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The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 plans available in Australia

Samsung Galaxy S23 family

The Samsung Galaxy S23 family releases in Australia 17 February 2023. Here are the cheapest plans available. 

Brodie Fogg
Feb 07, 2023
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The Samsung Galaxy S23 arrives on the 17th of February 2023 here in Australia. Now that we know just about everything there is to know about Samsung's new family of flagship handsets, you've probably already decided which model is right for you (and whether the Galaxy S23 Ultra is worth the extra dough). 

The Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra are all available for pre-order through Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Woolworths Mobile; four providers that each offer their own pre-order deals

Each provider offers the Samsung Galaxy S23 on a number of plans but if you're simply after the cheapest way to purchase Samsung's latest on a plan, you've come to the right place.

Below you'll find the cheapest mobile plans on every model and storage variant of the Galaxy S23 in Australia. 

Cheapest Galaxy S23 plans

Here are the cheapest 36 and 24-month deals on the standard Galaxy S23.

Woolworths Mobile currently has the cheapest S23 plan in Australia but the pre-order deals are only available to customers already on a phone plan. On the other hand, Vodafone is offering a $300 Samsung e-voucher to everyone who pre-orders a Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+ by 16 February 2023.

Galaxy S23

Cheapest Galaxy S23 128GB plans

If you're after the cheapest of the cheap, you won't find any S23 plans cheaper than the 128GB model. Here are the cheapest plans on 36 and 24-month payment plans.

Cheapest Galaxy S23 256GB plans

After a little more storage? These are the cheapest deals on the 256GB model of the standard Galaxy S23.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus plans

The pre-order deals for the S23 Plus are the same as the S23 but if you're looking to go large, Optus actually offers the S23 Plus a little cheaper than Vodafone. Optus will give you $300 off the RRP of the Galaxy S23 Plus but you've got to stay connected for the duration of the plan.
Galaxy S23

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 256GB plans

The S23 Plus starts at 256GB. Here are the cheapest pre-order deals from Woolworths, Optus, Vodafone and Telstra.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 512GB plans

If you like your storage like your display (bigger), then all four telcos also supply the 512GB model of the S23 Plus with the same pre-order bonuses.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra plans

Once again, Woolworths Mobile may have the cheapest plan on the premium S23 Ultra but you need to be an existing customer already paying off a phone to take advantage of its pre-order deals. The next cheapest deal comes courtesy of Optus, who will knock $299 off the RRP if you stay connected for the duration of your 24 or 36-month plan. Vodafone and Telstra, on the other hand, are a little pricier with much more compelling pre-order deals. Vodafone will give you a $500 e-voucher to spend at the Samsung store whereas Telstra will chuck in a Galaxy Watch5 (and a few extra bonuses) if you pre-order by the 16th of February.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Cheapest Galaxy S23 Ultra 256GB plans

Here are the very cheapest plans in Australia on Samsung's premium flagship on 36 and 24-month payment plans.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB plans

Once again, the same pre-order bonuses apply to the 512GB model of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Here are the cheapest S23 Ultra 512GB deals on 24 and 36-month plans.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 1TB plans

For the most storage available, you're going to want Samsung's most expensive phone: the 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Plans don't come cheap, starting around the $100/mth mark, even on a 36-month arrangement, but that's the price you'll pay for S-Pen support and maxed-out specs. The pre-order deals here are a little different; Optus will knock $799 of the RRP if you stay connected for the entire plan's duration, which ultimately makes it a more compelling offer than Vodafone's $500 Samsung voucher or Telstra's bonus Galaxy Watch5 (valued at $399).

Galaxy S23 outright pricing

The Galaxy S23 starts at $1,349 outright, a fraction cheaper than the iPhone 14 ($1,399).

It will be obvious to anyone who pays attention to the yearly smartphone cycle but Samsung's Galaxy S23 family are not only its most advanced phones yet, they are also its most expensive. That's true of every model except the 256GB Galaxy S23 Plus (which is, surprisingly, a little cheaper this year). 

The standard 128GB Galaxy S23 will set you back $1,349 at the RRP (though there are slightly better deals available).

The 265GB will cost you $100 more, while moving up to the Plus costs another $200 (at the 256GB tier).  Of course, another $200 will double your storage there too, costing $1,849 for the 512GB Galaxy S23 Plus.

The premium you pay, for Ultra, however, is another story entirely. It starts at a modest $1,949 for the 265GB model ($300 more than S23 Plus, $500 more than the standard S23) but things escalate quickly. The 512GB S23 Ultra will cost you $2,249, $400 more than the 512GB S23 Plus, and another $400 for 1TB, bringing the total to a whopping $2,649 (a long way from the S23's $1,349 starting point). 

Here's a complete breakdown of Australian pricing for every Samsung Galaxy S23 model and where you will currently find the best pre-order deals. 

Galaxy S23
Galaxy S23 Plus
Galaxy S23 Ultra
128 GB$1,349N/AN/A
256 GB$1,449$1,649$1,949
512 GBN/A$1,849$2,249
1 TBN/AN/A$2,649
More info
(w/ discount code)
Bing Lee
The Good Guys
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*Pricing and deals only accurate as of last page update. 

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Samsung Galaxy S23 family
The cheapest Samsung Galaxy S23 plans available in Australia
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