Ovo Mobile Review: For the niches

If you're after a sport or hobby that's not available with the big guys, Ovo is probably your best pick.
Ovo Mobile Review
Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
Decent data inclusions
Lots of niche content
Full 30 day recharge period

What you need to know

Ovo Mobile has been around since 2015 and is one of the few smaller telcos in the market that is genuinely trying to differentiate itself with a unique proposition, not just a race to the bottom for data prices. 

Ovo says it’s for the fans – and by that, it means connecting fans from underserved sports and entertainment to streams and platforms to engage. Sure, it’ll provide you with decent data limits, connect your calls for you and runs on Optus’ network – but if you’re signing up for Ovo, you’re probably more interested in its content. 

It also prides itself on being Australian owned and run, with all of its directors and shareholders locals. Its largest external shareholder is Southern Cross Austereo who runs a bunch of major radio stations in Australia, including Triple M and the Hit network. It’s no surprise then that Ovo features exclusive content from those networks for customers. 

You might find some better data deals elsewhere, but if you love sports that get neglected by the big guys such as gymnastics, badminton, esports and netball, Ovo could be a perfect home for you.

The best Ovo Mobile phone plan

Ovo offers two different types of plans – one that’s data only targeted towards people with tablets, and of course a standard plan that includes calls and texts as well. 

A big perk of Ovo’s plans is that unlike some other prepaid providers who count a month as 28 days, meaning you pay for an extra month per year, Ovo’s plans are a full 30 days.

If you’re on Ovo, you probably are going to want a decent amount of data to stream all that content you signed up for on the go. For that reason, our best pick of having enough data for that while also being affordable is Ovo’s $34.95/month large plan.

If you don’t need calls and texts and just want to stream until your heart’s content on your 4G tablet, then Ovo has a bunch of plans just for you.

However, the way they’re currently priced means you actually get a better deal with Ovo’s mobile plans, saving about $15 a month for the equivalent amount of data – plus you get calls and texts if you want to make giant iPad sized calls, too. We’d recommend looking at the plans above for your tablet.

Who is Ovo Mobile for?

If you’re into a sport or hobby that you can watch and Telstra, Foxtel or Optus hasn’t scraped the rights to, you can make a pretty safe bet it has landed on Ovo. 

Its data plans are generous, however not quite market leading, so content is its real selling point. 

Ovo’s included content includes:

  • Australian Professional Drag Racing Series
  • Australian Esports League University Cup
  • Badminton Australia
  • Formula Drift
  • Gymnastics Australia
  • Hit Radio Network
  • Triple M Radio Network
  • ACT Brumbies Super Rugby

While that content is free for customers, it has a $2.99 a month premium tier that also offers the following:

  • Chinese Super League football
  • Aussie Pro Wrestling
  • World Badminton Federation matches

What network does Ovo Mobile use?

Ovo is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means it doesn’t own its own physical network and leases space on one of the big guys. In this case for Ovo, it runs on Optus’ 4G Plus network. 

Optus’ network covers over 98.5% of the Australian population, and unless you’re living in a really remote area, you’ll find it hard to find a dead spot.

If you’re after a handset bundled with your Ovo plan, you’re a bit out of luck, with all of Ovo’s plans prepaid and without any phone repayment options. 

However, if you’re after a phone outright, Ovo does sell refurbished Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhones. These include relatively cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 7 devices. 

If you love your content and need to get a device bundled in with your plan, we recommend Optus to fill in that gap for you. There you get access to English Premier League, National Geographic content, data-free content streaming and the same mobile network.