatively timid, but still worth knowing about if you're tossing up between the two.

Firstly, let's get the price out of the way: immediately, you'll pay an extra $50 for the privilege of 5G if you're buying a Galaxy A14. As outlined above, the Galaxy A14 5G costs $379 in Australia, whereas the Galaxy A14 4G costs $329.

Saving money on the Galaxy A14 4G not only locks you out of the growing 5G network in Australia, but it also means you won't get the 2MP Depth Lens found in the A14 5G. Then again, those who opt for the A14 5G won't get the 5MP Ultra-Wide Lens found in the A14 4G (told you the differences were bizarre).

Another key difference is the chipset running the whole show. Going with the Galaxy A14 5G will get you an Exynos 1330 CPU– a decent workhorse by all accounts– whereas the Galaxy A14 4G will get you a MediaTek MT6769 Helio G80 chipset– the same guts found in the Galaxy A22, Galaxy A13, and Galaxy A32. We can't comment on the difference in performance until we've had some hands-on time with both variants but at a glance, you're getting the hot new midrange Exynos chipset with the 5G variant and yesterday's news with the 4G variant.

Check out the table below for a side-by-side comparison of the Galaxy A14 5G and Galaxy A15 4G.

Galaxy A14 5G
Galaxy A14 4G
Display6.6-inch Full HD+ Infinity-V (notch) display with 90Hz refresh rate6.6-inch Full HD+ Infinity-V (notch) display with 90Hz refresh rate
Main camera50MP Main Lens (F1.8)50MP Main Lens (F1.8)
Ultra-wide camera-5MP Ultra Wide Camera (F2.2)
Depth camera2MP Depth Lens (F2.4)-
Macro camera2MP Macro Lens (F2.4)2MP Macro Lens (F2.4)
Front camera13MP (F2.0)13MP (F2.0)

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